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  1. Buster Hymen

    New VMF Vendor!!

    Welcome to Bon-86 and his company He produces a digital throttle body and carburetor synchronizer. Visit his website as there is a lot of information on it and synchronizing there. DigiSync's sub forum is located here.:punk: Their banner will be up shortly. Welcome to...
  2. bikedave99

    Vmax with Food Vendor Sidecar.... You know you want it!!
  3. Redbone

    New U.S. Vmax Vendor, Well Sort Of...

    New to the web is a company that has a link with ExactRep. Here a quote from their website linked below: "We are very proud to announce that we have secured the exclusive rights to distribute and resell custom motorcycle products from the European brand 'ExactRep' in North America. And this...
  4. Buster Hymen

    A new VMF Vendor!!

    I'm proud to announce Pero Motorsports as the newest addition to the VMF Vendor family! :clapping: Owner VMAXsuperstore ( Diane Pero) is an authorized VooDoo dealer and carry a great selection of Voodoo products from exhaust systems to custom parts. They also carry a full line of accessories for...
  5. Buster Hymen

    New VMF Vendor -- MadMax enterprise

    A big welcome to MadMax Enterprise as a VMF Vendor! :clapping: I believe most, if not not all, VMax owners recognize the MadMax name and are looking forward to seeing their great products. :punk:
  6. RoMax

    VMOA Vendor?

    I was with the understanding that a VMOA vendor offered a discount from their business for VMOA members. I was inquiring about helmets from Wild Hair Accessories, apparently they only offer VMOA members a discount on V-Max items, helmets are NOT part of their offer. Are there any other vendors...
  7. Buster Hymen

    Another new VMF Vendor!

    A big welcome to the newest VMaxforum vendor, Cycle-istic! :clapping: Cycle-istic is run by MtnMax/Magniac and offers the Gen 1 owner a great backrest or backrest and rack combo. You can see the product here.Cycle-istic's forum is here and I'll turn it over to MtnMax/Magniac to answer any questions.
  8. Buster Hymen

    Welcome Exactrep as a new VMF vendor!

    Exactrep has join as the newest VMF vendor! :clapping: Many of your are familiar with the great products H has ( both Gen 1 and Gen 2) and I have one of his Gen 1 bellypans. Welcome to the forum! :cheers:
  9. davidon

    Vendor discounts?

    Is there a list of VMOA vendor discounts...not obvious if there is..need help to find out..thanks
  10. Redbone

    Help with Vendor Info

    Has anybody had any experiance with Vmax Motoren Raats?
  11. m-cman

    Heavy Duty Wiring Kit Vendor???

    Did a search but couldn't find the vendor from England that sells heavy duty wiring kits. He sells various versions plus manual radiator fan switches. The kits are supposed to fix grounding, crimp, R&R problems. He often has these kits on eBay but has none right now. Anyone have a link to his...
  12. 4gasem

    Motorcycle Gear Closeout Pricing Thread

    Hey Guys, I know a lot of us have bought stuff from and others so I thought it'd be a neat idea to start a thread that is basically used for deals we find out there. I will start it buy posting these up. I just bought a pair. My A* gloves are toast so I needed something...
  13. V

    Vendor Discounts

    Need to replenish my OE parts supply. Who has the best deal now for Yamaha parts, preferably a Cost Plus % deal versus a discount off list?? Mike Costa
  14. Buster Hymen

    New VMaxForum Vendor -- TygaUSA!

    Welcome TygaUSA (Glenn) as a Vendor. Glenn is the official USA distributor for Tyga Performance parts . Glenn's site is and the Gen 1 goodies are here! Currently he lists a complete set of Vmax body parts in carbon fibre! :punk: Welcome Glenn! :cheers:
  15. Buster Hymen

    New VMaxForum Vendor -- Maxgasser Custom Seats

    I'd like to welcome twistedmax as an official VMaxForum Vendor.:clapping: Twistedmax makes a really nice custom 2 piece seat for the Gen 1 Vmax. You can see the seat in his Gallery .:punk: He is currently setting up a web site but there is contact information in his gallery. Welcome Rick...
  16. Buster Hymen

    New Vendor

    I'm pleased to announce that Tim Nash, aka VMax Guru ( is in the process of opening an on line store at and is now on board as a Forum Vendor. I'd say Tim is THE pioneer of research of the Gen 2 Maxes and producing great HP numbers from his work. I'm not too sure of...
  17. max_caper

    Vendor info wanted:

    Just saw some parts I want to purchase on a website called I never heard anything about them and I was hoping for some feedback. Thanks, Blaine
  18. 02Moneypit

    Awesome vendor

    Hey guys just want to let everyone know about some super customer service,the one and only Bill Warner is coming to my house to install fuel injection on my 02 money pit.I want to let everyone know that if you are in the area between the 13 -17 of july just drop by and meet bill if you have not...
  19. max_caper

    Looking for signals/indicators!

    Not sure if this request is thread-specific but I'd appreciate feedback about vendors from whom to purchase a set of LED directionals and tail/stop lamps. Blaine Williams Oshawa, Ontario
  20. G

    Vendor List

    Is there a vendor list that the discount applies to?