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  1. H

    Bad Fuel Pump? Let's get some opinions

    Hey everybody, I just finished bringing my friend's 99 back to life. I adjusted the valves, rebuilt the carbs, changed all fluids, rebuilt the forks, rebuilt all of the brakes, rebuilt the clutch slave, new fuel filter, and put on new tires. I fired it up yesterday, let it get hot, and got the...
  2. TB99Max

    Front suspension opinions

    So now that I got my carb issues squared away I want to get everything dialed in. I have a leaking fork seal so I'm going to replace both of them so I want to lay out my current setup and get some opinions on what oil and PSI I should be running. I'm 6' 3" 210lbs and I'm not trying to carve...
  3. jdeitz1979

    Tuning opinions

    I would like to make my max a little more responsive and would like some opinions. I have a k&n air filter and the y at the top of the box was modified a little bit to allow more air flow. Stock carbs, stock needles/jets. Vboost unplugged. Stock headers, but do have kirker cans Which...
  4. B

    Stage 7 opinions

    Looking at buying Max#3. One I'm considering has stage 7. Not something I'd choose to do myself. My other bikes were stock with Supertrapp slip ons. I've ridden with V Boost unplugged in open position, and didn't notice much difference. With this stage 7, that can't be undone, will there be...

    Would like some opinions on torque wrenches

    I have 2 torque wrenches one is ft/lb and the other is about 2 feet long, I never used it, got it from my father in-law years ago. I get the idea how to use them but not how to convert to Newton Meter so I am looking to get one what does have Nm. My first choice would be Sears but they closed...
  6. Bill Seward

    Opinions needed.

    I painted the bottom of the scoops and the side covers red today. I think it kind of looks good with the black cherry paint but I'm open to opinions. It's Plasti Dip so it comes off easily if I need to remove it. All comments and opinions are welcome. Thanks.
  7. caseyjones955

    Opinions on this Venture I've been eyeballing.

    I setup my max for distance riding, sort of, just got the aux tank-n-all, wifey expresses an interest in coming with when she is able and Maxine is no 2-up machine. I ruled out a Venture and decided on a GL1500 after I lost out on a local 1300 Venture for $1000. I'm coming back around to a...
  8. TB99Max

    Rear rotor opinions

    I am going to need to replace my rear rotor real soon and wanted some opinions if I should find a used stocker, or is it worth it to upgrade to one of those cross drilled eBay specials?! Or is there another low cost option? I would love to do the R1 with Sean Morley's adaptor but I've been...
  9. maxcruiser

    Opinions needed

    Been considering changing the look of my 06 Vmax. Never been a fan of the ghost flames on the air box cover. Looking at either painting the bodywork a blood red or buying a complete carbon fiber body package from Tyga Performance. Looking for opinions of one look over the other and also if...
  10. Falaholic

    Fork mount or handle bar mount windshield. Opinions?

    Wanted to hear everyone's opinion on fork mount or handle bar mount windshields. Also, please take into consideration possible impacts while riding.
  11. Johnc1go

    Best integrated tail light, opinions welcome.

    I'm looking at the integrated rear tail light and fender eliminator kit currently being offered by PlanetVmax (UFO), does anyone have any opinions as to what they think might be better or worse?
  12. ImCannibal

    Opinions on Metzeler Roadtec Z6 tires

    I'm considering these to use as my leap into radials, what do you guys think? They're on sale right now on bike bandit and I think they'll work out nicely, since I can't find the shinko 011 or 009 in a size that will fit the factory front max wheel
  13. N

    Opinions on Mobil "V-twin" synthetic oil..

    What do you guys think about this stuff? It says it's "formulated to withstand the extra heat of engines without radiators..." How'd it do in a Vmax? I have a gallon of it, and was thinking of giving it a try.. Anyone else use it? Thoughts?
  14. texas-ss-tornado

    Opinions on this 92

    Got a chance to pick this one up, it's a 12 hour round trip but I'm considering it seriously. Been off the road since 2010, but the guy swares it was running great when parked (don't they all?) What's intriguing is all the aftermarket parts, here's a list of what he says is on the bike...
  15. Rusty McNeil

    AR-15 Pistol? Opinions?

    FFL dealer friend of mine called me and told me about the following. It's an Olympic OA-93 AR-15 pistol, 6.5, Pre '93 Pre-ban mfg.. From what I can out find these were the very first AR-15 pistols and what makes them "special" or different is that unlike all the other AR-15 pistols you can...
  16. snakecharmr

    Pirelli MT66 Route opinions?

    These came on my bike when I bought it a few months ago.. still am yet to really ride the bike as I've got a few feet of that nasty white stuff on the ground. Just looking for opinions and reviews on these tires.. Also would the 170/80-15 fit the rear without modding it? Bike is an 85
  17. VMAX1260

    has anyone used this product ?? opinions?

    i run in to this in facebook , will this protect stainless steel from getting darker color ?? the site promises a heat reduction about 200 f
  18. G

    Going 1300, opinions?

    I scored an 86 Venture motor to put into my perfectly happy Vmax. Should I buy heads and cam on eBay and sell off the Vmax motor or pull the parts off the Vmax? Is there any other parts that need to be swapped out that I am missing?
  19. G

    Going 1300, opinions?

    I scored an 86 Venture motor to put into my perfectly happy Vmax. Should I buy heads and cam on eBay and sell off the Vmax motor or pull the parts off the Vmax? Is there any other parts that need to be swapped out that I am missing?
  20. O

    Braided Clutch Cable Opinions

    Last year I rebuilt and powdered my masters. I reinstalled them and had a hell of a time to bleed out my clutch. After figuring that I had to bleed the master first and then the line I had better results but either way I dont know if this was the answer or was it just the hours spent bleeding...