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  1. effingidiot

    a bit of fun
  2. FLA-Vmax

    Just an update on some fun races

    Hey everyone, I don't post here often but thought this was worth posting for those speed freaks and hooligans like me. I live in Vero Beach, FL and recently met with a friend who was dying to see my black 2018 VMax ( Voodoo pipes w/ no tune yet). I rode with him and his friend so it was my...
  3. Foxviewnet

    Looks Fun!

    Saw this on CL this morning. Thought that I would share it. Happy New Year
  4. you2low

    Some fun on my Gen2 today VA motorsprts park

    265 lbs suited up. 2010 Vmax
  5. texas-ss-tornado

    2nd Gen fun in the mountains

    Just got back from 5 days in the Tennessee/North Carolina mountains with the guys from the Honda V4 forum, this was the 14th year running, my 3rd in a row. I can't stress how nice this area of the country is for riding, every year we hit a new spot, the roads are just unreal. Had some VERY...
  6. S

    Let the fun begin..

    Awesome black goodness..
  7. rusty

    no more fun of any kind angry:
  8. caseyjones955

    Fun Tip: Stupid trim push clips in scoops.

    This is RE those stupid push clips that hold the grills in the radiator shrouds and rubber trim pieces on the scoops over the carbs. They are just like Jesus clips but the ring is solid making them even more fun to work with. I recently painted my bike which included the radiator shrouds and...
  9. caseyjones955

    Light hearted fun with Trump

    This is fucking GOLD you guys:eusa_dance: How has nobody mentioned any of this? We have reached the pinnacle of absurdity and I can only find joy in it. I cant even be angry about this stuff anymore. I'm excited to see whats next! Arent you just a little bit curious? I mean this guy can lock...
  10. VMax-Mike

    fun to watch
  11. A

    Winter fun in Finland

    Well winter suck in here, but some times we also can ride here:eusa_dance: Finns vs. Swedes ice race was cancelled cause too much water top of ice... Sea ice sucks big time. Wasnt first time, so had to go tire test track :rofl_200: Track is short about 300 meters long...
  12. J

    hd oiler fun

    John blaid was not kidding when he described the difficulty in the install of the new pump gear. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being most difficult, I rate it nearly impossible and bring a magician. This of course is with the engine still in the bike. Dropped the washer for the new gear by the snap...
  13. blaxmax

    A fun story-3 months after purchase and it is finished #262

    One of the oldest surviving vmax's with only 11,000+ miles on it. I bought this {traded a buell and got cash} back in october 2014 and rode it home only stopping twice for overheating and once for gas. {It was 110 degrees that day in palm springs}. The first day i painted it flat black and...
  14. VMax-Mike

    winter fun

    cheers everybody. I got through my mri and im ready for my shots. :rofl_200: and i have a date set for the doc to give me injection. This year i will be riding at tracks. road course dragstrip and maybe the mile. If anyone wants to do this let me know. I m not trying to be the fastest i just...
  15. SpecOps13

    Fun Part of My Work

    This is one place you wouldn't want to even think about commiting a crime....
  16. KJShover

    Would be fun to play with.

    Up here this puppy would be quite useful.
  17. tothemax93

    Not a fun night at work This is the company I work for. I didn't get on camera because I was under the bridge, but all the guys you see are who I work with every day. Nobody got hurt, just one car got there windshield smashed.
  18. Fire-medic

    hunt Everglades pythons for fun & profit!

    "I am not making this up!"-Dave Barry's famous quote after writing about the weird happenings in Florida.
  19. srk468

    Having some fun today :-)

    Never tried posting a video from my phone here before, hope this works... Sent from my HTC Rezound using Tapatalk 2
  20. M

    Fun at bike cruise ins...

    This spring I finally bought the bike I have been wanting the last 20 years for (a Vmax, no surprise there). Conveniently, a local town has started having a monthly bike night where they encourage people to ride their bikes in, have a blocked off area for the bikes and have a bunch of vendors...