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  1. Regular Guy

    F11 Topcoat results are in!

    It has been a long time coming but I just now got around to using this stuff on the bike today. I was waiting for my new emblems to come in before I did anything. They came in yesterday so today I took the old emblems that were bent to hell and back off the "tank" and put the new ones on...
  2. E

    A/f screw extraction results

    Has anyone successfully extracted a frozen air/fuel mixture screw out of the carburetor? I have seen a lot of people post about their future attempts but I have not seen any results or follow up on the technique used with exception to Sean's. I currently have one stripped and frozen screw...
  3. A

    Very surprised at the results of this experiment

    Very surprised at the results of this experiment but I'm looking for some reassurance. In my other posts you can read about how I am looking to quiet down my Vmax. Someone posted about packing the pipes with steel wool. At first I was skeptical but I figured let me spend six bucks and...
  4. T

    Isle of Man 2013 Results Show

    For your viewing pleasure.... enjoy! 431MB File is password protected use "x28" without the "s and you will be in business. I will leave this up for at least a week for those who want to snag it.
  5. Fire-medic

    lotta mods yield great results

    I just bought & installed a PCW extra plate clutch kit, inc. the heavy-duty diaphragm spring & all friction discs. They use Yamaha friction plates in their kits. My 1992 bike w/23,000 miles on it, was on its original clutch. It just began slipping recently when I swapped-on a Dynojet Stage...


    i READ POST #6 ,
  7. T

    Evaporust results

    Hi Guys, The rust in my xs1100 tank was starting to bug me so I used 1 gal of evaporust and flipped the tank every 8 hours. There is still a tiny bit of rust on top probably because the 1 gal was not enough to submerge that 1 part no matter how I flipped the tank. Overall I am pleased with the...
  8. Fire-medic

    Attempted theft results in death of accused thief

    Here's what can happen when people have the ability to protect themselves and their property: A thief who tried to steal a WaveRunner from a lawyer?s backyard was killed Saturday afternoon, Miami-Dade...
  9. 1967vmax

    PCW 1500 Dyno Results

    Her are my dyno results from Aj's racing i hope the pics are here:th_image003:
  10. nstyn8

    Dyno Results

    Put the bike on the dyno at Cassoday at the start of the month. made 123hp and 80ft/lbs. and 127decibles. I was definetly happy and a little surprised with the results! What do I have to do to push it to 150hp?
  11. N

    1999 Vmax - Dyno Results

    1999 Vmax - Dyno Results ..First time I dyno'd my machine.. Only 1 run. SPECS: >99 vmax stock internals & carbs >Aftermarket Nology Wires >Valvoline motorcycle oil >Supertrapp Slip ons >stock airbox >carbs synch'd pretty well, about 3mos ago. >..about 15k on motor 1. Well, when the guy hooked...
  12. Shuriken

    And the results of my steering head adjustment test are....

    ALMOST A FREAKING TANK SLAPPER! Very helpless feeling when you are at 110 and she starts the death wobble! :bang head: She was rock solid up until the magic number (so rock solid that I got too comfortable) and then it got violent. That was the result of tightening the steering head up...

    searched and searched with no results, any instructions on installing Mark's exhaust

    I talked to Mark today and he told me he hasn't got around to doing instuctions on installation of his exhaust but he said it was straight forward. Now for someone like me who has never installed exhaust I'm sure I will have all kinds of problems ( mostly second guessing myself ) I search and...
  14. HDKILA

    Compression Test Results

    I did the compression test today and the results were a little strange... Front Left and Right Cylinder were both 150-160 Rear Left and Right Cyclinder were both 180-190 I can't imagine this to be too good... The rears seem MUCH stronger than the fronts? Sorta opposite of an HD...
  15. Shuriken

    Ign. Coils test results - advice please

    I just finished testing the 4 coils I got from Pinwall and 3 coils Morley sent. I also just tested a set of p/u coils from Morley. I'll post the results of everything: My '85 (on the bike) pickup coils: B-O: 119.9 ohms B-W/R: 120.4 ohms B-Gray: 121.6 ohms B-Whi/Green: 120.5 ohms Morley's...
  16. lankeeyankee

    Ufo dragday results numbers pics videos

    Ok I am curious to what kind of VMAX numbers were laid down over the past weekend. Please just post numbers, pics and videos here..... RT 60FT 330FT 1/8 ET 1/8 MPH 1000 E/T 1/4 ET 1/4 MPH
  17. rhoke

    85 Max Dyno Results Look Low???

    Hello, I just had my bike dyno'ed on a dyno jet pull behind trailer at Sturgis on the River. This is the list of Mods to the bike. Fully ported heads 12:1 forged Pistons Heavy duty valve Springs Stage 7 kit kerker 4 into 1 (large baffle) Dynatek Coils Stock Ign (dyna being sent back to be...
  18. S

    Results after 7 passes...

    I had fun, but a little dissapointed. It was a nice cold day, but quite a bit of wind in the face (working against me). My old 89 w/supertrapp slip ons best after a half dozen passes on a warm day was 11.67 at 116 mph. Today on my 2000 100% stock was 11.75 at 113 mph. I couldn't find a sticky...
  19. backfire

    1995 Dyno Results

    Hi guys...I'm new here, but thought I'd post my dyno results for those that are interested. I ran my stone-stock, 35,000 mile 1995 machine on the rollers here at work about 1 1/2 Summers ago as soon as I bought it from the second owner. The bike was meticulously taken care of and had every...
  20. one2dmax

    Topeka Dyno Results

    Well guys, here's what we found out. Add in your stories since I wasn't able to keep up with everyone. We had been thrashing for the last week to get an engine built and installed in Scott Petersons 92 Vmax and finally finished it up Sat (dyno was Sun). A quick break in and we loaded it in...