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  1. texas-ss-tornado

    WTB 1st gen faux tank cover in black

    Looking for a 1st gen faux tank cover in GLOSS BLACK! Must be in great condition, no dents, dings or major scratches! :punk:

    97 vmax top cover / faux gas tank correct emblem size ??

    My vmax came without tank emblems and i want to order the correct original size 30-40 mm ? 30mm seems too small 40mm is the better of whats offered 30-55 mm.
  3. vmax2extreme

    GEN1 - NIB Faux Tank -SOLD-

    I have a New In Box '99 - '01 Carbon Fiber Faux Tank available. THIS WILL FIT ON ALL GEN1 Vmax's! Make me a reasonable offer...
  4. minicopilot

    Gen 1 Faux tank, front and rear fenders. New OEM parts. -SOLD-

    Ordered from Yamaha. Never used. In new condition. Aside from a bit of peeling of the tank stripe decal, these are mint. $300 plus shipping Text or call for pictures or questions. Thanks 978-996-4417
  5. vmax2extreme


    I have NIB Yamaha OEM FAUX TANK Cover for '99-'02 (carbon fiber) Part Number: Yamaha 3LR-2171A-00-00 $300 (retail $450)
  6. C

    Looking for rear/front fender + faux tank on a budget

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a front fender, rear fender, and tank cover. Condition and color is of no concern, bumps scrapes scratches and dents are "A-OK" :thumbs up: I don't need the rear inner fender, just the bare rear fender. Looking for some El cheapo's to practice a paint job on...
  7. D

    Faux tank latch bracket

    I'm looking for the little bracket that bolts to the under side of the faux tank. The one that the latch on the coolant tank/fuel pump bracket grabs.
  8. A

    Faux tank cover

    I'm trying to find a 03-04 faux tank cover. A matte black with the silver stripes, mint condition. Also possibly a complete set , fenders and cover from a 05 or o6
  9. CaptainKyle

    Chrome side covers, TCI, Faux cover

    Please email not pm [email protected] Chrome side covers good rider quality they look better in person than in the pictures. They are not show quality but look good when mounted. $ 90.00 plus shipping & paypal fees. 90 & up TCI taken off a bike with 3,000 miles $ 115.00 shipped in the lower...
  10. D

    Faux Tank to aux tank mod

    So I think I might try this as an option. I believe it's an FZ1 tank that's been cut up more than a little bit. I have a spare faux tank cover, and I'm thinking that I might have a local shop cut the bottom out of an FZ1 tank (which they have) and welding it to my extra faux tank. This would...
  11. gentsvmax

    Faux Tank Drag Bar Protection

    I didn't know that my Drag bars were low enough to let the throttle cables hit the faux tank at full right turn before the factory stop limits the handle bar travel, left side switch housing also hit. So here's the fix. 1/4-20 stainless allen set screws and loctite, an adjustable remedy for that...
  12. wildweasel_pt

    What to do with a vmax faux tank cover???

    How about this for using an old vmax faux tank?? LOL
  13. maxrom

    18 minutes of faux tank

  14. D

    Faux Tank Fabrication

    I've never fabricated a thing in my life unless you count paper airplanes. I'm interested in finding a way to make a faux tank like in this picture: I've contacted the site and they no longer make/sell them. Any advise/tips on how a rooky like myself would get started? Are there...
  15. bud7680

    faux cover

    Yamaha VMax Aftermarket Tank Cover Anybody have this faux tank cover? Curios ... It would really be cool if it was made to be a real tank that held fuel!!
  16. B

    Circle in faux tank

    I have an extra fae/faux tank cover with a circle cut into it.Anybody know why someone would have this done?
  17. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Fishing for a Faux Trade

    Just throwing it out to see if theres any interest at all...... I have an '06 that has 5K miles on it. Stock paint scheme. Black with shift red flames. I'd give it a 9 out of 10 as far as stock paint goes. Great shape Curious if anyone would be interested in a straight up trade for your...
  18. flatslide

    Faux gas tank

    What does the market look like to pick up one of these top tanks? I'm contemplating a project, so owning a second faux tank will allow me to ride while getting the tank modded. The tank that I'd like to buy or trade for is black, and in excellent shape both inside and out. Let me know what's...
  19. Rusty McNeil

    Sport bike style faux tank cover???

    Sport bike style faux tank cover??? I know I've seen one of these on an AMERICAN site somewhere over the years, now I can't find it.. I've checked al the usual suspects like cycle one off, motoboutique, wild brothers etc...can't seem to find it now,.....???? does anyone remember seeing...
  20. ghostntheshell

    Looking for faux velocity stacks..

    Anyone know of any dealers selling them besides exactrap? ________ Opel Zafira