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  1. Bill Seward

    Solid State Hard Drive

    I just cloned my 500gb standard spinning disk hard drive to a 240gb Solid State Drive. The cloning took about 90 minutes, and another 10 minutes to swap the drives. Windows 7 previously took about 5 minutes to completely boot from off. The machine now takes about 35 seconds. Programs open...
  2. Lotsokids

    Life's Hard Sometimes

    Tough days. I will NEVER say that my trials are more than anyone else's here. I know some of y'all have endured divorce, loss of job, etc. I heard a preacher once say about someone enduring difficulty, to be careful not to criticize, because one day the Devil might find YOUR address. I've...
  3. F

    '89 Vmax for sale w/ many extra hard parts, South Texas, $4,800 OBO (was mine)

    Believe the current owner is more of a GoldWing man, as he has his eye on two of them! Sold this bike to him a few months back, told him I'd post it up to help him sell it. Currently has an early-model front wheel and late-model rear wheel, both painted graphite or black, with new Shenko tires...
  4. SpecOps13

    A Hard Rain is Coming to a World Near Us

    A Hard Rain Is Going to Fall September 28, 2016 9:46 am victorhanson World events seem relatively calm, but repeated appeasement has built up pressure across the globe, and someone has to be there when crisis erupts. By Victor Davis Hanson // National Review This summer, President...
  5. twistedmax


    FOR SALE TO HIGHEST BIDDER.only on a couple FB Vmax groups and here Up for bid via silent auction ( pm me your BEST offer) A set of Gen II factory hardbags with all mounting hardware , this will include expandable factory tail pack. As you know these are no longer available ANYWHERE...
  6. U

    Hard bags for 2009

    I'm looking to buy the factory hard bags for my 2009. Can't find them at Yamaha. Anyone know where I can find them or have any to sell? Thanks, Steve
  7. Fire-medic

    Life has consequences, she learned the hard way"it's not about me"

    Someone needs an attitude adjustment to make it in the workday world. http://nypost.com/2016/02/24/yelp-was-right-to-fire-the-entitled-millennial-who-whined-about-her-salary-online/ Memo to Millennials: Corporate America doesn’t want to have a “dialogue” about your “concerns.” Being an...
  8. M

    Fatmax removable hard bag brackets for sale

    I have these extra brackets for sale. Someone could make there own removable hard bags with these brackets. One bracket is bent but can be straightened in a vise easily. $150 plus shipping. I live in Stafford Virginia
  9. M

    Fatmax removable hard bags for sale -SOLD-

    Not using these and could use the funds for my Vmax build. They are in good condition with some scrapes but not broken. These bags come with the liners. Almost $750 plus shipping new. Brackets will obviously be removed from the bike. Missing one little plastic sleeve that should be an easy and...
  10. B

    Picked up an 03 Nostalgia So hard

    Hello All! First post! I picked up this 03 V-max to go though and re sell. It has 3800 original miles and it shows. The P/o Passed away and it was sitting a few years. I got an absolute steal on it so I couldn't pass it up. The carbs are currently sitting on my bench in the middle of a rebuild...
  11. M

    hard starting after riding

    i took my 91 out today.it started fine.after ten minutes of riding i stopped for gas and it cranked over real slow,then got home about 15 minutes later shut it off and tried restarting it and it spun over real hard for about four seconds and battery was like it was dead.its a new battery and...
  12. vmax1968

    Bike hard to start when hot

    Hey guys, I noticed something weird happening with my bike. Bike starts perfectly fine when cold. After riding for a while (over 30 minutes) if I turn it off and try to turn it on immediately or within 1 to 2 minutes the bike will have a hard time starting like if the battery was dying. If I...
  13. Tommygun4u

    Help! Put in clutch now rock hard lever

    If someone can, please help me. I followed all the directions and bike starts in neutral but I can pull in clutch to try gears. Anyone know why? Thank you
  14. V

    Looking hard at gen2,some questions

    After 10 years w beloved Gen1,am thinking of gen2..I'm aware of external mods for it,but was wondering if anyone has made/tried,cams,pistons,head mods etc? I suspect with the right mods this bike should be in the 220-240rwhp league according to cc to hp ration of big sport bike,adventure bike...
  15. donnelly317

    Givi hard bags on vmax?

    Does anyone know of a mounting system for givi hard bags for the VMAX? mainly just side cases. I found this website and emailed the guy because he makes adapter brackets. But nothing looks updated on the website so im not sure if he still does it plus shipping across the pond sucks...
  16. G

    Hard start with cop kit

    I just installed Gannon's cop kit. When I was done bike wasn't starting so I went back through and checked and rechecked all connections. I got it started and it runs great once running but hard to start every time. Bike. Has always started very quickly before. No issues with anything I was just...
  17. Slamfire

    97 max hard on fuel

    Hi Guys, I picked up a 1997 Vmax over christmas. Very fun to ride but hard on fuel. I see the fuel light at 119km It is running very rich. In the morning when I try to start, I apply the choke and it fires once then just cranks. I have to give it alittle throttle then she idles fine. I also...
  18. jwood

    Hard Cold Starting with Carb Farts!

    I have been having a new issue that just started this riding season, when the bike is warm/hot no problems starting, when the bike is COLD from sitting a few hours to overnight, I put the choke on and my Odyssey battery turns the engine over at a great pace! the carbs (not sure which one(s)...
  19. slowpoke

    01 VERY hard start issue

    little background, brother in law bought his 01 vmax last year and it had ran like dog piss ever since I first test rode it. ( after he bought it of course) well early winter he took it in to have the carbs gone through and the guy found that the jets were in backwards? well anyway he rode it up...
  20. AdieP

    Has anyone hard tailed a v-max as a kit?

    Hi I am in Australia and the design regs over here are killing me... Amongst some other more decorative mods i am after doing, (and i know this will wind some of you right up) is a hard tail. Apparently this is frowned upon by the licensing authorities over here due to the size and weight of the...