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  1. Kronx

    Indian Scout Bobber. Lookin' Pretty Good

    I tried a Scout and it was too small of a bike for me, but I sure do like the look of them. And I think these new ones look pretty spiffy too.
  2. KJShover

    Looks pretty cool
  3. tothemax93

    Pretty close to home

    This story is from Rochester NY. About an hour from me. A little story about the religon of peace.
  4. Fire-medic

    1985, pretty nice

    Not mine, no one I know, -'fire-medic' This is in Detroit area. 1985 VMAX. The original drag bike. The good-Custom seat, custom metal flake orange paint, custom blinkers, K&N air filters, gold emulators, progressive springs and shocks, frame brace, speed dampner, fly screen, cafe handle bars...
  5. redneksoldier

    pretty cool bike..

    Check this one out. I'm betting that the price will be up there in the "elite" range. Still pretty cool though.
  6. frank5079

    Lane Russia, not pretty...
  7. Kronx

    Pretty cool!

    This looks interesting.... Paint that lights up at your control! The patented LumiLor™ Electroluminescent Coating System is a practical and durable electroluminescent (EL) coating technology that is energized with an electrical current. Used in conjunction with simple...
  8. T

    Anyone pretty proficient with 1st Gen Carbs in the Dalls/Ftw area?

    Hi guys, like the post title says, does anyone know of an individual or outfit in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that can tune my bike, I have had it for a month or so, figured out a bunch of little issues with it but I need someone experienced to look at it, If I had the time or the patience I'm...
  9. Kronx

    Pretty spectacular camera work...

    MotoGP Slow Motion Compilation from Aragon
  10. gamorg02

    this is pretty cool - torque wrench adapter

    i wish i'd had one years ago:
  11. dannymax

    Completely useless info....but still pretty neat!

    Anybody ever see one of these things? Apparently there are large concrete arrows, some as much as 70' long, placed in a rough line across the's the story: On August 20, 1920, the United States opened its first coast-to-coast airmail delivery route, just 60 years after the Pony...
  12. alorio1

    Pretty Neat Back Seat or Sissy Bar Bag Video
  13. alorio1

    Pretty cool Motorcycle trailer

    Pretty cool Motorcycle trailer, a trike may even fit in it........
  14. KJShover

    pretty cool and simple tire repair
  15. D

    So I'm pretty sure this shouldn't happen....

    I was trying to figure out what was making carb#1 hiss when the choke was on, not make vacuum (unsyncable), and figure out why I had hanging revs on throttle blip... SO, I fiddled around with the choke lever and saw gas on the little brass tube coming through the rubber plunger/cover/thing (you...
  16. KJShover

    pretty cool all-in-one

    Motogadget motoscope pro; $503 @ Spiegler Performance. I think I just found next winter's mod.
  17. KJShover

    pretty sweet genII rearsets
  18. dannymax

    Well...that was pretty disappointing!

    The '06 had developed a pretty severe low speed wobble last year that, towards the end of the season was mutating into a wobble when I would hit bridge seams, pot holes or uneven pavement ridges. Because the bike was involved in a front end crash I decided to skip the 'bounce test' and go...
  19. 9

    These would look pretty cool on a VMax
  20. Birdoprey

    Pretty cheap V-max in Dallas, Tx area Don't know the seller or anything about the bike. Just saw it and it looks to be a very good deal... Too bad i'm short on $$$. I'm prolly gonna be in Dallas area this weekend.