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  1. E

    Where does the white oil level sensor wire go?

    Hi I have rebuilt a Vmax from 1986 and everything works great now, except the start switch won't work. All of the electrical are connected where it belongs except for the white oil level wire, I can't figure out where it's supposed to go. And I can't find my Haynes book either, so any...

    Does the Gen 2 have a headlight sensor

    Does the Gen 2 have a headlight relay When I started it up yesterday I noticed that the small light above the headlight was on buy the headlight wasn't. I believe all motorcycles have the headlights always on for safety, I must have a burnt out lightbulb. I hope it isn't something in the wiring.
  3. mundmc

    Front brake light pressure sensor question

    I finally decided to address my leaking front reservoir by buying a Shondy Shindy 17-651 Silver Body/Silver Lever Brake Master Cylinder Kit after reading good reviews. The question: it doesn't have a brake light switch. Any...
  4. Cobbler73

    O2 Sensor

    I was wondering why there is a heated O2 sensor in the crossover section of my stock 06 Max pipe. There seems to be no where to plug it in.:ummm:
  5. Bill Seward

    Temperature sensor.

    Godzilla's temp gauge is acting up. It only moves a tiny bit until the motor gets hot, then jumps up to what I think is the correct reading. As soon as I get the bike moving to cool it off just a bit, it drops back to cold. I pulled the single wire coming out of the sensor, and grounded it. The...
  6. D

    coil ignitoe sensor needed

    hi all and hello first post one here i need a coil igniter sensor is the singal sensor model :bang head:
  7. E

    Temperature sensor / sending unit

    Hi, I'm having some issue with my sending unit. Tested the gauge by grounding it to the copper base of the sensor and it maxed out. So i know It's the sensor. Can anyone recommend a replacement unit or maybe tell me what the threads are called? Cheers!
  8. bkuberek

    Reserve sensor not working

    a couple of days ago I forgot to keep track of my miles and ran out of gas. That's when I realized the reserve never kicked in. I had the switch in the right place and the sensor worked a couple of weeks back. I couple of weeks back I had to fix a burnt connector in my ignition switch, could...
  9. P

    supertrapp sensor mount

    I have a set of supertrapp slip on mufflers to fit to a 96 max. One of them appears to have a boss for a sensor in the part of the pipe that slips on. Is there a slot on the oe pipe to take this? Asking this before I take the oe pipes off as they are a pain to get back on lol. Thanks for your help
  10. B

    speed sensor

    Ok, need to pick a few peoples minds. The speedometer has a speed sensor in it that tells the turn signal relay a distance traveled so it cancels the turn signals. What kind of signal is it sending. A low voltage pulse? I put one of the cheapy Chinese speedometers on my vmax and now the turn...
  11. K

    Fuel reserve sensor

    Can the fuel reserve sensor in the tank get loose or out of placement? Reason I ask is that last time the reserve kicked in (or rather bike started to die), I switched to reserve and stopped for gas. But only able to pump in 7-8 liters. Meaning the tank was still half full. Reserve should kick...
  12. huskyman510

    temp sensor

    temp gauge not working, tried grounding out sensor wire but no movement on gauge, tested wire...not broken. does this mean my temp gauge has gone? Is there anything else I should check? Ive ran the bike several times this arvo doing coolant flushes, thermo fan still kicks in. I also tapped...
  13. O

    Tip over sensor

    Does the Vmax have one?
  14. dewcrazzy

    1998 yamaha vmax Throttle Position Sensor

    I bought my 98 vmax 10 days ago and have put 250 miles on it and she ran good. Today when I took the bike for a ride when I came to an intersection the idle would go up to 3000 rpm's. If I would rev it a couple times it might come down a little. Any ideas what would make it do this. Was...
  15. Redbone

    Fuel Gauge Sensor Mount/ Sealing

    I have a fuel gauge sensor installed into my 5 gal tank and one of the screws that hold it down is stripped. It is screwed through top of the tank which is not very thick. Should I install nutserts (for all the screws) or will that cause a gap? I could make up a thick gasket to help seal that...
  16. A

    Weld in O2 sensor bung location

    Can and O2 sensor be welded in near the end of an exhaust system or does it have to be right on a primary near the engine where it is hottest? I've always had the impression that O2 sensor need to be very hot to operate correctly but my exhaust is ceramic coated. The "muffler" at the end isn't...
  17. S

    How to test fuel tank sensor

    I pulled the sensor out of my rust fuel tank this afternoon. The sensor sure looks like it has seen better days. Is there a way to test it out before reinstalling it? I don't want to put it in if it don't work obviously. If I do reinstall it and it doesn't work, can I jump t out somehow...
  18. shicks16

    Royal Star speedo sensor with RX2N gauge

    I have a Koso RX2N speedo coming with the magnet pickup sensor, i am not crazy about having to mount the sensor and magnets and was curious if anyone has had any experience with running a Royal Star sensor in the rear diff with a RX2N gauge. i have been chatting with Sean about this as he has...
  19. wildweasel_pt

    O2/lambda sensor position

    Hi all Im considering installing an A/F monitor with a O2/lambda sensor on one of my bikes. This is for easier tuning of the flatslides i want to install on a different configuration rather than PCW or VGas. My question is where is the best position to place the sensor in order to get the best...

    Temperature gauge sensor?

    Anyone know what the thread size is on the temp gauge sensor? I am guessing its M10 x 1.0. I need to figure out a way to install a M6 sensor in place of the original M10 sensor. I was looking for adaptors that go from M10 x 1.0 to M6 x 1.0 but don't see them anywhere. My next idea would...