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  1. rebeltaz83

    Hell's angels

    Anybody ever ride with members of the hell's angels?? My wife was getting her eye brow pierced, and she got chatting with the lady doing it and come to find out she rides with the hell's angels. She invited us to go riding with them.......... I kinda laughed and said we don't ride Harleys. Last...
  2. 2

    Bleeding hell!

    Hi everyone! Thought I would share a Vmax story with you. I live in Chicago, Plainfield actually. I was working on my Jeep last Sunday and I brought the Max out to sun in the driveway. Anyway, i finished with the Jeep and decided to take the bike out for a 15 mile run for a burger and...
  3. Bill Seward

    Rot In Hell, Charlie!

    Finally. This dirtbag should have been gassed 40 years ago. Charlie Manson was an insult to human decency, and the world is a better place with him gone. Hopefully "Natural Causes" caused him pain, and fear. He deserved no less than an agonizing death.
  4. Kronx

    What the hell is wrong with these kids?

    I read stories like this and I'm reminded how fortunate I am that I had kids that would have never even dreamed of doing something like this to a teacher. Cuz if my son ever did, I'd probably go to jail for beating the snot out of him. Disgusting...

    Now what??? I may have bought the bike from hell

    Last night I was putting all the body parts back on and getting the bike ready to ride, then I saw these issues. I saw some tranny fluid and some spots that looked as if there was some leaking. I listed links rather than posting the pictures in the forum I wanted to keep them as large as...
  6. poppop

    the u.s. created isis.What the hell!

  7. shane_desselle

    What the hell is this?

    I've had 2 different Vmax owners tell me that they have never seen this before. Can anyone identify this?
  8. dannymax

    Fire call from hell!

    How'd you like to respond to something like this? http://www.youtube.com/embed/FG1LGKieTxY?feature=player_detailpage
  9. snakecharmr

    I'm in refinishing HELL!!!

    Well so far my faux tank is down to the metal on the top, the bottom is all gummy due to a reaction with Chrome paint and paint stripper, my side covers cant be bead blasted as the PO painted them with some sort of plasti dip and the bead blast isn't touching them, my side scoops were found to...
  10. dannymax

    What the hell is that thing!!

    So I'm taking a nice easy cruise down the Taconic when I feel something nibbling at my ass....I immediately jump off and just look at what it was!! :surprise: Anybody ever see one of these things....or anything even close to it? :ummm:
  11. Bill Seward

    How the hell.........

    Did 20 years go by so fast. My son took his first ride on a clutched motorcycle today. :punk: (he's ridden Kathy's scooter a few times) Dad's arms to a Vmax in record time!
  12. L

    Oil leak from Hell

    Hi guys, I have an 85 model Vmax that has developed an oil leak from hell. I cannot get it to seal to save my life. It is leaking between the breather cover and the engine block. You know the oblong two piece cover located between the heads that has both water and oil in it. It is leaking in...
  13. VMax-Mike

    taking a ride to hell Michigan

    Taking a ride to hell Michigan tomorrow if anyone wants to meet up let me know I'm meeting another guy with A busa at the Shell station in Adrian at 9 a.m. and taking a scenic route to hell Michigan I will be back in Adrian Michigan by 5 p.m.
  14. 95spfldmax

    Another %^*&$%##%% Clutch Bleed Job from Hell

    Here I go again....... Trying to bleed the clutch and getting NOWHERE!!.......Master cylinder indexing. Not convinced it's functioning properly......fluid comes out when loosening banjo bolt down near slave cylinder.......already changed to second slave cylinder...no difference......nothing...
  15. VMax-Mike

    4 hour ride to hell

    Damon and i will be meeting up at 10am on Satureday 11/10/12 at the Shell station exit 54 off us-23 Hamburg exit near Whitmore lake michigan. We will be doing a 4 hour ride to Hell Michigan. You are welcome to join us. Make sure you let me know if you are going to join us. If its just Damon and...
  16. poppop

    Our country.What the hell happend?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQ0EoL5kXD4:confused2:Damn i miss the 70s.Are we done?
  17. hijacker

    Michigan V4 Hooligans ride to Hell

    Nine V4 riders met in Charlotte, Mi for a ride to Hell and surrounding area. Very cool ride and a great day for it. I only got decent video of the ride to Hell, nothing after we left as a huge bug committed suicide on the lens of my GoPro and the 2nd half is just engine sounds and bug guts...
  18. VMax-Mike

    Blessing of the bikes in hell michigan

  19. a113ycat

    What the HELL is going on in Florida???

    http://oldschool945.com/137007/naked-man-shot-dead-while-eating-mans-face/ Insane......
  20. VMax-Mike

    ride to hell with the outer vibe band

    On june 3rd i will be going to hell mi with the outer vibe band. It will be a slow e-z cruz from weberville mi to hell and back. We will be going straight to hell and than riding the area. The ride will start at noon in webberville at the mobil station at exit 122 i96. We will have a shirt for...