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  1. Shuriken

    85 float bowl gasket parts source?

    Hello everyone, I haven't rebuilt the carbs on my 85 for ... I'm guessing 8 years. Bike has been so good to me I haven't had to do much of anything. However, it's now showing signs of fuel varnish as I haven't been able to ride it enough. Rather than the shotgun fix, I figured I'd tear...
  2. 1FK00

    Another reason to chip off California an let it float out to sea

    No offense to those who live there, but your government both sucks AND blows. http://www.startribune.com/california-governor-signs-stringent-gun-bills-vetoes-others/385232961/
  3. dannymax

    Float needle valves for sale

    We have a large supply of float needle valves for sale......$9 each shipped to CONUS.
  4. tinman22

    Float bowl vent lines

    I've been unable to find a picture or diagram of where the float bowl vent lines go. Any help would be great .
  5. V

    Carb flooding - not float related

    Got fuel spewing from the main jet on one of my carbs. Pulled the carb apart and needle seat and float clean and working well. I'm going to do a complete rebuild and assume the issue is the o-ring under the jet block. Are there any other common source of problems I should be looking for? Thanks...
  6. Hellboy

    float needle housing replacement

    Hi Guys, I've removed my carbs and rebuilding and cleaning. In my rebuild kit, the float needle comes with a new brass housing as well but I don't see how to get the old one out??? It looks like it pushes down in from the top but it is capped off. Should I remove and replace or just use the...
  7. S

    Float needles

    Hi guys, if the float needle ( float stop, no sure the name, but the little piece that is attached to the float for setting fuel level)...... Anyway, if they are worn , will they allow a little fuel past which might cause a small backfire when you turn the ignition on?:ummm:
  8. O

    wet float vs dry float levels

    I've noticed that setting my dry float with the 1.125" gap does not result in a 17mm wet float level. Any reason this would happen other than a bad caliper? I assume I should adjust based on wet float measurements rather than dry?
  9. oz1961

    Float level adjust for the first time. looking for advice

    Hi, I have decided to take my 1982 Vmax off the road for a month to do a lot of little stuff to it. My main concern that I have is setting my float levels. The bike was in storage for years unrun before I got it, and although its going great, there is something not quiet right in the carby...
  10. 94 V-Max Rider

    Float Seat Installation

    Well, I had a leaking number three carburetor. I bought the float needle and seat. I removed the float seat per the instructions found here: http://www.vmaxforum.net/showpost.php?p=209252&postcount=6. I went to install the new float seat and discovered it's gonna need some force to install...
  11. K

    Another leaky Carb. (Float not sticking)

    Ok, I have been searching and searching. Everyone keeps saying for gas to come out of the top vent tube is a stuck float. I have pulled the rack and cleaned them, twice. I have also switches the float valve with the one next door and it's still leaking. Could the float itself not be floating...
  12. H

    Wet float level bouncing!

    The link below is a video of cyl 1 & 4 bouncing up and down and the bike is off. I do have to raise the float level on those 2 carbs. Just wondering why they bounce? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=URf9HlaAnto :ummm:
  13. jwood

    Stage 7 Float Bowl Vacuum Hoses

    I am getting mixed answers to this question, can anyone here give their view :bang head: Stage 7 with Pods what do you do with the float bowl vent lines??? Some say remove the hoses from the carbs. some say you need to keep them connected to the carbs and allow the hoses to lay in the...
  14. tothemax93

    Float level twilight zone

    In the process of tuning my muscle kit. I Want to start out from square one,so the first step was to check and set the floats. Took the carbs apart and set the dry float height as per the sticky in the carb section, shooting for 17mm wet height, then installed the rest of the muscle kit. I put...
  15. tothemax93

    float heights

    I'm preparing to do my muscle jet kit and I wanted a good base line. I've been checking over everything and I decided to check float levels. 2 were right on at 17 mm. One was above the 15mm mark and one was a considerably below the 17mm mark. Quite a bit off. The plugs were not showing horribly...
  16. 4

    Wet float level check, how long of hose?

    About to do it, wanted to know how long is enough? The sticky isn't specific so do I need 6 to 12 inches (that's what she said)? Any help is appreciated.
  17. motomick76

    Float Adjustment

    I am just checking adjustments on carb, and checking float levels. I have searched the carb threads for a while and could not find the answer. I want to check float levels without removing them. Is the line on the diaphragm side the same as on the float side height for float level? I...
  18. J

    how to measure wet float height

    2001 vmax how to measure float height.
  19. midmoraider

    Float sticking sporadically

    Hey all, one of my floats is sticking every now and then. Just started recently when I turn the key on and everything is cycling, the fuel pump will just keep on running. I will turn it off and tap each carb til it stops. It will also cure itself if I get it out and really crank through the...
  20. D

    Float level problems

    Hey guys, heres the issue. I've read the service manual, read every thread, sticky, and answers on here. I tried setting the levels with the dry measurements of 1.115 and 1.125 with the carbs upside down on level surface but the wet readings were showing too lean. I was getting low wet readings...