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  1. K

    Kink in fuel line

    Anyone have success in using a normal (nonOEM) fuel line for part from tank to fuel filter? My bike would start and then die straight away. I noticed a kink in the hose, since I am not using the stock that has the u shaped bend. It has lasted a little over a year, but not sure how the kink...
  2. K

    3rd off the line?

    A friend of mine has been looking at an '85 Vmax which is in exceptional 'showroom' quality. He knew I had an '86, so was asking for my opinion. He has checked the bikes numbers and the serial/frame number ends with 000003. would this make the bike the 3rd Vmax ever made??
  3. tkdtuffgirl2003

    Ok - so what am I dealing with before I am fed a line of BS

    So I made the mistake of loaning my Max out to a friend and another rider went down and slid into my max causing damage to the exhaust. I don't know anything about exhaust work but I do know that I want it fixed properly. A guy in our riding group as offered to take care of the work but I fear...
  4. rusty

    More line splitting
  5. Diablo

    Odd line on battlax tyres

    I went to the isle of man TT last week. The max had a good few hard runs and defended her honour admirably against all manner of crotch rockets. But my mate then asked a question about his rear tyre (also on a gen one max, and both of us running 17 inch rears and battlax tyres, albeit different...
  6. BigJimi

    Handle bars seem to out of line?

    I have notice that when I riding the handle bar seems to be pulled back more on the right side, when I have the bike on a rear stand if I move the bars straight the front tire slightly turns to the left:bang head: Is it possible for the handle bar risers to have moved and need to be adjusted...
  7. Biker Dash

    Clutch line stock length.

    I need to know the stock length for the clutch line. I want to upgrade my brake and clutch lines, and I can easily measure the brake lines, but the clutch line is routed behind a ton of stuff. Gonna have the shop I go to make up the lines, because the stock straight banjo bolts are a pain when...
  8. W

    two brake line routing pics

    Hey everyone, I getting ready to order some custom lenth steel braided lines on my vmax. I would like to get away from the splitter and run two lines all the way up to the MC. Anyway, I am lowered 2.5" in the front and have drag bars so my lines are stupid long. I was wondering guys with the two...
  9. maxrom

    brake line

    Hy, Doing my 1986 Venture project Doing the foward peg mod, i`ts going well!! Master cylinder will be relocated And front brake line looks like shit So, will replace all There must be a ``do it yourself`` (hose reel and banjo-fitting) somewhere Braded or else Regards
  10. ga_max

    Tee Fuel Line Replacement

    I'm thinking about replacing my fuel lines and was wondering how to replace the 'Tee' line. Do I need to go OEM for that ?
  11. jagco1

    Clutch line info needed

    Can some 1 tell me how long is the clutch line is from the master cylinder to the hard tube that the clutch line screws on top of the motor. Also what is the screw size and pitch thread that go's in the female end of the stock clutch line on top of the motor. "O" can I install 10mm x 1.25...
  12. V

    Riding the center line.

    This is just some thing that's been bugging me and felt like discussing it. (this may ramble a bit lol) First off, it seems like a fair amount of bike accidents and deaths are happening around mid Michigan lately. When the stories instantly hit social media (like FB) the comments all seem to be...
  13. davidon

    Temp red line

    Got caught in stop and extremely slow traffic for about 30 min and temp needle was creeping up to touching redline. How safe is it to drive at this juncture? Should you pull over and allowing cooling or is it only a problem if it goes into the red zone for an extended/short period of time...
  14. tothemax93

    Todays the dead line

    Todays the deadline for registering your "Assault weapon" in NYS. The State is keeping the number of weapons registered private. The speculation is that the number is so small compared to the amount of weapons in the state, That it would be an embarresment to Cuomo. I hope it doesn't hit the fan...
  15. texas-ss-tornado

    Clutch line issue

    OK, so on the 85 I'm working on, the springs around both the brake and clutch lines were rusted pretty bad, so I decided to replace them with good useds one I had handy. The brake side went without issue, but when I got to the clutch side, I COULD NOT get the 10 mm fitting on the slave side that...
  16. timscues

    Galfer clutch line

    Did you guys that went with the galfer clutch line run the line to the slave extension piece or bolt the line directly to the slave cyl.? thanks for the input
  17. train460

    Eureka Springs rally zip line info

    Friday May 3rd 5pm Talked to them again today. Very friendly and answered all question. They are holding 6 spots, (What i had a YES from as of this morning), but more are available if you call them. Friday May 3rd 5pm. (have to be there at 4:30) Should have plenty of time after the friday...
  18. dannymax

    Handlebar mount O/P Gauge line routing

    You guys with bar mounted oil pressure gauges....where do you route the line?
  19. B

    Two Line Front Brake

    I'm about to upgrade to braided brake lines. It will be cheaper to run a two line instead of three to the front calipers. Do I just run two identical fittings to the master cylinder? Crush washer between them? Will a need a different banjo bolt?
  20. one2dmax

    Brake Line Sale for Nov

    We may extend this for Dec as well. Buy a front and rear brake lines and get 1/2 off the clutch line! This applies to all brands of bikes as well variations to the lines (colors or lengths). Savings of approx $25-$30. If it's a line color I have on hand I will even include the shipping! Line...