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  1. J

    neck cover

    anyone have a spare one to sell? 1FK-2171X-00-00 or both sides?
  2. J

    neck bearings & grease

    I went for a ride through the twisties 2 days ago and noticed my steering felt "heavy". I also noticed my slow stops were getting a bit sloppy & very slow ridding was getting harder to stay straight. So I jacked up the bike and got into the upper & lower neck bearings. I found the grease was...
  3. J

    Gap between lower triple tree and neck????

    Been having issue since had neck apart. Rough roads are really rough and bumps rougher then normal. Is there supposed to be a gap around 1/8" maybe little smaller between neck and lower triple. First time taking one apart and I'm nervous its gonna come apart! Especially with wife on back. Did...
  4. northjax

    Old Corbin Seat Fuel neck mod

    I know this is floating around somewhere but here it is again. The more I work on the bike the more I realize all VMAX owners need to have a little redneck background. 11/2 deck gas filler $ 28, West Marine 11/2 furnco coupler rubber $3.88, Lowes Works like a champ and fits just under...
  5. C

    Neck brace anyone?

    Hey guys. I have come across a problem riding my Vmax and I thought I would ask you guys if you could help me out. 4 months ago took a 100 mile ride (going about 70 miles per hour average speed). It was the first trip on my Vmax out of town. As I was used to motorcycles with a more aggressive...
  6. B

    Fuel Filler Neck Extension for Corbin Seat Hole

    Bad Post.. Sorry sorry for the double post
  7. maxrom

    My forth neck rake

    My friend`s Kawasaki KZ1000 1982, for drag strip rake the neck at 7,5*
  8. K

    neck plastic

    hey what is the best way to remove the neck plastic on either side
  9. davidon

    Northern Neck VA

    Heading out to Northern Neck VA on SAT morning. If anyone else wants to ride part way let me know.
  10. CaptainKyle

    Duplicate neck sticker

    Ok my little wheels are already spinning about restoring # 217. I plan on powder coating the frame but want the stock sticker back on the neck. Does any one know if I can get a duplicate sticker from Yamaha or any where else that makes them.
  11. dannymax

    Mrs Max's neck of the woods

    Mrs Max lives in Guntown Miss., where this whole mess is taking place!
  12. dannymax

    And this from Kaboom's neck of the woods
  13. mavgrab302

    Perko Modded fuel neck

    Well I just recently noticed that the gas cap I have isn't the stock one that came on Vmaxes. I guess when previous owner bought the corbin seat they modified it with a rubber 2" reducer down to a 1 1/2" that accepted a Perko filler neck, I guess so it was higher in the seat. I never noticed it...
  14. CustomMax

    Looking for a used left neck cover

    Hey all, I'm now looking for a used left side ( opposite ign) neck cover. Mines broke in 3 places and the Stealership wants $89 per side!! They must be on crack, anyway if anyone has one they'd like to sell let me know. Then I can worry about chroming them later somehow. Although I should...
  15. CustomMax

    Looking for chrome neck covers

    Does anyone know where I can buy chrome neck covers for my Vmax? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ed
  16. BIGMO

    WTB Neck Cover left side

    Anyone have a left side plastic neck cover? mine is broke and they are 33$ new. Thought id check to se if anyone had one laying around.
  17. gunrunner

    Rambo breaks neck

    Lets hope its not that bad as nowadays you lead a normal life after an accident like this . Seems like it is cool movie packed full of awesome actors not to mention an ex whestler .
  18. Nicki66

    Neck Bearing question

    Twice now I have raised the front wheel off the ground to check the neck bearing tightness. Loose! So I loosened up the 1 1/8'' nut on the upper triple clamp, loosened the lower clamp bolts for the fork tubes, and then I tightened the pair of crown nuts with a hammer/punch until this passed the...
  19. Thevmaxrider

    Looking to find metal neck covers

    All, I am trying to find a vendor that sells the stamped metal neck covers to replace the factory plastic ones. Any help in finding a vendor or a set for sale would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  20. V

    Gas Filler Neck

    Has anyone seen directions on how to extend to gas cap filler neck on a Max? I know I've seen it somewhere. I have a Corbin seat with the damn trap door and it's really hard to top off the tank when you can't see the top.