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  1. Traumahawk

    He got lucky

    The headline of this is "KAWASAKI H2 EXPLODES AT ALMOST 200MPH". IMHO, it didnt threw a rod, but he still got very lucky. The bike couldve locked up.
  2. Eugene Brad

    V max vs v rod

    My buddy was tired of seeing me scream by him on his old Harley, not sure what it was. I kept telling him to get a v max. So he got a v rod, probably because he already had a Harley jacket, and I'm still screaming by him. But he can certainly keep up now. I'm anxiouse to ride it to see how the...
  3. steamer97

    metering rod pics?

    Anyone know where the pictures are of different and stock metering rods for Gen 1? I once saw pictures of the metering rods on this site and I have tried finding them again now and I haven't been able to. I just want to know which rods are stock, which ones are aftermarket for Gen 1's. Perhaps...
  4. L

    Parting out 88 with thrown rod...

    Parting out 88 Vmax and some parts off an 06. The 88 was doing great till about 3 weeks ago when one of the rods punched a 6" hole in the front of the case.... Replaced it with an 06 which needed some TLC and swapped the stuff I liked with the the stuff I didn't. So if you're in the mkt for max...
  5. F

    Damping Rod Questions

    I have been scratching my head on this one, I ordered Race Tech emulators for my 07 VMAX. After I disassemble, I found the damping rod inner seat was 26 mm and the emulator was 29 mm. I have contacted Race Tech and my local yamaha dealer. No one can figure out why my damping rods are...
  6. CaptainKyle

    Pigeon Forge Rod run

    If any one is close around to this I say go it is a Bas Ass Rod run lots of cool stuff to see. I will be there for sure.
  7. B

    rod bearings

    hi sean,do you offer rod bearings in thickness rather than colors,thanks chris
  8. Fire-medic

    Rat rod

    Here is an interesting story in the NY Times: Plenty of good pics too. I see more of these builds lately on the internet & locally, but I don't think you would fare very well...
  9. alorio1

    65 years of Hot Rod Magazine
  10. CaptainKyle

    Pigion Forge Rod Run

    Well I got a break from the Hospital today & went over to the Pigion Forge Rod Run this thing is huge I walked at least 5 miles looking around & never did see everything & they told me it was not much there yet. They said tomorrow is really wild. I guess im gonna have to plan on going one year...
  11. dmax1

    V Rod trike

    Does not look too bad for a trike.
  12. J

    Part number for spindle "taper" damper rod

    I managed to broke one of damper rods "spindle tapers" see attachment photo. I ordered new to my vmax 2003, part #GM-23173-00-00 it looks totally diffrent( see attachment) The part I ordred cannot be the right one, damper rod do not fit in my opinion, the damper rod do not come out enough...
  13. SpecOps13

    Neighbor Bought A New Rod....

    My long time neighbor of 30 years and Wife's friend from school bought a vehicle titled as a 30 Ford today. I thought he was buying a POS but it's actually pretty cool for 8 Grand. Complete drive train includes a 305 Chevy with headers. newer matching tranny, driveshaft, rear end. He even got 1...
  14. S

    Leak - Clutch Push Rod - 85 max

    Any thoughts here, I think my vmax is leaking engine oil out of the clutch push rod. I also noticed my 85 motor does not seem to have a place for a seal (around the clutch pushrod that goes into the engine) unlike like my 86 motor. Was this a design change. Thank you
  15. T

    buying an 86 with spun rod bearing

    Price is too good to pass up Engine is removed and in pieces Even if i only use it as a parts bike its well worth the $1000 I'm paying for it
  16. M

    Crank and rod bearing size

    Hi, Seen allot of questions about crank, rod bearing size and is wondering what size(in mm) is those different color codes. I'm doing a rebuild of my Vmax engine to support turbo :) Anyone that know? Regards marntzen
  17. R

    How to select main bearing and connecting rod shell sizes

    Hi, I am trying to find the correct thicknesses for connecting rod and crankshaft main bearing shells but ran into an issue. For crankshaft main bearings you need the markings on the crankshaft and the outside of the engine block. The first one no problem, the engine mount where the numbers...
  18. C

    how to tighten a damper rod bolt

    My right fork is leaking oil out the damper rod bolt. I compressed the forks all the way and damper rod still spins and i cannot tighten the bolt. Is there a trick to this? forks are on the bike.
  19. C

    Broken Con rod plane bearings

    My rear engine Con Rod plane bearings was noisy,I suspect was broken.Will effect the others engine parts? What should I service for the whole engine?it's 30K milage. Should I change the Chain shaft as well?
  20. V

    clutch push rod ?

    Hi, I'am replacing the O ring on the push rod #2 with a aftermarket one. Anybody know if it's supposed to be a tight fit in the grove, or a little loose? Thanks.