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  1. TheMeanSupreme

    1990 loud pop/backfire and lurches on acceleration

    My 1990 Max has been giving me problems since mid-last summer. I'm a daily rider but learning to wrench as probs arise. Not the best situation but it's reality. So... I've had a charging problem since spring last year. Bought new battery and all was well for two weeks or so. Then the new battery...
  2. Killjoy

    Opened up cobra 4-4s for Sale. Loud.

    Came on the bike. I opened them up by cutting off the battle ends. Will take best offer and would be happy to ship in the CO-US. Just installed a stock muffler so figured I would sell or trade these off to someone!
  3. D

    Ufo 4 into 2 way to loud

    Just wondering if anybody has done anything to get the noise levels down some. Different baffles?
  4. K

    How loud is too loud?

    I read a lot of posts that riders say their pipes are very loud and need to wear earplugs. Am curious what people consider loud. My stock vmax with hindle slip ons are quiet in my opinion. I just received the 4-1 pipes/headers from a forum member and will have them put on in a few weeks. I...
  5. C

    Fast and loud.... douche bag garage....

    Are these guys really that stupid? I mean seriously I've tried to watch that show and if that guy ever walked into my shop...... Wait I just had his brother in my shop.... his name was Larry..... Good lord some things they put on TV to get ratings. I think I would rather watch my dog shit...
  6. P

    method to temporary quiet down loud exhausts?

    Hi, Does anybody on this forum have any methods to temporary silence the exhausts while doing work on the vmax? The reason i need to do this is because my neighbors kinda hate my loud exhausts, and i want to be able to sync my carbs without driving out of the hood :P Would something like...
  7. VMax-Mike

    loud Earbud power boostaroo

    http://boostaroo.com/store/Revolution-Audio-Amplifier-and-Sound-Enhancer-R234.html This power booster is kinda a pile of shit for quality but man does it pack a punch. I have the old one that did a good job and its about 7 years old and a little better quality but the cable is built in and...
  8. dekberg

    Loud exhaust, low $$, no power loss

    I tried a little experiment about a year ago and didn’t want to post anything until I could get Dyno #s to go along with the idea. I have Dale Walker Holeshot exhaust. I originally took off the slip on mufflers and replaced them with Hedman Hot Tips 17120 exhaust tips. (about $25 each)...
  9. R

    Moto seems too LOUD when the vboost kicks in. Help !

    2001 vmax I'm hearing a very loud engine/exhaust sound as i rev through the gears, especially in 1,2,3 ears. It occurs as I'm revving hard, then when the rpms hit a point when vboost kick in, it sounds like I lose the baffle in the muffler, and the moto sounds too loud. I do know what...
  10. T

    Loud "pop" when cranking

    Alright Gentlemen and Ladies, Got a question and I hope it has a simple and easy no worries answer. Went to start my 2006 Vmax with 9K this evening after not having ridden it in a few weeks and was greeted with a loud metallic sounding "pop" when cranking with choke heavily pulled. Cranked it...
  11. R

    Another Kerker 4-1 too loud thread

    Hi Guys, first post here. Actually, first post in a motorcycle forum. Anyway, I bought a 2006 with 1600 miles on the clock about 2.5 months ago and although I think the bike is terrific, I don't think my neighbors do. The bike has a Kerker 4-1 exhaust with stage 7 jetting. Obviously I love the...
  12. 9

    4-2-1 Kerker too loud,,,,,for me.

    Do they sell a quieter baffle for the alum can? or does anybody have one they want to sell, Thanks.
  13. Kenom

    Too loud! I know rite?!?!

    I've just purchased this 99 V-max and it's incredibly loud. Not harley davidson loud, but pretty doggone close. It's a Kerker. How can I tell if it's a 4-1 or 2-1? I can provide a better picture of the exhaust if you need. I hate loud bikes. Yes it still needs to sound throaty, but it...
  14. VMax-Mike

    2002 vmax+ufo exhaust= loud hp

    UFO exhaust went togather nice. Looks great and sounds bad ass. Cant wait until Damon installs stage 7. Damond also has extra packing for my muffler's. This should give it a deep sold sound. One thing for sure when a UFO bike shows up you will know it. http://youtu.be/XU88G9O6CLk...
  15. H

    Help! 1985 VMax Exhaust is too loud!

    Hello. I just bought first year VMax (1985) and the exhaust is a four-in-one setup modification of previous owner(s), but too loud for my neighborhood. What can I do without breaking my piggy bank? slipon? where do I find? and what type? Thanks for your help.
  16. L

    train horn or other frighteningly loud horn?

    Who makes one and how does it install? I'd like something plug-b-play.
  17. C

    Does loud =Fast?

    Is there a performance exhaust system that isnt so loud?Or do you have to have the noise in order to increase flow?Am I stock with the stock system if I like peace and quiet?Thanks,Chad ________ GSF1200
  18. D

    i want children to cry, ears to bleed, old ladies to give me the finger loud

    Ok, this is what im looking for.....i want loud. i mean i want children to cry, ears to bleed, old ladies to give me the finger loud, but i want a 4 into 2 and i want a deep sound. i have supertrapp slip ons now im happy with the sound but i want louder and they are black and im not happy with...
  19. Jayhawk

    Neighbors battling over loud pipes

    Read this on another board, here's a snipit: That's from a Texas M/C board, and man, can I see that happening in my neighborhood. I have left my dB-killers in my mufflers, just for this reason. (Well, that, and I don't need my ears to ring any more than they already do...) Funny stuff...
  20. W

    Which exhaust for new V-Max - LOUD

    I just bought a new 2007 V-Max and want a loud exhaust, which one should I go with? I was thinking of putting the black SuperTrapps slip-ons, but do they really sound good and do you have to rejet, etc? Or should I just go w/a full system. I want alot of noise but with the power gain to back...