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  1. Supercharger

    Measure the distance steering bracket

    I hope someone can measure the distance between bolt holes on the steering clamp with a Vernier Caliper. See attached picture. And the inner-diameter for the clamp hex-bolt head hole. (to know the O.D. for the spacer tube to the GPS plate). The reason i asking is, i have no access to the...
  2. S

    Hyperpro steering damper

    Does anybody have pics of this setup? I cannot find a single shot of one with any web search.
  3. radley

    Power Steering Leak on 2008 Honda Pilot

    so the lady i been hanging with for a while, well, of course I end up diagnosing/researching/fixing her ride, 08 Pilot. Been a good car, but recently sprung a bit of a power steering fluid leak. Thought maybe a bad seal in rack, like my Malibu had. Took a peek under hood, looked at pump, could...
  4. child_of_fire

    wrench size for steering adjustment gen1

    Does anyone know what size spanner wrench and box wrench I need to tighten the steering head? Is it a 27mm? And an 10mm spanner?
  5. Lotsokids

    Steering Head Bearings and Races Replaced: How-To With Pictures!

    1. Cover that intake. It's easy to drop hardware into the carbs with the cover off. 2. Hoist that beast up by the frame. 3. Remove the upper retaining nut 4. Chock the front wheel so it doesn't get away from you when you remove the adjusting nuts. Now is a good time to remove the front...
  6. Lotsokids

    Steering Head Bearings - Ball or Taper?

    So I'm still chasing this "wobble" on my bike. You can read the 15 pages (to date) HERE. The head bearings are about the last things left to change. As I was shopping for bearings, I read in some descriptions that the tapered bearings are an upgrade to the stock ones. Are the stock ones ball...
  7. maleko89

    Lower steering bearing install

    What does everyone used to install the bearing on the steering shaft? I was thinking about getting some pipe but I'm open to suggestions. Cheers. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  8. lightninggrant

    Steering Stem Bearings on a 1989

    Hello I have found lots of info on replacing and setting up the bearings here. But not any list of parts used. Not sure what comes in the packages. I have these Yamaha part #'s for an 1989. 93332-00001-00 and 93332-00008-00 Is this all I need to order? Am I missing anything else? After...
  9. wildweasel_pt

    LSL steering damper info

    Hi all Does anyone have fitting instructions or pictures of this setup? The one that has the damper underneath left scoop protruding from below. Thanks in advance.
  10. dingy

    Steering nut wrench

    Found a video online this evening showing how to use Steering Head wrench that I sell on an FJR. Sort of cool to come across it. I know Sean Morley also showed it in a video he made a few years ago. About 2:45 into video...
  11. S

    Steering dumper

    Looking for dumper kit for 88 vmax. Prefer from EU. Any recommendations where and what to buy ? Thanks
  12. A


    How easy is it suppose to be on a 85 it to steer, like when I have the whole bike jacked up the steering is really loose feeling like I actually just tap it and it flops to one side or the other, also when it on the ground it moves very freely almost to freely, I asked my friend he said it...
  13. D

    2006 Vmax steering shaking

    Hello, I am experiencing head shake when i ride my vmax. Does anyone knows why and what should i do to prevent? Thanks
  14. K

    Indexed or notched steering

    I notice when I sit on the bike straight up and turn the bars left to right, when I pass center, I can feel it like falling into a notch or index. Cant feel it while riding. I know on my bicycle, that would mean a bad head bearing, the race would be notched or scored. Is that the same...
  15. P

    replacing steering head bearings benefits?

    Hi, I'm in the process of lowering my bike, so i bought some steering head bearings to. But is there any actual benefit of replacing the steering head bearings when the one currently in are fine? Thanks!
  16. Irtron

    Right steering rest is much further than left

    I noticed that the throttle grip reaches much closer to the faux tank than the clutch grip. Eventually I had to turn the grip to raise the brake lever to move throttle cables away from the faux tank after a few nasty scratches appeared next to the right triple tuning fork. Also I have to move...
  17. 1st Shirt Maxer

    Steering Head Bearing Replacement

    O.K. Here goes my first attempt at posting a thread to help others if they find themselves wanting or needing to replace the bearings in the steering neck. First off, I did this in my carport in about 6 hours over 2 days. I had to borrow a spanner wrench so I could set the bearings, more on that...
  18. WVxNitemare

    Steering damper

    Guys for Christmas this year I'm asking for the hyper pro active steering damper. Anyone know who sells them? Sent from my SGH-I747M using Tapatalk
  19. J

    Steering problem

    Looking for some troubleshooting help. When I let go of the handlebars on my 2005 Vmax with 8300 miles on it, I get a violent shake, wobble. Only over 30 miles per hour, though. Anything a novice mechanic can check. Otherwise it's going to a dealer. Thanks.
  20. F

    slow speed steering turn in

    My bike wants to turn in sharper when I am turning at slow speeds, ie. residential neighborhood just putting around and turning onto another street. I have to hold the handlebars to keep it from turning all the way in. I have no death wobble at least up to 100mph and no deceleration wobble...