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  1. Fire-medic

    use the correct supplies for the job

    This Intruder 1400 came into the shop I frequent today, the bike owner said, "it runs out of gas after about a mile." It didn't take the shop owner long to figure it out. Some numb-nuts used vacuum tubing for gas line! The bike owner is lucky it didn't rupture on a hot engine and burn both...
  2. Fire-medic

    hot job offer-do you meet the requirements?

    Read the requirements, and tell us how you qualify, at each prepared to 'go deep' if necessary. :confused2: Some probing may be required. I'm passing, on this job offer. I couldn't 'cut the mustard.'

    Job Offer

    I own a restaurant in North Kingstown and my chef quit due to some serious personal issues. This forum has been great in so many ways that I thought I'd post the position. This is the job description I posted on Indeed. If anyone is interested or knows someone who is they can email me at...
  4. Lotsokids

    New job - okc

    Hey Y'all, After 8 long years, I'm finally leaving Hungary. I accepted a job in Oklahoma City, OK. I'll start in about 30 days, so I'll be very busy. Unfortunately I will be selling my V-Max. As I rode that beast to work on this beautiful morning, I considered all the things I've done to it...
  5. tothemax93

    Dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

    Mike Rowe, from the show "dirty Jobs" has been out in the media, talking about The United States, and jobs. He's not at all political, just talking about what he sees. It's a good listen. This...
  6. S

    Quick cut and shut job

    Worked out well..all bolts hidden..cut down steel support.
  7. tothemax93

    Fast food kiosks, rising prices, job cuts coming to NY

    Minimum wage heading toward $15.00 an hr. Small business is going to get crushed. Contrary to popular belief, Everyone who has a business, is not rolling in money. Also, As stated in the second article. When an employer has to make a decision as to whom to keep over unaffordable wages, There...
  8. B

    First time clutch job with shift segment on '98

    Clutch was slipping a little so I decided to replace disks. Ordered a Barnett Clutch Spring Conversion Kit and their friction and steel plates. Of course that was before I researched it and saw that that is not the way most folks go. Read this how to post...
  9. B

    New job /moving to Birmingham Al

    I took a new job in Birmingham AL. Any maxers out there ? I'll be moving out there soon ,I don't know anyone in the area and what better place to start .
  10. twistedmax

    New job.

    So I've moved around ALOT , gaining experience , manufacturing,production welding , welding school instructor, big truck builder , heavy steel fabricator , Ect. I believe all that experience is about to pay off. Maybe not in dollars and cents ( but you never know) but in job satisfaction and...
  11. twistedmax

    Today's fab job

    Any guesses?
  12. a113ycat

    Good job kansas!

    Im glad that this passed, I dont live in Kansas but I hope that this passed and sets a precedent for other states to follow.:clapping::clapping::punk::punk:
  13. rusty

    The Barn Job history
  14. ryancdossey

    Valve Job Virgin

    I am about to dig into my first ever valve job. I have condensed naughtyG how to threads on the clearances to a word document I would gladly email out for anyone looking for a "printer friendly" version. This is my first time ever working inside an engine so I have a few things I need to ask...
  15. dmax1

    Finally a JOB

    Have been out of work for over a year. I got a call for a good job with decent pay and benefits. :eusa_dance: What a relief! I had been hired by another company for a while but then was let go as they said bussiness has been to slow. Back in the hole again. Was really getting stressed(depressed)...
  16. alorio1

    Thanks Rusty for the great job of polishing

    Just wanted to say thanks to Rusty here on the forum for the outstanding work he did polishing my parts on my old 85, all original except for paint, one owner bike, which will probably end up in a friends private collection of cars soon. The finished parts on the bike really does not do the...
  17. Warp12

    - How Much $$ For a Paint Job?? -

    Need to paint all body panels, and scoops. Scoops and side panels metallic silver (scoops and airbox cover are made of carbon fiber), and a factory Yamaha color for the rest. Any ideas on what I should expect to pay?? Looking for nice, not multi-award-winning show quality masterpiece. Oem...
  18. 95spfldmax

    Another %^*&$%##%% Clutch Bleed Job from Hell

    Here I go again....... Trying to bleed the clutch and getting NOWHERE!!.......Master cylinder indexing. Not convinced it's functioning properly......fluid comes out when loosening banjo bolt down near slave cylinder.......already changed to second slave difference......nothing...
  19. Z

    Valve Job

    Sean's loner shim kit showed up today so I figured I'd start the work. I have been following the 'How to' guide provided here in the How to' section and so far things are going alright (man that front valve cover is a SOB!). Anyway, according to the step by step guide I need to make sure the...
  20. R

    My Gears of War paint job on my 97 Max

    I've been working on this paint job for the last 2 months. I have most of the tins finished, just have to do the stripping on the rear fender yet. This is my first airbrush work in 18 years. Let me know what you think, good and bad. I used the Duplicolor Paintshop system. Candy Base, Candy Red...