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  1. R

    Maximum engine speed. How high rpm limit?

    Hello, Last year I'd install Ignitech TCIP4 v88 module on my Vmax. I'm wondering how high rpm is safe for my engine. Now rpm limit is 10200 rmp. What do you think about it?
  2. K

    Problem with low idle speed

    Can someone give me any hints, from where should I start, if motor running at speed ~1000-1500 rpm and making those strange puffing hedgehog noises (from 0:15)? Those hickups are coming from somewhere above the motor, below airfilter box.. Is there problem with carburetor seals between carb...
  3. T

    Fuel pump goes into high speed chatter when hot

    Hello guys, was hoping someone has ran into this before. When the max gets up to temp and the fuel pump is hot as well, it starts hyper cycling and doesn't supply enough fuel to carbs to keep idling. This happens with fuel cap off and I checked filter is clear. Only happens when fuel pump is hot...
  4. tothemax93

    high/low speed wobble question

    Has anyone experienced any type of wobble, after going to radials?
  5. F

    Low speed / idle engine miss

    Need some good advice. And I KNOW this is the place to get it. Very knowledgeable and helpful folks here! '89 V-Max (my 3rd one), 24K miles, all stock as far as I can tell. Had been sitting a year w/o starting, and only 250 miles in last 3 years. New battery. Drained fuel tank and carbs...
  6. V

    gen 2 top speed

    Hey guys I'm sure this topic has been up a few times! whats the max top speed u have hit on the gen 2 max? please mention mods if possible. Thanks i have vance and hines slip ons ecu flash k&n air filter pcV heres a screen shot of the top speed iv hit 282kph , bike had a little more left in...
  7. Zeus36

    Adjustable 2" risers ROX Speed FX

    I had flipped my bars after an unsuccessful conversion to Danmoto 3-piece clip on bars (they cracked). While the factory bars upside down are cool, they were actually lower than had I mounted the clip-ons on top of the tree. After a trip to Manhattan Beach last weekend, I decide they...
  8. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    New Vmax land speed bike in progress

    http://www.dragbike.com/tln-motorsports-hass-serafini-racing-prepare-for-historic-2016-season/ Interesting read.
  9. ga_max

    Speed and Strength Customer Service Rocks

    When I got my max about a 1.5 years ago I also got a Speed and Strength textile jacket (Hi-Vis). It was nothing fancy but it had a zip out liner and armor for my elbows and a back pad. Even though it was considered a 3 season jacket I could wear it pretty much year round in GA. Yesterday I went...
  10. S

    vmax top end speed gen 1

    hello you may have had this before.mine is a 1998 vmac usa import with vboost .jya start numbers of engine an frame ,had bike 3 years now standard exhaust then another set off ebay tink stage 2 jetting everything ive done to bike top end is just on 110 mph.checked timming carbs diaphrams plugs...
  11. B

    speed sensor

    Ok, need to pick a few peoples minds. The speedometer has a speed sensor in it that tells the turn signal relay a distance traveled so it cancels the turn signals. What kind of signal is it sending. A low voltage pulse? I put one of the cheapy Chinese speedometers on my vmax and now the turn...
  12. Itgoes

    Vintage Top Speed Test Video

    Cool video. If you jump to around 16:00 you get the riders view. Takes some balls to ride those speeds on a banked track near that killer guard rail......on those bikes. :worthy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCxMf-Z5AJQ
  13. T

    Have front tire widened on my '03 or sell it and my Speed Triple for a 2nd gen?

    I've got an '03 with an 18x5.5" rear with a Bridgestone 180/55 sport-touring radial, and an almost-matching Bridgestone 110/80 front radial. While many will say that a 110/80 works fine on the stock 18x2.15 front wheel, the fact is that a 110/80 radial is designed for at least a 3" wheel and...
  14. Born2Ride

    Top speed reached

    Hi, this is just a curiosity question; I just wonder, which was your max speed that you have reached riding your Vmax. So far I still need to buy a proper helmet, so I just went up to 100miles per hour with my open face helmet and goggles.
  15. odieoh24

    top speed V1.1 speedo healer

    so its been a year since i bought the bike and the mods started pretty much right after. the bike is scheduled in for bench time to install the lowering link new exhaust, clear covers, and 240 wheel. in addition to the new exhaust i got the corresponding re-flash for the ECU from tim. im...
  16. Mr. Max

    Low speed wobble after rear tire change

    I changed my worn out metzeler 880 to michelin commander II and now bike "wobbles" around 40-45mph, it feels like its up and down movement? I can take my hands of the bars when it occurs. I think it made this sometimes with old tire too, but now it is all the time at that speed. Lower or higher...
  17. Biker Dash

    High Speed Wobble

    I've heard of this happening, and well, on a burst up around 120mph, I felt it. Was nothing extreme, and it went away when I slowed back down to around 80 or so. It was just enough to let me know that Woona was not liking going that fast. As I mentioned, I've heard that this is common with...
  18. D

    Idle speed control screw

    Hello all, So, new to my Vmax and with the cold she is running a bit rough. Any idea where the idle speed control screw(s) is so I can adjust it? Thanks, Nick
  19. N

    Under 1000RPM idle speed BAD? Low/no oil pressure??

    Hey I read its bad to set the idle under 1000rpm for fear of low/no oil pressure, so I've been keeping her at 1050-1150rpm... Any definitive answers to that one? Is it bad to let the rpms fall below 1000rpm?
  20. N

    Remove low speed carb adjuster screws&blasting W/carb cleaner/alternative to shotgun?

    Hey I dont have my air compressor handy.. So I was wondering if I can do the same trick I did to my V65 magna- Pull the low speed carb screws and just blast in some b-12 chemtool carb spray.. then re assemble.. Will that work as a decent alternative to the "shotgun" cleaning method? She runs...