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  1. Fire-medic

    how to open your beer

    Under the weather, spending some time cruising some sites. I found this. A great way to spend some time, seeing all the ways people open beer bottles. My favorite is the blonde in the pool who uses the top of her bikini, sorry...
  2. Fire-medic

    HJC XXL modular helmet -Shoei XL open face helmet-HJC shorty-small

    I have an HJC modular helmet, the size is XXL. The model is Sy-Max. It has a removable liner, $100 plus shipping/insurance and paypal fees, or do US Postal Service money order and it's just shipping/insurance. It has a slight scuff at the center rear of the shell. See the pic. The current model...
  3. Itgoes

    Can't open "Gen 2 mods with stock exhaust" post

    Kinda weird.....wanted to respond but post won't open. Never seen that before. :ummm:
  4. C

    Lapeer and Martin Dragway open this weekend

    Not heading out, too sick and need to get tires on my bike still. Thought about taking the gtp out for a few passes...
  5. N

    My How TO: Wire up a VBoost On (stock functioning) and Fully open all the time switch

    So I like the vboost stock when cruising and conserving fuel. I enjoy my t-boost switch to activate it at 3000rpm instead of stock ~6000rpm sometimes also, But I REALLY like the always open option- unplugging the connector when the servo motor is at the right position so vboost is deactivated...
  6. SpecOps13

    Open Carry?????

    Good Idea or Bad???? It's a Debate.:confused2: I do it when it's legal. When I was in Colorado years ago ( Very Different State Now ), it was completely legal. Absolutely Amazing how far that cars on the roads stayed away from me when riding.:rofl_200: Just another right we should have never...
  7. C

    Milan Dragway open April 12th....

    Milan always seems too crowded. But I might head down there possibly on the 12th, if I can't find anything else to do. Todd
  8. pjmac5

    VooDoo 4-1 Supertraap & Open Pipe Video

    VooDoo 4-1 Supertrapp & Open Pipe Video I have attached a video with the Megaphone to Supertrapp conversion as well as an open pipe video. The Supertrapp has what sounded like a rattle in the core under heavy acceleration. I have packed the core really tight and really loose. I have run with...
  9. srk468

    Open season on drones...

    Check out the comments, some are really good! lol sent from my HTC Rezound using tapatalk
  10. vmax2extreme

    VBOOST MAGAZINE Open to public?

    Please take a minute to read this forum thread linked below and preview the VBoost Magazine for free. We need your thoughts after reading: Many thanks for your assistance..
  11. a113ycat

    Open Borders

    Well thanks to the sequester the president signed into law and then denied, The first to get sent home was the boarder patrol 60,000 in all At least we still have our guns. There is going to be a HUGE crime rate increase due to this...
  12. J

    running open headers

    so i havent done anything yet... but ive seen a few videos and pics of vmaxes running open header. or shorty dumps and love it. will it run ok if i saw them off and stick on a set of dumps?
  13. Buster Hymen

    Video library now open

    I've opened up the Video button on the top menu. The bugs have "supposedly" been worked out so I want to test it out. Known issues are that if the video is too long, it will produce an error and the video HAS TO BE in a .flv . You can convert your video file online here.You can either upload a...
  14. D

    Throttle closed--Flies open??

    So when I reassembled my carbs, all the butterflies are open about a fingernail's width. I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen, but there's no amount of screwing/unscrewing the sync screws that will get them to close. I even backed out the idle screw, but they all still stay just barely...
  15. J

    Can I ride 30 miles with open headers?

    I know that it will be loud and annoying as hell, but will it harm the engine to ride without mufflers 30 miles and then 30 miles back home?
  16. Maj Woody

    Seat pops open alot.

    So I had gotten a seat from Sean about 6 Months ago, and now I cant make it more than10 miles with out it poping open. This didnt start happening till I got up here to PA from Texas. Any ideas on a fix?
  17. mattmullins

    1990 with supertrapps open ends and 6 disc

    These was my numbers last night was 103.64 hp 69.80 tq they couldn't put the sniffer on with the disc but my plugs are white so I'm sure I'm lean a/f turned out 2 3/4 numbers seem low it was 98 f
  18. mattmullins

    supertrapps open end caps info

    I. Bought a set off ebay with open end caps anyone ever ran these and what was the result did you run a jetkit what was your dyno numbers
  19. F

    Ignorant question of the day: Open Headers

    Now this is only my second ignorant question of the day, but I can seriously see myself creating a series of these over time. :eusa_dance: Alright. So my ignorant question of the day is this: Open headers, I happen to really like the way they look, that being said I have never seen any photos...
  20. V

    Open End Caps on SuperTrapps

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if any of you are running open end caps on your SuperTrapp slip ons? I've had the open end caps on mine for a couple months now and I cant decide if I like it or not. Maybe its just me but It seems like my bike ran a little better with 8 discs per side closed end...