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  1. K

    Wheels with tires SOLD

    Cleaning out the garage. I need these gone. Essentially going to give them away and you will just pay shipping! $125 for the set!! The tires are about 7 years old at least and the front has had brake fluid on them lately so it may not be too safe (unless the tire rubber holds up to brake fluid)...
  2. one2dmax

    Carr Wheels, Engines, High End Suspension

    Carr Wheels, Engines, Seats, High End Suspension Email me at [email protected] Call/Text 316-619-8411 $2500 - Green Carr wheels. The only green set ever made for the Vmax. They can be recolored, chromed, or coated if so desired. Includes the Shinko Verge tires (which are in great condition)...
  3. Itgoes

    Last Chance on a Set of Very Cool Wheels -SOLD-

    I had these for sale on the post on the 85' I parted out. I'm offering them here again before they go on Ebay. I love these wheels......I wish I had a Gen 1 to put them on! They are made by Ego Trip who was a premier wheel manufacture back in the day. 18" front and rear. Not sure of the rear...
  4. V

    VStar wheels on VMax?

    Can VStar wheels bolt up to the VMax?
  5. Traumahawk

    Tires for aftermarket wheels

    I'm running Carrozzeria wheels on my 07 Vmax, so running a 120 tire up front, and a 180 tire on the rear. What tires or tires combos are everyone running? I'm running a Shinko Verge up front and a Shinko Stealth on the rear. Thanks
  6. blyoth

    removing wheels

    The center stand was long gone on my VMax when I got it. I would like to take the wheels off one at a time. What is the best way to do this. Are there some good pick up points or something I can put a jack under?
  7. BorgBiker

    Cobra Slip Ons and 2002 Silver Wheels

    Hey all, I'm selling a set of lightly used Cobra slip-ons and the Silver stock wheels off my 2002. They are not listed anywhere else yet, you guys have the first shot at them. If interested, see the ads here: Wheels Cobra Exhaust Thanks!
  8. BorgBiker

    2002 Silver Max Wheels $200

    With the sale of my 1996 Max, I no longer have any pretensions of needing an extra set of stock wheels, so I am selling my stock silver wheels (replaced by the Carrozzerias). The wheels only has 6900-ish miles when I replaced them, the tires are the stock Bridgestone Excedra's. The tires LOOK...
  9. C

    Rotor question with aftermarket wheels

    Hey guys! Quick question, a search yielded no solid answer. I have a 2003 Vmax. It has a 17" Dymag rear wheel, and an 18" Dymag front. Will these wheels still use stock style rotors? Do I need to order anything special, or just rotors for an 03 Vmax? Rear rotor is looking slim, and I'm...
  10. Redbone

    Looking for SUV Wheels

    Seeing Twistedmax post about needing wheels reminded me that I need to get some used wheels for my GMC Terrain's winter tires. I'm getting fed up paying over $120/ year just to change tires from summer to winter to summer. I'm looking for 4 ea. of 18"/ 5 x 120mm spacing/ 30mm to 40mm...
  11. texas-ss-tornado

    98/99 black wheels for sale

    I have a nice set of 98/99 black wheels just collecting dust in the garage, even have good tires still on them. I'm sure somebody could use these more than me, not trying to get rich off of them either, and I won't ship. But if you're close or coming through Lexington, KY, just let me know and...
  12. O


    Looks for a set of fairly clean wheels to have powder coated. Don't need tires. Let me know what you got! I'm located in Albany NY Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. O

    trade wheels?

    The wheels on my 05 are powder coated to match the red flame fairings and going full carbon fiber. Does anyone with Black wheels want to trade? EXCELLENT condition or want to sell their black wheels?
  14. C

    DYMAG 17" wheels with Michelin Pilot Roads mounted -SOLD-

    SOLD Up for consideration I have a set of 17" DYMAG 17" wheels with Michelin Pilot Road tires mounted. The tires have about 700 miles on them and that number will creep up the longer they are mounted on my bike. I bought these from Sean Morley at the end of last year and just got around to...
  15. S

    Putting UFO wheels on a diet.

    I've always hated the weight of the Maxdaddy wheels from UFO. I had no idea how heavy they were until they arrived. So, to date I've tracked down (with help from Sean) the supplier of the roto forged blanks and the company that machined them. I've also found a company local to me in Brisbane...
  16. S

    UFO Wheels

    Quick question..... Are the maxdaddy wheels spun forged or 100% billet ? I ask as I am looking into getting them machined to lose some of the weight (heavier than stock).
  17. Bill Kratzenberg

    chrome wheels for sale -SOLD-

    ~SOLD~ front is a stock 18''rim that was chromed years ago but still in nice shape, light scratches but no chips or pitting. probably needs new bearings. included is a 110/ 80/zr18 metzler roadtec tire about 35-40% tread left. Rear rim is a 17'' purchased from madmax. chrome is not show...
  18. Poolio

    2002 wheels

    Hey guys going through the front end replacing everything. My wheel has that aluminum finish and something has started to take the clear coat off. How can I strip the clear off the whole wheel, polish it, then clear it again? Love that aluminum look and def don't want paint. Any help would be...
  19. BorgBiker

    Carrozzeria Wheels Have Arrived

    Pics: Yes, the amazing Sean Morley sent over a set of the magic wheels! I'm going to have them installed with Metzler ME880s 120/70-18 front, 180/55-18s in back. From those of you who have already installed Carr's, is there anything I need to know before having them mounted? Words of...
  20. BorgBiker

    The Borg Is Back!!

    The Borg is back! Hey all! After laying down my '96 back in late 2012, I took some time doing other things. Although I've been saving for a Gen 2, I happened across a 2002 V-max with 6800 miles for $4000, and I just couldn't resist. It's almost brand new, with only a few minor scratches...