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  1. J

    Rezar wheel bearings

    Does anyone know the size of the bearings on the right size of the rear wheel? I have to go to a bearing shop to get them but i don't know the size.
  2. 1

    Front wheel Bearings 1986 VMAX

    Hello Friends, I have been rebuilding my forks on my 1986 this week and upon removing the wheel I saw that the bearings are not sealed but open rollers. They seem to be fine, but I thought since I had the wheel off I would replace. Should I go back with the open rollers or replace with...

    Help get some how to pictures stem bearings

    BikerDave 99 has a How To Post on pg4 of the How To section of the forum (STEM BEARINGS) I am able to read all of the post just fine however acording to Photo Bucket Im not a $$$ Member thus those really helpful Images next to the instructional post are blocked to me. That sucks I know.... i...
  4. J

    neck bearings & grease

    I went for a ride through the twisties 2 days ago and noticed my steering felt "heavy". I also noticed my slow stops were getting a bit sloppy & very slow ridding was getting harder to stay straight. So I jacked up the bike and got into the upper & lower neck bearings. I found the grease was...
  5. rzwanink


    Hi all, When I put the bike on it's centre stand and I turn the rear wheel, it makes a "roaring" sound. I guess I busted some final drive / rear wheel bearings. What's the best way to handle this. Any tips on where to buy the bearing. OEM..... pricey al hell. Btw, keep improving my...
  6. 9

    FS: Swing Arm Bearings

    I have some parts that I've had for a few years from a 95 vmax project that I no longer need. Part of this includes a set of OEM swing arm bearings and oil seals. I think I paid around $80 for them, I would like to get $45 which includes shipping. If using PayPal, please include 2.5%. My paypal...
  7. rzwanink

    Front wheel bearings

    Need some help guys. My father in law vmax needs new front wheel bearings. Stock "96 wheel. How do u get the bearings out of the wheel? Cant get them out with a screwdriver of something becouse of the axle hole? Any tips to get them out. In 1 piece?
  8. Lotsokids

    Steering Head Bearings and Races Replaced: How-To With Pictures!

    1. Cover that intake. It's easy to drop hardware into the carbs with the cover off. 2. Hoist that beast up by the frame. 3. Remove the upper retaining nut 4. Chock the front wheel so it doesn't get away from you when you remove the adjusting nuts. Now is a good time to remove the front...
  9. Lotsokids

    Steering Head Bearings - Ball or Taper?

    So I'm still chasing this "wobble" on my bike. You can read the 15 pages (to date) HERE. The head bearings are about the last things left to change. As I was shopping for bearings, I read in some descriptions that the tapered bearings are an upgrade to the stock ones. Are the stock ones ball...
  10. lightninggrant

    Steering Stem Bearings on a 1989

    Hello I have found lots of info on replacing and setting up the bearings here. But not any list of parts used. Not sure what comes in the packages. I have these Yamaha part #'s for an 1989. 93332-00001-00 and 93332-00008-00 Is this all I need to order? Am I missing anything else? After...
  11. B

    rod bearings

    hi sean,do you offer rod bearings in thickness rather than colors,thanks chris
  12. P

    replacing steering head bearings benefits?

    Hi, I'm in the process of lowering my bike, so i bought some steering head bearings to. But is there any actual benefit of replacing the steering head bearings when the one currently in are fine? Thanks!
  13. wildweasel_pt

    Middle gear output shaft bearings

    Hi all Does anyone any good technique to remove the bigger taper bearing from the shaft without damaging it? Does anyone know the Koyo reference for that bearing? The smaller one (next to the Ujoint) is easily removed by sliding out but the other one doesn't budge from the shaft next to the...
  14. maximus speedicus

    Do Final Drive Bearings Go Bad?

    So, quick question here: has anyone ever had a final drive bearing go bad? The reason I'm asking is because when I put my max on the center stand and rotate the tire it's rather hard to rotate and you can hear what definitely sounds like a bad bearing. I know it is not the wheel bearing as I...
  15. donnelly317

    How to remove rear rim cushion bearings

    Well after a lot of disappointment and now having to do some fabricating to my rim because my pops messed it up in a mill this is how you can remove the rear cushion bearing.. now I pulled out the center bushing ripped the rubber on two but I think it was because I didnt have the rim hot enough...
  16. donnelly317

    removing cush bearings in rear hub

    Im getting my new kosman 17" rims anodized and I need to remove all steel.I have to remove the rear rim cush bearing how do I do this? Easiest to cut them out? The rim was originally for shaft drive and the previous owner had it converted for chaindrive. I will not need these seeing how I have a...
  17. srk468

    Rear wheel bearings?

    Does anyone know if I can pull a bearing that I know is good and put into my Kosman wheel? I thought you pretty much destroyed them when you pulled them... My bearing on my Kosman wheel is going south (I knew it was on borrowed time) but I still have my stock wheel and the bearing is good and $$...
  18. N

    rear wheel bearings

    So, I had a little problem on the highway. Bent both rims, but kept the Max upright. Now I've got the wheels straightened but a little "nothchy" on the rear wheel when assembled. I wanna change-out the rear wheel bearings but not seeing how the drive-side bearing is removed. Anybody done...
  19. Rusty McNeil

    Oil pressure, cam bearings??

    It occured to me while taking my engine apart that there are no cam bearings???? Could this be one of the places where oil pressure is lost on higher mileage Maxes that exhibit good rod and journal bearings, i.e. no visible wear???? Also.... I wonder if these engines have places that...
  20. C

    Broken Con rod plane bearings

    My rear engine Con Rod plane bearings was noisy,I suspect was broken.Will effect the others engine parts? What should I service for the whole engine?it's 30K milage. Should I change the Chain shaft as well?