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  1. The Beekeeper

    Gen 1 UFO clear clutch cover

    I purchaced a used engine off a wrecked Max a while ago, it had the UFO clear clutch cover and Barnett clutch assy, I will not be using these parts and am offering up everything for $200 + whatever shipping will be from West Mi, you are welcome to pick up in person if desired, cover is clean and...
  2. rzwanink

    Clear glass headlight

    Hi guys, Does anybody have any clue if there is such a thing? A clear piece of glass for the original headlight?
  3. Falaholic

    Re-clearing the clear coat on scoops

    The clear coat on my vmax scoops are spider webbing, and I wanted to ask the advice of the veterans. I'm thinking of stripping the clear coat using aircraft stripper. My only concern here is if it will discolor the scoops. If so, will a simple buffing restore the color, or am I looking at...
  4. liptoss

    Clear Clutch Cover

    I have a Barnett clutch upgrade installed and I'm wondering if anyone has a line on a clear clutch cover for a Gen 1? Wondering IF UFO is still taking orders for theirs? See it on Exactrep, but that's over seas. Also found one at Hoping to find it in a match to the matte finish of...
  5. ImCannibal

    Clear scoop inserts?

    Does anybody on here know who to ask about getting some scoops inserts made out of 1/4" lexan? I want to turn my scoops into turn signals by using frosted lexan like a fiber optic with led strips in the scoops. I know I remember seeing a thread on it a while ago but the forum search sucks if I'm...
  6. T

    Wiring front LED signals and rear Clear Alternative integrated brake light/signals

    Wired the signals up and they just flash versus individually signal. Any thoughts? Fronts are the basic LEDs and I wired hot to hot, ground to ground and didn't use the blue (running light) and they both flash at the same time regardless of using left or right turn signal switch. Same in...
  7. huskyman510

    clear covers

    Just wondering is there a way of making clear clutch covers etc from my shed, what are the main issues I would be facing since I dont have a machine shop?? Is it a case of carefully cutting out area and fixing a piece of perspex over the top secured with a round plate gasket and screws? Or...
  8. dmax1

    CBR taillight mod. Smoked or clear

    I am contemplating the CBR tail light mod on my 85 max. I was wondering who has this mod on their bike and what color did you use the smoked or clear lens and why. Does the color of your bike make the smoked or clear look better on your bike. :ummm: Mine is red (the faster one :biglaugh: LOL)...
  9. you2low

    Clear clutch covers

    Clear clutch covers ..Finally Installed Covers will be ready this week if anyone is interested:punk:
  10. you2low

    Gen 2 Clear covers and cam covers for sale

    The clear covers are all new the cam covers just a few months old with all the hardware you need to install I got 2 sets of them didnt know which way I wanted to go till I had them in my hand You can get the matching Clear Clutch cover for around $350-$400 from the same person making...
  11. jedi-

    Clear clutch cover

    Here's what our apprentice made for the bike he's rebuilding, did most of it himself too. Should look sweet when it's all bolted up.
  12. SledHead

    Backrest clear coat cracks

    The quote "NOS" backrest that I bought on eBay has the infamous clear coat cracking issue. What is the best way to restore this? What is the best way to remove the old clearcoat? Can I use a rattle can of clearcoat to respray it? Does the rattle can stuff work very well? I will...
  13. lawman504

    Clear coat coming off

    Can anyone tell me an easier way to get clearcoat off of my sissy bar and stock grab handle other than wet sanding? I have literally sanded my fingerprints off of some of my fingers on my right hand doing part some of it. :mad:
  14. H

    Clear hand guards

    I built some hand guards for my bike, since it's been so cold this spring. Found the idea from instructables website and so far they work really well. No more numb fingers @ 1C (34F) outside. They are easy to take off for warmer weather and I don't find them to ugly since there clear. Anyways...
  15. J

    How long to wait to clear coat exhaust after painting?

    I painted the exhaust with VHT 2000 degree paint and bought some VHT header clear coat. I've read for other paint jobs to sand the paint to smooth it then do clear coat. Is the header the same? I'm guessing super fine sand paper to smooth it out then clear coat. Would I just wipe with a...
  16. J

    Too clear coat headers or not?

    I just painted my headers aluminum colored paint. It looks fine, but would be nice if it was smoother. Has anyone painted then added clear coat to give it that finished look? I just painted today so maybe after it cures and I heat it up a few times it will wear smoother with a washing. The...
  17. VmaxingPauly

    CYCLE ONE OFF Clear Engine Covers

    Hey All - Would like to see some pics of your engine both sides please with the black covers if at all possible. I was on the website and just a tad unclear about the black being used. It looks like a matte black - thinking of doing the whole set of 4 and I own a 05 and would like it to match -...
  18. gamorg02

    awesome clear coat

    just wanted to pass this along. i used this stuff on my wife's kia this weekend to do some body work and its amazing. after getting the paint matched from the local paint store we clearcoated it and within a couple hours of buffing it looks better than the factory finish: spraymax 2k clear...
  19. slobmanrf

    Ideas for quick clear coat removal

    Hello Friends,Im wondering if anyone has a faster method than sanding, for removing the factory clear coat from the aluminum on the mighty max?? Thanks for any and all suggestions....Rob
  20. davidon

    Clear cover clean up

    Is there any way to polish up the cover on a clear cover part?? I for some reason sprayed carb cleaner on it to remove some spot that would not come off with normal cleaner and now there is a haze on part of the it:bang head::bang head: