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  1. dmax1

    Scorcher 15 Radial tire specs

    Here is the Michelin scorcher radial specs for the 750 http://motorcycle.michelinman.com/tires/michelin-scorcher-11#dim 140/75 R 15 M/C 65H R TL is the only radial size at this time. :bang head:
  2. gamorg02

    Shinko Specs!

    tire size, recommended rim size, etc: http://shinkotire.co.kr/english/02product/sub01_list.asp?bcode=AA&mcode=0001 the shinko tech guy i was talking to said +/- .5" on the recommended rim size should be no problem altho he can't 'recommend' it.
  3. VmaxRider85

    bolt torque specs !!!!

    hey guys took the wheels off the gen 2 i ordered a service manual for the bike not here yet was wondering if anyone had the torque specs for -- front axle bolt front clamp bolts caliper bolts rear axle torque rear caliper rear clamp bolts
  4. wildweasel_pt

    Specs on stock wheel

    Guys Need a bit of your attention and insight. Can anyone with a stock rear wheel tell me the diameter of the "spokes section"? I mean the diameter of the disc that connects the hub to the outer ribs of the rim where the air valve is, in other words twice the distance from wheel center to the...
  5. wildweasel_pt

    Lower Oil plug specs

    Hi guys Does anyone know the lower oil plug specs? The one by the oil level check window by the right footpeg, used sometimes as oil pressure pick up port... I need to know thread specs an depth of thread. If someone can let me know i'd be very appreciative. Thanks in advance.
  6. joelyons50023

    Finally the cam timing specs.

    I used a degree wheel and piston stop to get true top dead center, which by the way is spot on with the timing mark on the rotor. Intake: Open @ 11.5* BTDC Duration 230.5* Close @ 39* ABDC Lobe center 103.75* Exhaust Open @ 41* BBDC Duration 235*...
  7. D

    2009 vs 2011

    Hi I am on the lookout for a v max. A dealer has 2009 model and I know that there has been no change in the performance. However in case anyone can help would appreciate if you could point out any differences between the 2 models
  8. F


    If anyone has their engine apart and can measure a few things for me it would be greatly appreciated. 1. cam duration {stock} 2. intake and exhaust lift 3. cylinder head port lenth from valve seat to flange of cylinder head, intake and exhaust. 4. Minium cross section of intake and exhaust port...
  9. npthayer

    Engine Guard Torque Specs

    Anyone have the torque specifications for the yamaha engine guards?
  10. O

    2011 vmax Japanese specs?

    Hello All...I'm new to the website. Great info on here. I'm hoping you can help me out with a couple of questions. I live in Japan and am looking at buying the 2011 vmax, obviously it has Japanese specs not US specs. The dealer here is telling me it has 150 bhp. I don't think that's accurate...
  11. naughtyG

    Diode specs anyone!?

    OK sorry for the double post but I'm desperate here.. I found this in my harness: I do believe that it is actually a diode - it was plugged in between a blue/white (L/W) and a green (G) wire, in a clear sleeve just under the TCI unit. The only L/W wires I can find in the wiring diagram lead...
  12. P

    VMax Specs

    I'm interested in getting a Vmax and I've been doing some research over the last few days trying to find anything I can on these bikes. I have been finding some contradicting information regarding the power ratings over the years. Some sites say the bike has been virtually unchanged from 85...
  13. Firewrench

    Magna Carb specs

    I see some of you guys also have V65 Magnas in the garage. Any chance one of you could post he carb float height specs (1983) for me from a manual you may have? I went to the VF/V65 board but they are not as easy to read and very hard to search on. This board is the shit. Easy to search...
  14. Birdoprey

    Stk V-max rod specs?

    Anyone have stk rod measurements? Like length(center to center), big and small end diameters?
  15. EvilD

    Torque specs

    Where can i find torque specs? Specificall, the fork clams and front wheel bolt
  16. Birdoprey

    Tq specs on swingarm pivot???

    Was wondering what the tq specs were on the swingarm pivot bolts? Also, is there a special way to install the bolts?(like left before right, or one tq down this much and then the other?). I'm used to one long bolt being tq'd down, not used to the setup the V-Max has... Thanks, -Mark
  17. shawn kloker

    free specs website

  18. backfire

    Stock Camshaft Valve Event Specs??

    Does anyone know the valve event data of the stock camshafts? I don't just mean the standard duration/lift figures, but the actual valve timing events, pressure angles, lobe ramp velocities, etc. that one would obtain from rolling one on a Cam Doctor? I'd like to know how the stock camshafts...
  19. N

    Ujoint Specs - anyone?

    I work at a Cltuch and Driveshaft shop.. We stock the ujoints for Yamaha..etc ATV's.. Does anyone have one laying around that they can mic for me?... I see that the oem uj purchased online will run you about 160.00 ish $$$... If anyone is bored and has one laying around - mic the cap diameter...
  20. Heretic

    Stock Handlebar specs?

    I am looking for the specs on the factory handlebar. I want something different, but do not know where I am starting from. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!