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  1. Fire-medic

    Ducati 1100 cc V-4! 210 hp

    Ducati 210 hp V-4! Can its use in the Diavel be predicted?
  2. rebeltaz83

    New ducati v4

    https://www.bikebandit.com/blog/post/ducati-announces-a-v4-superbike-for-the-masses Wondering just how "affordable" it will be lol
  3. 2

    V4 Market Going Out Of Business

    Many parts are on sale. Generally, any part that is specific to the Vmax. http://www.v4market.com/Vmax_c_92.html Some parts are below my cost, and shipping is included. Also, parts for the Royal Star and Venture. Moderators, if this is the wrong spot for this, I apologize.
  4. Roodillom

    Ex-longtime Harley rider goes V4!

    Hello all, I am from Colorado and got my first VMAX last year after totaling a show quality Harley. I decided I wanted something different and I always liked the VMAX. Mine is a 2007. I have done the following mods so far: Lowered 2" at each end T-Boost 240 degree fan switch - the gauge...
  5. D

    V4 Ferrari?

    ? http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle-news--general-news/the-v4-ferrari-engined-motorcycle/5560.html
  6. rusty

    V4 Harley?

    http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle-...rod/27963.html :surprise:
  7. L

    Thank you fellow V4 fanatics

    I would like to thank the folks that sent out encouragement and suggestions for rebuilding my carburetors. I was frustrated to the Vmax!! I read each suggestion and comment. Put them all together and went back at it. Not sure what fixed the issue, but it runs pretty dang good. Each and every one...
  8. rusty

    V4 Muscle Bike

    I know some of us are V4MuscleBike members.Can anybody explane what happend? it says (This Site Has Been Moved to a New Server.) :confused2:
  9. C

    *NEW* 'V-4' Logo Generator Emblem

    Highly polished lazer cut stainless steel, simple to fit using original screws. Price: ?20.00 ($30.00) --- ?24.00 Including VAT at 20%
  10. hijacker

    Michigan V4 Hooligans ride to Hell

    Nine V4 riders met in Charlotte, Mi for a ride to Hell and surrounding area. Very cool ride and a great day for it. I only got decent video of the ride to Hell, nothing after we left as a huge bug committed suicide on the lens of my GoPro and the 2nd half is just engine sounds and bug guts...
  11. rusty

    Harley V4's??

    I posted this on V4muscle.com I got the impression that they didn't believe it. Well I do believe, Harley will eventually come out with liquid cooled monster V4's. That will blow the socks off there competition. Including those pesky Japanese bikes. What do you think. I like how Harley's vice...
  12. RaWarrior

    Motus V4 details announced

    So the American V4 Motus will definitely be coming to market for the '13 model year. Hooray V4! Good news, it comes in a 165hp standard and 185hp "R" version. Bad news, it starts at $31k, if you want the R version make that $37k. And you don't get all that much with the base model....touring...
  13. Fire-medic

    Motus MST American V4 Sport-Tour

    http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycles/motus-mst/ Been here before, but still interesting to see more publicity for it. It looks nicely-done.
  14. Redbone

    Motus MST-01 V4: Latest News

    The Motus GDI V4 project is progressing with U.S. road tests set for early 2011. Engineered right here in Michigan and to be designed and built in Alabama, the Motus has close ties to the engineering team behind the Corvette Racing program. I am really looking forward to what the final product...
  15. mattness

    Honda V4 rumor.. and this time its for REAL!

    http://www.fasterandfaster.net/2010/11/wayne-gardner-expect-v4-fireblade-very.html?utm_source=BP_recent looks like the bmw s1000rr kicked up some sand... im so happy!!!
  16. vegetta58

    v4 Garage info

    Does anyone know why the IMG is off on my v4garage page and how to turn it on? Thanks for the help:ummm:
  17. vegetta58

    V4 Garage

    I have tried 7 times now to upload pics to Garage but after a minute or so of loadind it comes back no files selected. Am I doing someting wrong? Thanks for any help.
  18. 4gasem

    Motus MTS-01 V4 Motorcycle

    http://www.autoblog.com/2010/01/20/motus-motorcycles-details-new-v4-engine-mts-01-sport-tourer/ Cool!:eusa_dance:
  19. max_caper

    The other V4

    Just read about the new Honda VFR. It's new for 2010 and puts some serious sport into the sport-touring market. Honda claims 172 crank HP from the new 1200+ cc engine. Cycle Canada says price will be around $21,000 (about the same as the ST1300). This bike may be an interesting alternative...
  20. RaWarrior

    New V4 store introduction

    Hi all, a member from another board I belong to (v4hondabbs.com--I used to ride a V30 Magna) is setting up an online store for parts and accessories for our relatively rare breed of V4 motorcycle. It's just getting started and currently there are only a few items for Honda V4's, but plans to...