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  1. F

    Official Brown Color

    Was wondering if anyone knew where to find the official brown color of the transmission, clutch, etc covers. I know most aren’t fans but I like being different and have thought about vinyl color matching the brown. Just wanted to know where to find official color of it.
  2. Mr. Max

    Gen 2 original stripes?

    Does Gen 2 have ever had original stripes? I kinda remember, that there was black version with two grey stripes on faux tank, rear fender and might be on front fender too? But I can't find anything to back up my imagination. Possible made atleast to europe. Anyone?
  3. Mad V Max

    color code gen2

    Hi All, Question,. i am looking for the color code of the red gen2 version (2011 model) its a mettallic red one,.but can't find the code anywhere on the web. I have a black one now, but want to repaint the bike to red.
  4. Slamfire

    Upper cylinder color?

    I'm thinking about painting my motor this weekend since its giving rain. The only real bad part is the upper cylinders under the valve covers. They have basicly started turning white from the lack of paint. On a 97 would the upper cylinders be gloss black or flat? Any tips? The motor...
  5. Blacklightning

    Question about a year and color

    I have been looking at 2nd. gen. Vmax for some time now. I have come across a great deal on a 2014 Vmax with less than 4k miles and about 10 months left on the warranty. But the bike is maroon in color. As I understand it, the maroon color was for 2015, and 2014 was a matte grey finish. Is...
  6. caseyjones955

    Winter checklist: Paint prep and color.

    I got Maxine inside and about ready to begin my winter checklist of upgrades. I have the progressive fork springs, seals and oil thanks to Sean for the great videos and parts btw. I hope to have it painted when my new Maxgasser arrives. This is all she needs. Here is the only thing, I'm a...
  7. W

    Is this normal low time stator color?

    Hi all, the PO said that he replaced the stator with a new one about a year before he stopped driving it on my 85 barnfind. Here's what it looks like. Is this discoloration normal for one that is relativity new? What would cause the load that would cause enough heat to discolor the coils like...
  8. M

    Michigan Fall Color and Beauty Tour coming soon...

    Michigan Fall Beauty and Color Tour coming soon... Hey - thought some of you might be interested in joining us (there are at least 3 V4's - 1 V-Max - in the group so far) for a color tour coming - first weekend of October. Here's a link to the post with a video I put together from our last...

    Stock front wheel BLACK color

    Anyone in need of a stock front wheel in black? Late model style with fresh Gloss black powdercoat $175 Old Style with fresh Gloss black Powdercoat $175 Late model style in factory finish $125 Either style media stripped ready for finish,$75 All prices do not include shipping. USA shipping...
  10. Conman

    Vmax Color Question

    Hi, Just wondering if the 2005 red is the same as the 1988-89 red color. I realize one is candy apple red and the other is shift red but I wasn't sure if they just changed the names to account for the flames. I'm only interested in the rear fender so the flames won't matter. Thanks...
  11. D

    exhaust slight purple color

    put on new exhaust and morleys jet kit. The pipes at the rear cylinder are turning a purple color is this ok ? do i need to adjust something?
  12. F

    Color Rite Paint Cross Reference?

    I'm wanting to paint my 86 Max to the 92 Max' Red-E Sparkle color. I ordered the Color Rite top coat #5480-1 plus their clear coat off of for a good price but Color Rite says I need to apply a base after applying primer and before applying the top coat. Color Rite says I need...
  13. jagco1

    Sean paint color

    Is this color purlple - lish blue
  14. VMAX1260

    finaly found the color i was searching for .. what do you think ?

    finaly found a gold paint that looks like anodonized gold Fcr intakes were just the beggining thinking of painting the bike black satin after this color discover lol what do you think ?
  15. Traumahawk

    Swingarm color

    Does anyone know what color is the swing arm....or what a good replacement color would be to paint over some dings?
  16. jagco1

    Vmax gauge color years

    Hi guys what year was the vmax 1st-gen meter/gauge cover year that came on the bike black in color. I need to order a black cover. Man my freaken cat jump down on my back when I had the gauge cover in my hand and drop it on the cement crack it right in the middle. Any 1 no what year the cover...
  17. C

    Air Scoop color

    Trying to decide if I pc my scoops gloss black like everything else, or if I do them chrome silver, or if I get a set of chrome scoops. I am not sure if I like the shine of chrome scoops, but not sure if I would like the all black scoop either. Anyone with pictures? Lee didnt you do your...
  18. mymax04

    oem stly flysceen color change

    Not sure if this is the correct catagory but, heres my idea. oem flyscreen hardware & replace the platic w clear/yellow. I like the yellow thing & kinda have this dream of going back yo the old yamaha yellow/black paint if I ever think of a way to incorporate it on the max. so far I have a...
  19. lawman504

    What color is this?

    I would love to know what color this is. I saw this bike on craigslist and almost bought it when I bought mine but the seller didn't seem interested in my going to look at it. Anyway, I love the color. Anybody have any ideas?
  20. johnpclynch

    color scheme advice sought - 2

    After getting a few ideas from other peoples new paint, I spent a few minutes playing around on the computer. What do ye think I should do? PS: this will be a back yard - rattle can spray job current color scheme new; black with yellow/gold pinstripe