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  1. maxcruiser

    Looking for feedback on a 2008 Suzuki Bandit 1250s

    Been considering buying a sport touring bike lately. I will still keep my Vmax, but my old bones are telling me that I need something more comfy for long rides. Been looking mostly at used FJR1300, but have not found one yet. I came across a 2008 Suzuki Bandit 1250s that is factory equipped...
  2. Regular Guy

    Suzuki Bandit 1200/1250 Vs. VMax 1200

    Hi guys, do any of you have or have had a Bandit 1200 or 1250? If so, how does it stack up against the Max? The reason I ask, is childish as it is, is that since I got my VMax last weekend, my brother who went with me to get it is jonesing for a bike. He used to have a Bandit 1200 and really...
  3. O

    2003 Suzuki Hayabusa

    Selling because Im to busy riding my Max. 03 Hayabusa 15,034 miles Lowered New battery Spike bolts Spike spools Spike bar ends & Spike sliders Custom levers, grips & mirrors Exhaust under both foot pegs $5900 obo
  4. P

    Suzuki GT750J take 2!

    If the mods want to delete my first ad please do as I can't figure out how to do it? Due to a scammer trying to buy my bike she is now back up for sale The bike is early one (Dec71) imported from the US and given an L reg by the DVLA. I'm the only uk owner and according to the us deed of...
  5. P

    Suzuki GT750J

    I'm selling my candy lavender (pink) Suzuki GT750J basically so I can get myself a VMax. She's a 1972 US import and I'm the only UK owner, I've had the bike for just over two years. It runs as it should, it's unrestored but in amazing condition for a 40odd year old bike. Looking for £7500 but...
  6. rebeltaz83

    Gen one vmax against a Suzuki boulevard

    My wife and I were out riding. Got stuck behind a car and two bikes. At the time they sounded like Harleys. Car past them one bike took off keeping pace with the car. Before all that I called my wife on the intercom told her if I was riding solo I would have dropped 2 gears and shit and git, but...
  7. tothemax93

    1200 suzuki madura

    Not mine. seemed like it might be a deal. I don't see these to often.
  8. J

    2000 suzuki rm250

    sold.....delete My bike. Figured I would post it here too. Need to fund project "pipe dream"! Northwest Indiana....... Rensselaer 47978
  9. P

    01 Suzuki SV650 Naked

    Trying to raise funds to buy a Vmax. It took me a long time to find an one(adult) owner 1st Gen SV650 naked that wasn't cut-up, raced, trashed, or crashed. Superclean, new tires last weekend, never down, & only 7XXX miles. $2550 or partial trade for Vmax.
  10. V

    All VooDoo on sale for Friday the 13th

    Hey forum members! Hope your week is doing well and just want to remind you that tomorrow is the only Friday the 13th of the year. All VooDoo products are on sale at for 25% off through tomorrow. Tell your friends and stop by and check us out. Use coupon...
  11. P

    03 suzuki sv1000 naked

    I bought this new, sold it to my brother-in-law, and he picked up his new Fury on Saturday so he needs to sell this. This is a one year model. Pics from yesterday. 9XXX for miles. 3/4 Yosh SS system Suzuki chin spoiler Buell pegs Buell flyscreen Fender elim 2 inch handlebar risers...
  12. Maxorel

    1998 Suzuki Bandit 1200 Holeshot equipped

    Just bought a 2002 Max, and am looking to find a good home for my Black Bandit, here in Eastern Pa., zip code 19605: Turn key, no issues, Paypal and shipping an option. Will deal for a Forum member here, as it's a good home. GSXR1100...
  13. fltinstructor

    Suzuki Madura 1200

    Has anyone on the forum had any experience to own, see, or run against one. It was supposed to be Suzuki's answer to the Vmax and Honda's V65. There is one locally, a project, for sale at $750. It has a butt ugly taillight!!
  14. jedi-

    Suzuki.... WTF

    "It is no secret that a redesigned 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 is on its way … the only question is just how closely it will it resemble the concept shown by Suzuki last year at INTERMOT. We suspect it will closely follow the concept when the production model is unveiled this fall in Milan. So here...
  15. m-cman

    Suzuki Bankruptcy

    Wonder how this will affect Suzuki? Always liked their bikes... :confused2:
  16. alorio1

    JULY 4th sadness in my area, Suzuki RIDER KILLS 3 YR OLD

    NOPD searching for motorcyclist who killed 3-year-old
  17. robike_75

    V Max vrs Suzuki Madura

    I owned a 86 Suzuki Madura 1200 v4 for about 9 years. Fastest bike I ever owned at the time. Granted my V Max is faster, but it has some great mods and the madura was bone stock. You guys ever ride one of these bikes. I like to see them go head to head with no mods. what do you guys think. mike
  18. max_caper

    Suzuki recall notice

    Most of the Suzuki owners here may have already received this notice but in case you haven't... Suzuki has issued a recall on several of their 2008-current scooters, motorcycles and quads. I just received my recall notice in the mail. This link has more detailed info (or you can ask your...
  19. dmax1

    Suzuki and driver down

    Went for a ride last night aftter I cleaned the carbs Again! So I am riding along just cruising. Next thing I know I'm being blinded in my mirrors,turns out to be another bike with his brights on. We are going the same way on a one way single road which turns into a 2 lane. As the road becomes...
  20. max_caper

    Asselstine's Country Yamaha & Suzuki

    Asselstine's Country Yamaha & Suzuki is a small, family run dealership about 60 miles northeast of Toronto in Blackstock, Ontario. This dealership is out in the country and has very little overhead in terms of rent, taxes, and utilities so it can give you very competitive prices on new/used...