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  1. GothamNY

    Gen 2 - Will stock rear tire fit on the front w/ tree mod?

    I am looking to widen my front tire to match my 240 rear tire. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. K

    Looking for grab bar that will fit 1985

    Sorry if not allowed to post things you are looking for! Was not sure. Looking for one of these to replace sissy bar on my 1985:
  3. B

    Digisync headlight smart switch won't fit

    I bought a smart switch and hooked it all up, with the relay in the headlight bucket, I can't get the headlight back in. The wires between the switch and headlight are short and I can't move it around very much to get clearance. Anyone have the smart switch? How did you make it fit? Is there a...
  4. B

    A/F mix screw stuck. Will a 1300 Venture carb fit?

    I've been reading and trying to get the A/F mixture screw out of the right rear carb. Can't get it out. My question is this: can I buy a 34mm carb from a 1300 Venture, dusassemble both carbs, swap the jets and replace just one carb?
  5. frank5079

    VW Jetta driver suffers a road rage fit....

    after being passed by a lane splitting biker and ends up losing control of his car....
  6. W

    how to fit 2000 R1 forks to vmax,i

    hi brothers, i just got a set of r1 forks from a 2000 model,i have got a set of yokes machined up ,is there any pitfalls to fitting them with original wheel and i also have a set of blue spots,im going to rebuild this fronend to have it a bolt on bolt off,was going to fit new mastercylinders...
  7. T

    Will this 2 pin flasher relay fit the Max for slowing down LED flash rate? Is the pin configuration correct for the Max?
  8. Maxorel

    FZ1 front calipers- silver dot, will they fit a 2002?

    I searched- assuming I'm dumb, I did not find a relative thread comparing FZ1 silver dot calipers to early R1 calipers. Anyone use the FZ calipers up FRONT on a 93^ Max? I have a 2002 and found a set of super clean and super cheap silver dots I want to get- but are the mounting holes the...
  9. T

    Will these fit? Progressive 440 off of a Vrod. If so, what price point would you start negotiation?
  10. J

    Bar end mirrors don't fit

    Saw a thread somewhere recently (cannot find it again of course) where bar end mirrors were discussed. Someone had suggested the Yanashiki mirrors, but I just got mine in and they aren't compatible in any way shape or form. The mount does not meet up to the bar end at all and the bolt is far...
  11. supervetteracer

    Do any WIDER bars fit my stock cables?

    Let's face reality here, the VMAX is not exactly good at turning. And the bars are so close together that they just don't feel right. Are there any bars available that are wider but don't require me to change cables and hoses?:ummm:
  12. R

    will a gen2 motor fit?

    I apologize in advance if this has been covered before But, will a gen2 motor fit in a gen1 frame? Has anyone done this?
  13. A

    CARROZZERIA, shinko 200 verge, will it fit?

    I'm buying Garrett's bike which has a Morley notched and braced swing arm. Will the Shinko verge 200 on CARROZZERIA 18" wheel fit? Any special procedures required?
  14. P

    does bug guard fit older forks?

    Hi! I have -00 Vmax without the bug guard at the forks. Do these bug guards fit the -00 forks? If i'm unclear then the question is if part nr 42 will fit -00 forks. Does these actually benefit in any way or...
  15. putin

    will this fullfairing windshield fit vmax?

    Trying to find full fairing windshield for max. will this fit it . I want to attach it to the forks.
  16. M

    1985 rear wheel fit a 2002

    Hi, Need a quick answer,buddy of mine is breaking up a 1985 Max,will the rear wheel Fit my 2002?,if it does I want to send it of and be converted to 18".
  17. Fire-medic

    where do these fit?

    Anyone know about these? I am not sure where they fit. They are 1/16" stainless steel. They could use cleaning/polishing. Thanks.
  18. Biker Dash

    Will the 2nd Gen throttlebodies fit?

    Ok, I looked on the Neilsen's parts fiche, and it appears that he throttle bodies on the 2nd Gen Max are set up similarly to the carbs on the 1st gen bikes. Makes me wonder if it would be possible to adapt them to the 1st Gen bike?
  19. P

    would it be possible to fit wider tires like hd 48 to vmax?

    Hi, would it be possible to fit tires that look like harley davidson forty eight to vmax to some custom rims? would it even be look good? has someone tried and got pics? :)
  20. marsmax85

    98 R1 caliper fit 85 max

    any feedback much appreciate The caliper off 98 r 1 blue dot