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  1. H

    does anyone have info on UFO Fuel Programmer

    hello everyone I just became the new owner of a 2011 Matte Black Max. It has the UFO fuel programmer installed. The bike did not come with any info on it, and I don't want to start pressing buttons without knowing how the programmer works if any of you guys have the data on this unit , I...
  2. FLA-Vmax

    Guru contact info?

    Im searching for someone to do an ECU tune on a 2018 Max but im having trouble contacting the Guru guy (Tim Nash?). Can anyone help me out on this? Or know of anyone else qualified to play with the ECU?
  3. Falaholic

    Looking for info on ZX14r

    Been interested in the 14r, and would like to know of Kawasaki resolved the cylinder 3 issue in their 2nd gens. Also would like to know what are the first pre-maintanance mods that owners are doing. Thank you
  4. Fire-medic

    vintage muscle car strip info

    Here is a database from contemporary car magazines of hot Detroit iron, usually listing car specs and 0-60 & 1/4-mile times, as well as rated HP. You can debate the 413 Mopar Wedge vs. the 406 FE Ford, the 260/289 Ford Police Interceptor vs. the 327 Chevy, the Buick 455 Stage 1 vs, the...
  5. 95spfldmax

    Mark's Exhaust Contact Info

    Looks like this could be my year for an exhaust upgrade! But went to web page and surprisingly didn't find any contact info. Can someone provide this?

    Looking for some info on drivers foot peg kits

    I've read several post about kits for the drivers foot pegs. When I sit on my Gen 2 Vmax the foot pegs are right in the middle of my legs, which means every time I am anywhere that I have to have my feet on the ground, the foot pegs are poking me in the middle of my legs. Do any of the foot peg...
  7. SpecOps13

    Napoitano Blasts Admin for 'Reprehensible,' 'Lawless' Stockpiling of Gun Owner Info

    And Much More,,,, Look at the whole page....
  8. S

    Urgent info please

    Does anyone have a voodoo 4-2 exhaust ? If so can you tell me the OD of the link pipe to the mufflers. I'm going to a huge swap meet tomorow looking for mufflers.
  9. dannymax

    Interesting info on the Arlington Cemetary Honor Guard

    ARLINGTON CEMETERY Jeopardy Question...
  10. maleko89

    Mixture screw o-ring info

    The o-rings can be had here for $.50 a piece. They are part OR-4632. O-ring dimensions are 2.65mm x 1.15mm. I had to go back 10+ years for this information....pre
  11. B

    need info

    when i first joined vmf someone sent me a video of a man changing 2nd gear in 1st gen . if anybody can send that to me again it would be greatly appriciated...
  12. wildweasel_pt

    LSL steering damper info

    Hi all Does anyone have fitting instructions or pictures of this setup? The one that has the damper underneath left scoop protruding from below. Thanks in advance.
  13. D

    Some helpful info state to state

    Posted this because I couldn't find info on here- hope it helps.
  14. H

    How to set the clock and a lock info

    How do I set the clock on the Vmax ? and what is the key lock for that's right below the seat on the side of the bike ? I know the clock is set with the 2 things by the bars but I aint pushing nothing till I got some info on what I am doing. any know where I can get a owners manual for it ?
  15. leecifer

    Alot of good info

    I stumbled across this page and thought some might be interested in it though it's not vmax specific.
  16. O

    Need info on Ignitech Ignition

    Would like to find out info on the Ignitech Ignition. The Cost, is it a plug and play unit or is prior programing necessary, what is needed to install, are changes to stock wiring needed, etc. Can't find a web site with solid info on the unit.
  17. jagco1

    Clutch line info needed

    Can some 1 tell me how long is the clutch line is from the master cylinder to the hard tube that the clutch line screws on top of the motor. Also what is the screw size and pitch thread that go's in the female end of the stock clutch line on top of the motor. "O" can I install 10mm x 1.25...
  18. J

    kerker baffle info

    Hello, I just picked up a set of gutted kerker slip-ons and would like to make my own baffles,,(I have alot of free time at work),,the cans are 3 1/2"od,,x 12" long,,the end caps are flat with a 11/2" thru hole,,does anyone have a pic of what the stock baffle looks like,,or can someone tell me...
  19. jagco1

    Shocks info needed

    What is the difference between the progressive shocks 412 and the 430 is the 430 just for looks. Do they ride the same. Are there other shocks out there I should be looking also. I'm looking at replace the rear shock soon. Are the progressive shocks a softer ride.
  20. wildweasel_pt

    Vgas Keihin FCRs info

    Hi all Does anyone have CAD drawings for the intake adapter flanges? I've also been looking for some time already for the dude that build this aux tank that goes in between the manifolds anyone knows anything about this? Thanks