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  1. Bathyscaphe

    New owner 2010 vmax

    Hello everyone, I just finished closing a deal for my first vmax 2010 blue. I'm very excited and can't wait to be delivered. I do have a couple of questions, does Yamaha still make parts for the vmax or a 3rd party is the only thing we got? Is there a reliable 3rd party for parts? Bummer...
  2. Corrugated

    38,000 kms / 24,000 mile services

    Hi guys, I'm continuing the 38,000 kms service on my 2004 and I'm at the brake / clutch fluid change section. The owners manual and service manual say to "replace the fluid, replace the oil seals in the master cylinder, calipers and release cylinder every 2 years" (I don't know if / when mine...
  3. Lotsokids

    Quick Comment - Preventive Maintenance - Fuel Lines

    Just a quick comment... Last weekend I took a ride to Dallas (3 hours away). On my return, my bike stalled about 5 times, but eventually re-started each time and got me home. I suspected my fuel pump, which I took apart and found everything (including diaphragm) in order. Fuel filter is...
  4. Lotsokids

    V-Max #4 Purchased: Basic Maintenance / Mod List

    Like the title says, this is the fourth V-Max I've owned in my life. It's a 1993. I've nailed the throttle a few times and it feels much more stable than the 1999 I just sold. Strange. Anyway, I'm doing the basics with limited funds. I've purchased: - New clutch disk set and gasket ordered, but...
  5. Eugene Brad

    Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

    A friend just gave me this book to read. I haven't started it yet, haven't read a full book in at least two years. Anyone ever read this? And is it worth the time? Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  6. R

    Maintenance for a sitting Vmax

    as some may know my grandpa passed and left me his 86 vmax. I should be picking it up soon(waiting for all the legal stuff to happen before I take ownership). so as it appears the bike has sat since 2006. Im taking a guess because the tag says 06 on it lol. Now I have no idea why it sat or what...
  7. Buster Hymen

    -> server down for maintenance <-

    The forum will be down ---- JULY 10TH AT 10 PM E.S.T. ---- for ABOUT 4 TO 6 HOURS for maintenance and disk mirroring. This should be the last major project on the server. Cache your favorite threads now and you can pretend the forum is still up! :rofl_200:
  8. Buster Hymen

    Forum down for some maintenance

    The forum will be down sometime tomorrow morning for about an hour while I do some minor maintenance. This is to prep it for another longer outage while I mirror the drives. I will keep you up to date when this is happening.
  9. Lotsokids

    Turn Signal Switch Maintenance

    My signal switch has been very hard to push (to cancel the signal). I shot some dry graphite into it, but that didn't help. So I took it apart and shot contact cleaner into all the moving parts. Then blew it out with my air compressor, and re-applied some graphite. WOW, what a difference! Only...
  10. ga_max

    General Maintenance To Perform

    As a new owner of a 94 vmax with 17K mile I want to perform some general maintenance since I don't know what the previous owner(s) performed. In general the bike runs great. No issues with transmission (2nd and 3rd gear have no slippage), no front end wobble (but have have not taken her above...
  11. Jpick77

    A must when bringing home a new bike to the stable!!!

    Well this is actually my first post other than introducing myself. About 2 weeks ago I finally took the plunge and purchased a Vmax. I had always wanted one and had been browsing for some time. Well, I pulled the trigger and made a 4 1/2 hr trip one way to pick her up. I actually purchased the...
  12. HyperPete

    Online Maintenance Tracking

    I found the following site. For me it's a good site for keeping my maintenance records. I know that there are many ways to do this - a paper and pencil, Phone apps, etc, but for me I like the fact that I can't lose this and I can access it from anywhere. Take a look for yourself...
  13. Kronx

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    I just picked this up yesterday. I'm only about 50 pages in but I'm really enjoying it so far. Anyone else read this? If so, your thoughts?
  14. P

    Need advice on drain plug issue...

    Hi, I was just about to change oil in my vmax and i tought that I'd buy one of those magnetic drain plugs. The problem is that the old drain plug is longer than the new magnetic one that the dealers gave me. The magnetic drain plug still fits though, should this matter at all? I read...
  15. P

    magnetic drain plug

    Hi, I was just about to change oil in my vmax and i tought that I'd buy one of those magnetic drain plugs. The problem is that the old drain plug is longer than the new magnetic one that the dealers gave me. The magnetic drain plug still fits though, should this matter at all? I read...
  16. Sonoran6

    Maintenance, what am I missing?

    Doing an oil change Wednesday, was wondering if I'm missing anything major.
  17. wildweasel_pt

    Keihin FCR maintenance manual

    Hi all Im looking for a manual of some sort or something similar for disassembly/assembly/maintenance of Keihin FCR Downdraft carburettors. If someone can help me i'd be highly appreciative... Thanks in advance
  18. mymax04

    motion pro maintenance

    so I found my sync tool that had been sitting in a box for 2 years, probly been hot and cold a couple of times & its clear that it need fluid added. so I find some methenol (figured it would work since its blue and not just water) and added it in proper spot but when I slid the tube back down in...
  19. Miles Long

    Drive shaft/universal joint maintenance

    Hi folks- Mikes's recent misfortune (Drivetrain forum - "Broken parts and shrapnel"), has got me a tad worried about the health of my own bike's final drive components. The Clymer manual does not list any intervals for inspecting, tightening, or lubricating the driveshaft splines, the...
  20. E

    Maintenance question????

    I don't have an owner's manual for my 2005 Max and I am just wondering how often I need to change the engine oil and what grade to use on this bike. Any help is much appreciated.