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  1. child_of_fire

    Deer + V-max = destruction

    Took a spill on the Vmax Gen 1 the other night with the girl. Deer ran into the roadway and Ka_Blam-o.... ruined my weekend, sent us to the hospital, and caused a $3500 collision.. 2006 with only 6k miles on it. Will most likely sell. But the insurance is saying its repairable at this time...
  2. Lotsokids

    Safety Message - Deer

    For you that are still riding through the winter, just a note for you to beware of deer (at all times of the year). There have many deer and foxes run across the road near me recently. If you hit one while riding, that will mess you up. Don't push it with your speed, especially during dark...
  3. dannymax

    Deer Hunting Question

    Deer Hunting Question Looking forward to hunting season, but I do have a question. If I shoot a buck, but I only have a doe-tag, can I claim that the buck wasn’t really a buck? I mean ... maybe he’d always wanted to be a doe, but with no choice of his own, he was born with the...
  4. frank5079

    Had to dispatch a deer last night...

    My wife hit a young buck with her van last night, down a lonely country road, on the way home. The collision not only broke her right headlight assembly and bent up her hood, but it also broke his right antler, blinded him in his right eye and broke his right foreleg. He kept on flopping several...
  5. frank5079

    Deer scare me....

    Every time I ride to work in the morning, I'm really leery about hitting a deer...even more so now after watching this You Tube video.
  6. VMax-Mike

    bike hits deer
  7. ridinnoshiftin

    Deer vs. Motorcyclist

    Probably our second biggest fear of riding is wildlife. This guy captures his brush with nature on cam. Todd
  8. M

    VMAX Vs. Deer

    This last week I was riding to work at about 4:45 AM when I came across every motorcyclist's nightmare.. A fucking deer. I made it through with some road rash and a torn ancle but the bike needs some help! Does anyone have a front fender and fender mount, engine guards and the blinker/horn...
  9. vmax_nc

    Supermoto ver Deer

    This is why I wear LEATHER. Crash is at the 7.3 mark. Dammit Boy, I felt bad for this guy.!
  10. CaptainKyle

    Deer License

    DEER HUNTING LICENSE SALES A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion: There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin. Allow me to restate that number. Over the last several months, Wisconsin's...
  11. 2fear

    Youth deer hunt in Michigan...

    I had a great time this weekend with my son Alex, we spent the weekend up at my father in laws place for this weekends youth deer hunt. After letting a deer go by Saturday morning because he wasn't comfortable with the shot presented, he got to fill his tag Saturday evening, he bagged a nice...
  12. Rusty McNeil

    Daughters pet deer....

    My Daughter sent me this picture yesterday. My first thought was "oh shit, not another animal" She collects Animals like I wish I could collect Vmaxes, has 2 rescue dogs 3 cats, 2 snakes, and 2 rats, and can't pass a sick animal on the road without taking action...And volunteers with the...
  13. 2fear

    Michigan deer hunting....

    November 15 is opening day of firearm deer season in Michigan and I'm excited and ready hunt! I have 2 buck tags and 2 doe tags and my hunting partner has the same, we just need the deer to make a showing and it's on. I have the whole 2 weeks of firearm season off from work, finishing up this...
  14. thedarkhelmut

    deer + rain = not so good for forks

    Ok so the main reason for this post.. I need to replace my chrome fork uppers. I am riding a 93. i believe that i also may need to replace my triple as its now torque. for the reasoning... Went on a ride this weekend, While on my way home from this weekend ride, I was going through the...
  15. kaboom

    Deer Hunter

    I used to have a game years ago called Deer Hunter...... The box and the game cd were fluorescent orange..... I'm talking 10 years ago......and the original one..... Does anybody have it?????:confused2: Just a shot in the dark...... It was the only Deer Hunter game I could...
  16. Vendetta

    Vmax vs. deer

    I hit a deer on my max early saturday morning. I got life-flighted to Casper (happened in Gillette). Broke my jaw, small bruise on my brain, tons of road rash and bruises. For the most part doing good though. The bike came out good, still rideable. No pics yet.
  17. Bill Kratzenberg

    The ultimate deer stand

    Check out this deer stand... No more cramped legs here;)
  18. Neil-3446

    Deer Jumps Over Biker - Close Call

    Made my skin crawl to watch it. Dude that the deer crossed in front of didn't even see it until it was by him. :cheers: Neil
  19. mabchewy

    deer on rail car

    Don't know how this happened?