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  1. Fire-medic

    claimed 400 mile CB750K! CL in IL

    Not mine, no one I know. I have a '78 CB750K that sat at a shop for a couple of years without the ahole even turning over the engine, so the top end seized. I looked for an engine to swap out and found this one. It has ONLY 400...
  2. Bill Seward

    70,000 mile stator.

    Took the Max out for a spin yesterday, and turned right around when I noticed the voltmeter was only reading 11.4 volts. (12.3 at battery). I have a Series voltage regulator installed, and it seems to work well. I substituted a known good regulator, and there was no difference. Testing...
  3. N

    Stock exhaust from a low mile 2002

    I have an excellent condition take off OEM exhaust for sale. Complete, with all hardware except for (1) 5mm x 0.8 bolt that broke off in the flange. I extracted the broken off portion of the bolt and chased the threads in the flange. If I can locate the bolt before it gets shipped out I'll...
  4. rusty

    107 mile per hour mobility scooter
  5. Lotsokids

    Slightly Cheesy 1984 V-Max Documentary (Shows Jay Gleason's 10.27 sec. 1/4 mile Run)

    I haven't seen this before...
  6. T

    600 mile checkup

    What exactly does the dealer do to the bike for the 600mile checkup? Is something that is covered or is it something I will need to pay for?

    2,000 mile 09 in Miami

    Check out Mismi FL Craigslist. $10,500 asking price. Private seller, original owner comes with commentaries plaque.
  8. C

    Gen 1 Vmax 9.20's 1/4 mile!
  9. C

    Ahh.... good times.....well maybe not 1/4 mile times....

    Couple photos of Martin Dragway last year..... Bmike and I left there and hit the highway for some 90 mph wheelies after.... Come on summer where are you? Todd
  10. Itgoes

    200 Mile Range on a Gen 2!!

    Awesome! A mod like this really solves the only real negative this bike has! Bigger tanks have been available (very expensive) in aluminum.......this one is all plastic just like the stock tank.
  11. C

    Todd's 1/4 mile runs 2014

    FIgured it might be easier to just make one thread instead of a bunch. Today I did a little better. Ran several 9.90's @ 145 ish mph Best ET to date 4-27-2014 [email protected] mph Another decent run. Best 60 ft was 1.75. Best MPH 147.83 ( on a 10.02 pass ) I ll...
  12. VMax-Mike

    Ohio mile

    Has anyone been to this. Its in wilminton ohio about 216 mile from me. I plan on going if anyone wants to join me
  13. J

    Morleys Seat: 1st Thousand Mile Riding Impression

    Howdie, Re: Sean Morleys Mid Cut Seat I did a lot of research. I wanted to get some miles on the seat to see how it broke in before I offered my two cents review. Over the last few weeks, I did a few short trips and then three days of all day riding. First I have to say again that Sean is a...
  14. Vmaxnewfie

    First timer 1/4 mile

    Finally had a chance to make a few passes for the first time on my '98 Max. First pass: 12.48 @ 107mph 2nd pass: 12.56 @ 101mph (missed shift into 4th) 3rd pass: 12.38 @ 107mph Bike is stock except PCW clutch spring. Launch wasn't that great and I didn't rev past 9000rpm...the track is 120...
  15. S

    Pulse per mile?

    Hey guys, I just bought an electronic speedometer off ebay. It is a fairly generic model with 2 magnets and a sensor. I can't get the speedometer to read higher than 8 mph. Is the pick up not catching the magnets going by? There is a "pulse 9" light that may be adjustable. Anyone have any...
  16. jbretthorton

    Bradenton 1/4 mile Tonight (8-16)

    Four Gen II's Myself, Capt. Bob, Darryl and Jody will be heading to Bradenton tonight for some smack talking and racing!! Kyle you gunna make it?! Come on out guys!
  17. C

    Best 1/4 mile time on a stock gen 2?

    Just curious what some of you guys run all stock. Todd
  18. M

    Wanted low mile VMax

    Title says it all. First gen, near new perfect condition KC area or within 300 miles. Please contact.
  19. supervetteracer

    Typical 1/8 mile times for a stock Max?

    Mine is an 01. 100% stock. I'm a pretty experienced rider / race. Let's say i get a decent luanch and manage to not mis a gear or do any screw ups.. What kind of times do you think I am looking at?
  20. bazwell

    Electric R6, 120mph, 120 mile range.

    The specs are starting to get real. Would be unusual doing 120mph with no exhaust noise. No vibrations. Nothing running when you stop at the lights, just silence. FREAKY...