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  1. mike sailing

    morleys muscle seat

    I was wondering how much the seat for 2nd jen would be .thanks mike
  2. Regular Guy

    Morleys Muscle

    Is anyone else having trouble with this website? I click on the banner up top and then it shows the site for a split second then redirects me elsewhere. I googled it and clicked on it, same deal! I want to check out the place, maybe spend some cash but it's acting wonky, lol.
  3. TB99Max

    Morleys electrical test kit

    A few weeks back I posted about ongoing issues I'm having with my Vmax. Long story short.... a few had mentioned to contact Sean and get his electrical test kit. I received it today and HOLY CRAP! So much stuff in there! He even sent a full set of carbs... unbelievable! I can't even imagine how...
  4. one2dmax

    Famous 2009 Coming to Morleys Muscle

    New acquisition coming soon to Morleys Muscle. Plan is to re-baseline it with me in the drivers seat and see what it does. Then make changes as needed.
  5. one2dmax

    2016 Morleys Muscle Items Sale Thread

    I'm going to close out the previous sale thread and start a fresh one for this year. Look for new items (and some old) that are sale items or one off stuff coming shortly! As always email directly works best at [email protected] Sean Morley [email protected] (email) 316-619-8411 (call or text)
  6. S

    Happy in New Zealand with my morleys muscle kit

    I bought a morleys muscle kit, I needed to add four New diaphrams ( wasn't expecting that but 3 had a few tiny holes). I can't believe the improvement, the throttle response Is much better AND the exhaust note is way better , sounds meaty as. A big thanks to Sean Morley , excellent...
  7. J

    Morleys Seat: 1st Thousand Mile Riding Impression

    Howdie, Re: Sean Morleys Mid Cut Seat I did a lot of research. I wanted to get some miles on the seat to see how it broke in before I offered my two cents review. Over the last few weeks, I did a few short trips and then three days of all day riding. First I have to say again that Sean is a...
  8. you2low

    Anyone looking For a Morleys Jet kit

    Just put My stage 7 in over the weekend and just ran across this..:punk: So if anyone is looking a for one heres your chance:confused2: 2 weeks ago I would have been trying to get it..:rofl_200: 17 hours left...
  9. tothemax93

    Morleys muscle 800 asl.

    Muscle kit is on the way. Sean has given me a baseline starting point, but i'm also looking for some practical application. I've been reading all the threads, carbs set ups and such. I've seen a few carb set-up for my elevation, but I also know the some of the guys have changed them since then...
  10. NHVmaxpower

    Morleys Muscle seat 4 big guys

    Ok all you big burley men 6 ft & bigger. If you are going to buy a seat from sean tell him you want the big guy seat. I just got mine tonight & it's night & day from the mid cut I felt like I was on a cloud or a gold wing. I am 6 ft 3" long legs & the mid cut was to short for me and also not...
  11. tothemax93

    Morleys jet kit

    So now that I have the racing bug, I have a question. I ran 7.28 (1/8th) with several other passes in the low 7.3's. my 60 ft times were around 1.8 with a best of 1.77. I see I have room for improvement on the 60 ft, so with pratice I can see being consistantly in the 7.2's. Would a jet kit, set...
  12. M

    Need help jetting 3500 ft elevation morleys jet kit

    Hey guys, I picked my bike up from the shop that jetted my bike they tuned it by ear.... It didn't seen to bad going around the block... When I got on the highway I noticed it was really rich and was loading up at crusing speed. Under wide open throttle it seems very rich as well... I have a...
  13. bazwell

    How to install Morleys Muscle Jet Kit?

    I have tried searching using words like morleys muscle jet install* fit* blah blah blah and I get like a gazillion posts that have some of those words in it. Is there a how to guide anywhere? The instructions on Seans website are pretty short, and I can't work out what I should do to start...
  14. dlcrays

    lovin my new morleys muscle gen 2 handlebar

    Recently installed the new gen 2 handle bar from Morleys Muscle and this thing is awesome compared to the stocker. It has way less sweep back and is more comfortable on the wrists. The ends are flatter across and is slighter lower than the stock bar. A must have for your gen 2. I know of several...
  15. R

    morleys muscle...thanks again

    I ordered a boost servo from sean a week ago. It comes in the mail today,..I open the box.....and theres 2 !! Ya is a super trusting fellow, always helping the little guy out. He made sure to send 2 servos in case there was any problem....Who else would be that thought full...

    Morleys jet kit

    I'm trying to find out what size hose he uses to go from the "T" to the oil cap. there has to be a thread somewhere in this forum that tells and shows what you get with Sean's kit. does anyone know where I can find it? Ron
  17. one2dmax

    Morleys muscle - vmoa discount

    OK guys/gals, Starting June 1st I will be offering a few discounts to VMOA members. I am offering this due to the support that the club has given me in the past. They have also always supported previous events and more then given my money back. I know the club is having a few issues but since...
  18. MDoe8

    Just change the mains on morleys muscle kit?

    I'll be the new owner of HDKILA's Vmax this week. He has morleys muscle jet kit installed on the bike and it runs great over in Illinois. However, I live at an altitude of 5000 ft. Just north of Denver... Will just changing the mains to, lets say, 145's suffice in curing the super richness...
  19. davidon

    Need Morleys phone # ASAP

    Is Morleys number listed anywhere? please email direct at [email protected] Need this before 8 pm tonight
  20. one2dmax

    Morleys Musclebike 1

    Here are a few teaser pics. More to come. Engine is now assembled (waiting on covers from chromer) and small items on frame are installed. Frame was raked an additional 6 degrees for a total of 33 in the frame (the rake counting the forks is 38). I am also installing a 3" over swingarm which...