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  1. E

    R1 front forks question

    Hi all: I just bought a set of 1998 Yamaha R1 front forks and am working on installing them onto my '89 VMax. (The triple tree I had on my old set of USD forks works fine, btw.) Here's my problem: Sadly, the R1 forks do not have the speedometer sensor lock on the fork lower like the...
  2. A

    R1 fork set up?

    Hey guys looking in to swapping the front fork to the R1 style. Is it plug and play? What year R1 forks should I buy? Front stock rim fits?
  3. BorgBiker

    R1 Calipers (Gold Dot) -SOLD-

    Hey all, I recently I upgraded my front brakes to the Sumitumo 6-pots from Sean Morley. I now have a set of Yamaha R1 gold dot brake calipers up for sale. They come with the Galfer HH pads, which only have around 5000 miles on them, you should be able to get considerably more than that out of...
  4. O

    R1 regulator location

    Last year I put in an R1 voltage regulator and stuck it under the passenger seat. The regulator went bad and was distroying batteries. I replaced it today and after a short ride I took the seat off and the regulator was already way too hot to handle. Got to find a better place to put it but...
  5. S

    R1 left front caliper for later model forks

    It bolts up directly to a 97 fork. It's rough looking, been sitting for years. No pads. Make an offer + shipping.
  6. M

    FS: Emulators, Frame Braces, R1 Calipers, MORE!

    Selling off some accumulated Gen1 parts to fund another project. All are in very good or brand new condition. Prices do not include USPS shipping (CONUS only please). 1. OEM frame braces w/weld-on mounts, BRAND NEW never mounted $100 2. VooDoo billet adjustable kickstand, BRAND NEW...
  7. Joken

    Front Wheel Hop? R1 calipers and EBC HH.?

    So i took my bike for a ride today after changing to r1 caliper and ebc hh pads, When i put the front brakes on the front wheel hops and pulsates? I scuffed the rotors prior to new pads.? About the front ens: I have the 17" cycle one off front wheel with rotor adapter, with stock rotors...
  8. jdeitz1979

    R1 rims on Gen1..?

    I have a local, well sorta local Vmax guru that can have the earlier FZR1000 rear machined and re-hubbed to fit my bike. What I was wondering is if I could use the R1 rims. Like up to an '03 ? Maybe some of you have already done this, which is why I'm poking around on here to see what the...
  9. W

    how to fit 2000 R1 forks to vmax,i

    hi brothers, i just got a set of r1 forks from a 2000 model,i have got a set of yokes machined up ,is there any pitfalls to fitting them with original wheel and i also have a set of blue spots,im going to rebuild this fronend to have it a bolt on bolt off,was going to fit new mastercylinders...
  10. T

    1995 Vmax R1 Front end 200 tire 40k miles $5000

    I've decided to sell my bike. I have two small children and just have decided to no longer ride at this time in my life. It has 40k miles on it with no engine problems or transmission problems. I am the third owner, owner 1 was a female who rode with her husband long distances where it received...
  11. N

    How do I wire up a 2008 R1 R/R? 3 wires + second connector..

    I heard of people swapping out the R/R for the R1 version.. I got the 2008 R1 R/R, but cant find and write ups on how to install it. I see it has 2 plugs- on the left plug it;s 3 wires of all the same color, and the other plug is a red and black wire. So adapting it to my 91' max', do I just...
  12. N

    Finished custom Vmax (pics +vid) plus R1 front fork conversion Q's (All set to swap)

    Hey I just thought I'd drop by and post some pics, she's pretty much all done the way I 'm satisfied with! I did want to ask if anyone has any experiance with R1 parts on Vmax's- I have an 2008 R1, and I was thinking about doing a front fork swap, and maybe the brakes, wheel, hell the whole...
  13. C

    My 01 R1

    So I found some pics of my last bike I owned. I had to sell it early last year. I have 2 kids with Cystic Fibrosis and we make a ton of trips to Duke Childrens hospital and it starts to add up. As far as the pics, the first one is the night I picked it up. It is a little blurry so the bike...
  14. N

    What I'm all about- My ducati, R1 Knee dragging in the mountains (video) , and My AMG

    Hey fellas', So I made an introductory post saying hi when I got my max, but no real back story about how i ended up on these forums... So basically my love affair with Yamaha started when I was 16 and found an old XS400 in the local alley. I knocked on the garage and found the owner- who...
  15. Heretic

    2001 Yamaha R1 issue

    I have a buddy who owns a 2001 R1 that will crank but not start when the engine is warm. Bike runs fine when warm with no stuttering, lack of power, etc., just won't re-start. Once the bike cools down, it starts fine. This is a carbureted bike. I would think coils, fuel pump (it has one), or...
  16. RaWarrior

    Rode Report: Yamaha Bolt/ R1

    One of the local dealers had an open demo day last weekend, I had nothing better to do, so I went out to ride someone else's brand new stuff for free. I was somewhat interested in the new Bolt (the answer to the Sportster), but they give you 3 rides, so I also tried the R1 and went for another...
  17. marsmax85

    98 R1 caliper fit 85 max

    any feedback much appreciate The caliper off 98 r 1 blue dot
  18. V

    Brembo caliper for 2007-2012 R1 fit Gen II?

    The R1 uses the same Brake callipers from 2008 to 2012 models as the Gen II. Meaning same caliper and same 130mm mount spacing. Brembo has developed a Brembo caliper with a mounting bracket specifically or the R1 so you can mount a 108mm to a 130mm mount This also fits on the MT01 which you...
  19. Rollie

    R-1 Rear Brake Adapter

    Looking for the adapter to fit a right front R-1 caliper on the rear of my '90 .
  20. T

    R1 Forks, keep the R1 switch controls?

    Has anybody swapped in a USD front end, and used the switch controls from the front end they used? I used a set of 2007 R1 forks, and was contemplating using the same switch controls from the R1. Turn signals, on/off, etc. The only thing I see of an issue, is having to remount the fuel reserve...