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  1. blaxmax

    2002 Vmax -how do you think this happened?

  2. D-Max2012

    This happened to someone recently

    Just got stuck at the Job, trying to come home.. Started her up and heard the pump clicking longer than normal. Got about 1/4 mile and she died out.. 78 Miles on the tripometer after filling her up a few days ago.. I'm only 6.5 miles from the job. I figured I can fill her up when I get home...
  3. dannymax

    Bet the CIA wishes this never happened!

    Oops! :doh: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/cia-left-explosive-material-on-loudoun-school-bus-after-training-exercise/ar-BBrcmpJ?li=BBnb7Kz
  4. SpecOps13

    What Really Happened in Vietnam

    http://www.prageruniversity.com/History/The-Truth-about-the-Vietnam-War.html Over 55,000 American Lives Wasted, Actually over 58,000 Over 211,000 Dead and Wounded... Now it's happening again in Iraq and Afghanistan, Thanks Democrats... Dave
  5. Fire-medic

    What could have happened under 'stand your ground?'

    What would you do? You awaken at 2:30 AM to find 7 people in your bedroom where you are sleeping with several of your young children. http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/08/17/4294868/ray-allen-attorney-police-characterization.html Do you: offer to cook them breakfast offer to share your...
  6. dmax1

    What Happened to my post??????????????

    Posted about my V boost motor not working and now can not find it.:ummm: Should the V boost motor when cycled with the key cause the V boost to open fully and then close. I ask this because mine does not. Is this a bad motor or is there something else I should look for.:confused2:
  7. M

    What happened to us?

    I apologize if this has been posted before. From a small town, MI newspaper.
  8. you2low

    Where was the BIG mouth Obama when this happened?

    Talk about hate crimes :damn angry: I had to research this after Heard about it today I never seen it on the news or all over TV I wonder why?:damn angry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlGMHzxhy9Q
  9. Fire-medic

    OMG! What's happened to S.F.?

    What a play by Giccobe Jones! It may not be over but S.F. has a long way back. Those guys from "The U" are making a difference in this game. Who was in the coin toss? Ray Lewis & Frank Gore-"The U!" Ray Lewis sacked the Q.B. to end the half w/a field goal for S.F. Ed Reed has had some good...
  10. Diablotin

    OMG what happened to that v-max ?

  11. woodsman30

    WOW not sure what happened

    Been a while since I have been here or riding for that matter :bang head: work has been crazy but what can you do . Miss reading all the info and making plans for the winter mods Sean I have not forgot about you I will be ordering soon. my riding season is all but over for me :damn angry...
  12. ColoNat

    what happened to 4th gear?

    according to my shifter/transmission, 4th gear no longer exists... 1,2,3 all ok, try 4th - no one home, then up to 5th... no problem. anyone find my 4th gear laying around their garage? or maybe someone would have a suggestion of how to fix this? that might work, too :rofl_200:
  13. Bill Kratzenberg

    what happened to my stator?

    Recently my bike has been stalling out at idle when it was hot, then my new pc680 battery would not turn over to restart the motor. so i checked the volts on the battery and it was under 12. charged the battery, started the bike and checked the volts again while running and i was still high 11's...
  14. Bill Kratzenberg

    It happened...

    Took a ride today and toward the end i got on the throttle pretty hard like i normally do. hit 2nd gear and it popped out on me :bang head: So i let up on the throttle and up shifted a few gears, and everything else seems fine. So my question is: Now that it happened once, will it happen...
  15. vmax626

    what happened to chat nite ?

    I seem to have noticed that nobody cares about chat nite. I used to enjoy talking to everyone and then, NADA ?:ummm: QUE PASO MAN ?:confused2: <<Dave>>:punk:
  16. kaboom

    What Happened????

    Am I just an idiot.....or is there a whole category missing from the forum???:confused2:
  17. Legion

    What just happened to my sparkplug wire?

    Hey Guys, I was changing my plugs the other day and am not sure what happened. I pulled the wire off of the right rear plug and went to push it up and out of the way so I could screw out the plug when the wire just fell out into my hands. I started to freak out, but just finished the job and...
  18. B

    God knows what happened...

    just thought that i would post some pics. of my friend's wreck last year. We were riding down the "silver strand" that connects coronado to imperial beach california. I was in my jeep liberty, and he was riding next to me asking if i wanted to go to REI to get supplies for sere school. All of...
  19. KRL0215

    Well guys, it finally happened

    I traded in my vmax Well I finally traded in the Vmax for a new bike. I loved the Max but Ive been itching for a true sportbike. Ive never owned one really (the Katana is a tourer) Ive been lusting over R6's for years and I just want something that is light and nimble. This should do the...