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  1. henrysgmc

    WTB GEN 1 replacement backrest pad cover

    Looking for a replacement cover for my backrest pad. 845 283 6593
  2. rusty

    Foam pad
  3. W

    Gen 2 backrest pad

    Anyone have a gen two low profile backrest pad only they want to sell?? Hit me up at [email protected]:confused2:
  4. W

    Gen 2 low profile backrest pad.

    :punk:Anyone have a gen 2 low profile back rest pad only they want to sell?? Hit me up at [email protected] :punk:
  5. E

    Brake Pad Replacement

    I've done the brake pads on my Gen1, is there anything different replacing the pads on my Gen2?
  6. one2dmax

    Muscle Low Rise Backrest Pad

    Just got the first batch of low rise bars ready with the new pads. This can be done on an exchange or outright. Email me for more details. This will require the OEM backrest and the low bar can be used in place of the tall bar. Will get a pic of one mounted up when I can. Sean
  7. ga_max

    Uneven Brake Pad Wear

    This weekend I changed my front brake pads and notice something odd. My brakes are stock and when I removed the pads from both calipers one pad was petty much wore all the way down and the other pad still had lots of pad on it. The bike was stopping well before the change. What is this...
  8. supervetteracer

    Looking for a backrest pad for an 89

    Anyone have an OEM they want to sell? How about an aftermarket one? Know where I can find one?
  9. thundermax

    Pro pad sheepskin gel seat pads

    Please post your review of this product if you are familiar with it. Am considering.
  10. davidon

    Brake pad wear limit?

    What is the normal brake pad wear limit 1 or 2mm?
  11. Blackjack

    Step-by-Step Brake Pad Installation

    If this information is already hear, I am having a diffucult time finding it; Can someone recommend a step-by-step brake pad installation for the front and rear including brake fluid replacement? Either a video or picture illustration with detailed instructions would be helpful If I need to...
  12. S

    rear brake pad removal

    Instructions please..cap that says remove for serviceing doesnt want to come off..& I dont want to force it. thanx...
  13. maleko89

    Back pad for Yamaha sissy bar

    Does anyone have one for sale or know where I can get something that'll work? TIA,
  14. Noxx72

    Uneven pad wear.

    About 4 months ago I changed my rear brake pads. At that time I noticed that the pad wear was exceedingly uneven, with one pad barely touched and the other almost gone. This morning, pulling my rear wheel for a new tire, I'm seeing the same radically uneven wear occurring, to the point where I...
  15. T

    rear brake pad replacement?? help

    ok so i just did the front, now im on the rear...the pistons wont retract into the caliper like the front do... are they ratcheting rear like on cars? if so, how do i twist them in? the service manual doesnt mention removal of the caliper or rotor, so theres no space for any special tool...
  16. gamorg02

    OEM backrest pad...

    Does anyone know if the OEM backrest pad is the same off of another yamaha product? OR Does anyone have just a pad (doubt it) they'd be willing to sell?
  17. odieoh24

    gel pad for v max seat

    is anyone on here using a gel pad in their seat? not something you strap to the existing seat, but the stuff you would have layed down before you re-upholstered the seat. i've decided to redo the sportmax seat on the bike and want to put the gel pad in there when i decide on the design...
  18. madmax1961

    Pad changes through the years?

    :ummm:I own a '05 Max and am trying to shop brake pads on eBay. It seems that '85-'92 have the same pads (according to the ad) but I'm unable to find if there have been any changes after that. Perhaps all years use the same brake pads??? Any ideas?
  19. HDKILA

    Front Brakes are grinding after new pad install

    I just installed new pads in front and completly bled and cleaned the calipers and rest of the system. It was freaking cruddy in there! Anyways I installed the new pads and they seem to be scraping a little bit...It seems like the piston may be sticking and not going back far enough to let...
  20. 1

    rear brake pad wear

    taking of top inspection cover i notice the outer pad looked thick and the inner pad was half as thick is this normal....thanks 06 4500 miles