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  1. S

    Cycle one off oil pressure gauge

    Can anybody tell me if COO's gauge fitting (not the adaptors down on bottom of the motor) is a 1/8 NPT?
  2. Fire-medic

    Building a Motor Cycle in the early 1900's

    Watch this film of a Rover Imperial being built. It starts with the foundry work, shows time-lapse assembly of the engine and then the "motor cycle," and finally some road time by what I assume to be factory test riders. The engine footage is very interesting, casting the cores, where the...
  3. D

    Roadster Cycle

    Just came across this: Any experience of thoughts? Nick
  4. tinman22

    Cycle one off?

    Does anybody know how to reach these guys? I ordered from them on the 3rd and all I got was a paypal debit for $37.50. I tried email but got nothing then I tried calling and got a fax line. I guess this is part of the change to vmax shop .com?
  5. E

    Cycle shop forgot the exhaust...

    My dad has a 97 vmax and took it in to get new tires and a tune up. The shop is about 15 miles from his house... he went to pick it up and rode it home and realized something wasn't right on the engine. Took it back and the tech said he forgot to put the exhaust back on and now the...
  6. marsmax85

    twiggs cycle bike night

    Anybody interested in going Twiggs cycles in Hagerstown Md is having their first of the season May 7th 6 to 8 pm Calendar girls and free food from TILTED KILT with some of their girls will be there .
  7. vmax2extreme

    Twiggs Cycle Bike Night Aug 7 Twiggs cycle is having their August Bike Night on Thursday Aug 7 from 6pm – 8pm. Anyone game to head out there?
  8. Cycle One-off

    Cycle One-off

    Just a heads up. I'm wrapping up a couple big jobs for a some very patient guys right now. I really can't take on anything more at this point so if you order with me it will be a couple weeks if its not in stock. Please email at [email protected] and PM here to get lead times. If you have a...
  9. D

    Cycle One - Off Still in Business???

    I was wondering if anyone had any recent purchases with Cycle One Off?? The reason I am asking is that I ordered some parts from them a week and a half and have received no e-mails about my order. I sent them 2 more additional e-mails to make sure that they got my order and again no reply. I...
  10. dannymax

    Cycle One Off order

    I ordered a rear brake stay from Tom, either Saturday night or Sunday morning (don't remember which) and it was in my mailbox at 11:00 this morning. Involved custom printing too! "V-Max 1260" Nice job Tom....thanks! :worthy:
  11. henrysgmc

    Beware of VooDoo Cycle Parts

    I am a long time customer of UFO cycles and I asked Mike Lees about this company VooDoo who looks to be a copy of Jons work. This was his response: Henry This dirtbag tried to copy our stuff when jon passed away. He makes absolutely nothing, no matter what he says all his junk is made in...
  12. rusty

    New from cycle one off

    Just got these new black frame sliders/hwy bars in the mail today.Great quality,made in the USA. $95.00 from cycle one off--->
  13. shicks16

    For sale: cycle one off pressure gauge / Raptor shift light

    Well I need to fund more mods on the bike and since I am switching to a koso gauge I figured this isn't needed anymore, it's a cycle one off setup that includes a oil pressure gauge painted red with a red line (there is some scratches in the paint) a red raptor shift light and a custom bracket...
  14. timscues

    Internationl motor cycle show discount

    Here is a added discount code for some of the Progressive Motorcycle Shows, Use code ABATE Or ALLSTATERIDERS to get tickets for $11 each
  15. hijacker

    Cycle One-Off... Good? Bad?

    Hey guys, trying to get an idea of how Cycle One-Off is as a company, customer service, etc. Ordered a shift-light from them on 12/17/2012, they received the payment, I have an order confirmation. But have never received the shift light. They won't respond to emails and never answer the...
  16. VmaxingPauly

    CYCLE ONE OFF Clear Engine Covers

    Hey All - Would like to see some pics of your engine both sides please with the black covers if at all possible. I was on the website and just a tad unclear about the black being used. It looks like a matte black - thinking of doing the whole set of 4 and I own a 05 and would like it to match -...
  17. Fire-medic

    Cycle Gear-BILT-brand bike cover

    I bought a BILT large-size waterproof bike cover for my VMax, they are on-sale now for $50. I have a Dowco for my FZR1000 and the style and material look to be very smilar between them. Both are vented at the left-front by a triangle of flexible, stiff plastic covering an opening. Both have an...
  18. C

    Cycle One Off Spin on Oil Filter Adapter

    Brand new never put on just bought for $100 from cycle one off will take $75 plus shipping, call or text 207 624 one four three five.
  19. T

    R1 front end with cycle one off tripple tree

    I just picked up this 2007 R1 complete front end as well as a cycle one off tripple tree for usd forks. I'm excited to install, which doesn't seem to be very much trouble, but does anybody know what type of timeframe I'm looking at? 8 hours expectancy overkill? 4 hours? Thanks!
  20. T

    Cycle one off rim instalation

    So, I got one of the cycle one off 17" rear wheels and notched/braced swingarms. The website says to have a certified yamaha mechanic install it, is that truly neccessary or is that just verbiage to cover himself from people screwing it up themselves?