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  1. tothemax93

    Shooter stopped, by everyday people, 15 minutes from me

    This guy had body armor, 2 rifles, and 800 rounds. Last I heard on the news, they found 20 spent shell casings on the ground. The guy that helped stopped him was not shy about saying his goal was to hit the guy with the car.
  2. ColoNat

    I love people... fixed an issue!

    Well, one more mod done last night. Did the color led swap in the gauges to red. Love it! Also did the right side electrical control maintenance because my gauge lights would not come on in the speedo. While it was bad in there and needed to be done, speedo bulbs would still not light. Decided...
  3. Traumahawk

    How many people were influenced?

    I just got thru watching a little 30 min documentary called Evel Knievals Spectacular Jumps. Its by the same people that did Last of the gladiators in 88, but this was in 86. So how many people remember watching him.....or better yet....playing with this? Which was my favourite toy, and yes, my...
  4. S

    Who says guns don't kill people......

    And that's my final word on the matter
  5. rusty

    10 people on a motorcycle/ Really!!
  6. C

    Thunder 2015 people needing rides or groups to ride with.

    Just figured maybe its a good idea to make a list of where your are coming from and if your riding or babying it and trailering in.... I ll be coming from Romeo Michigan and riding down it sounds like with Vmax Mike and possibly Leecifer. We are riding down.
  7. C

    Things people spend thier money on....

    Pretty damn cool..... I didn't watch the whole thing, but skipped around. Pretty cool.
  8. Miles Long

    I just knew those Michigan people were a bit odd
  9. donnelly317

    How many people add zinc to there oil?

    ok I just found out about this and im sure its been cover but im going to add it to my oils. I cant believe I never heard about this. A guy at work was telling me.
  10. C

    Stupid people thread

    Stupid people thread 2014 Well as usual, I ran into my crop of stupid people on Sunday while riding. 4 way stop, Right hand side pulls up, left hand side pulls up, I pull up. RH goes, LH goes, I go to go and a guy just comes barreling through the intersection without looking and comes...
  11. Traumahawk

    For the people that have everything

    I have now seen it all.
  12. SpecOps13

    Same Crap from the Same People

    Quote of the day by Dianne Feinstein.......... Dianne Feinstein: "All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms." Yep, - she really said it on Thursday in a meeting in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee... The quote below from the...
  13. Fire-medic

    When 'clowning-around' scares people Beware "Pennywise the Clown!" (from Stephen King's novel, "It") The newspaper also reports that the clown knocked...
  14. woodsman30

    stupid people and bikes

    Its entertaining at best:biglaugh:
  15. P

    What do people think of these

    Ducati diavel ? 13000 quid (19900 USD) vmax gen 2? 21000 quid (32190 USD) Never hide ether i perfer the vmax but the price ouch !!!!
  16. C

    General Taco says we will hunt down and kill white people....

    On Sunday, a New Black Panther Party leader using the name "General Taco" said members of the New Black Panther Party will hunt down and kill white people, The Blaze reported Wednesday. Saying that the future of the organization is "absolute total destruction" of what he called "white...
  17. NHVmaxpower

    WTF is wrong withe people

    Another mass shooting in a elementry school in coneticut its all over the news 27 people killed 18 children. Saying 2 gun men 1 dead 1 in custody. Its a fkn shame people arent safe anywhere these days. What the F**K is wrong with people today??? This makes my blood boil!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. rusty

    Some people shouldn't have kids
  19. P

    why do people put coil packs on instead of ht leads

    what are the good points and bad points of this mods ?
  20. Vmax Marine

    Vacationing in Utah and the people are a Trip

    I am vacationing in Utah, and I know that there is one person from the forums that is here (Hooligan). but the people are really cool I think that the Vmax is an endangered species here and the way I have mine set up people generally don't know what it is but I have never gotten so many positive...