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  1. N

    Cannot rev past 6500 RPM under load

    So, I'm a brand new European member but I've roamed around this forum and still I'm unable to fix my bike: I've bought an cursed 85 restricted French Vmax, site unseen, and worst of all, sent a buddy of mine to check and bring the bike (since he was a veteran rider and I've assumed he would...
  2. A

    Rev limiter

    Iam new to the max and was wondering if the vmax has a rev limiter My FJR did.
  3. C

    93 vmax bogs when you rev it?

    Hi I got a 93 v-max it was running great then it started missing and bogging when you try to take off from a stop. I thought it was the carbs being dirty so I shot gunned them and it was the same. while messing around with it my fuel pump died and I fixed it, but no change.. anyone got any...
  4. Vmaxnewfie

    Won't Rev to Redline???

    Hey guys, it's been a while since on the forum. Last season, shortly before winter storage I noticed that my bike won't rev past 8500 - 8700 rpm when running through the gears. Feels like the bike is not getting enough air, and sputters almost like it has a rev limiter. Seems like it's getting...
  5. J

    Pea shooter rev

    I recently bought a 99 vmax that had been sitting was slow to return on idle so i did pea shooter cleaning method.eveytime i shot cleaner into air jet i gotta good rev about 2500 only in left front .cleaned all others nothing.i put it back together. sprayed carb clean around intake it...
  6. K

    wont rev past 4krpm

    ive scrolled through the post trying to find something about it but last year b4 i parked it i could rev where ever i wanted but now going down the road its acting like its maxed out at 4k ive cleaned the carbs and synced them still nothing i need help guys
  7. Lotsokids

    Custom Exhaust Rev Video

    It's pretty intense! But ready for the track. :eusa_dance: Turn up your volume...
  8. dannymax

    James ain't happy with the Rev.... Surprised James didn't bring up Tawana also....another of the Rev's stellar accomplishments! :biglaugh:
  9. P

    Rev limiter any one used this ?
  10. Conman

    '88 Vmax Rev Limiter Recommendations?

    Hi, I've been researching rev limiters and from what I can tell my options are very slim since my bike is pre-1990. So far my plan is to look for an old Dyna 3000 on ebay. All I'm really looking for is something to keep me from over-revving while accelerating hard or accidentally missing a...
  11. A

    Wont rev

    Hi all just like to say hi to everybody ( new member) I have a 1986 vmax with 12 k on the clock it has not been started for 2 /3 years :bang head: put a new battery on last week and it started on all four but will not rev just cuts out i spoke to h from extrap great guy but not like keep...
  12. P

    Bike wont rev past 4k, and other weird issues.

    Hi fellas, wondering if someone is able to help me solve the issue I'm having with my problem. The bike just came back from the vales adjusted. Was sitting in the garage waiting to get the scoops and relays back in place. Recently changed fuel filter, spark plugs. Took my fuel pump apart and...
  13. texas-ss-tornado

    Won't rev

    Been working on a 90 model, it's got a Stage 7 on it, Vboost eliminated completely, 4 new K&N individual filters. Anyhoo, just did a shotgun treatment on them, had replaced the fuel tank and thought I had some garbage in them, actually they weren't that dirty. The darn thing just won't rev, it...
  14. O

    Rev limiter

    So I see, for an 85, they had a dyna ignition at one time and now the other one here I see. Is it TCI or something like that. What I am curious is there anything that can just give me an rpm limiter and that's it. Just curious if there is a cheaper option just to use as a safety precaution until...
  15. gennro

    Rev Limiter Ideas

    Alright I had an idea to use a adjustable RPM switch as a rev limiter. Now the idea is at a set rpm is to cut the power to the TCI or the coils. Now the question is what would be safer on the electronics. Cutting power to the TCI or to the coils? I'm thinking cutting power to the coils would be...
  16. SpecOps13

    My Dyna 3000 and Rev Limiter??????

    Late model Dyna 3000. I've got my rev limiter set at 9,000. Last night was the first time I've pushed my 94 to that. It's been mainly the bike I take when my Wife can go along. Seemed to me that it cut the available power at 9,000 RPM but kept climbing. I thought the Dyna was a more positive...
  17. acammer

    Mythbusters: OE Rev limiter and overrev dangers

    So, I am new to the Vmax, but not at all new to street bikes, and wringing their guts out. As I am sure most of you have experienced its real easy to miss that 1-2 shift when you're leaning into a wheelie and struggling to watch the tach out of the bottom of your eye. I've read the service...
  18. SpecOps13

    Anybody Have a Design for a Rev Limiter

    I just can't bring myself to spend $300.00 to have an adjustable rev limiter without asking first. Does anybody have a workable / buildable design for an adjustable rev limiter? Something that would do incriments of 500 rpm or so. One that will shut down the boost, or? Thanx in advance to...
  19. MoPure

    sorta slow rev, and slow return to idle

    Here's my story. Put max heads/cams etc. on Venture 1300. Rebuilt the carbs. Stayed with all the stock max carb setup, but used the coasting enrichener diaphragms from the venture. Motor fires and runs, but it doesn't want to stay at one idle speed and when I rev it from idle to about 3-5k...
  20. HDKILA

    SASY Rev Limiter/Vboost adjuster...

    anyone have anything to say about this product? I really want to install a rev limiter on the ol max...don't care too much about the vboost shit but it's all included.