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  1. redneksoldier

    When your bike has been going out at night cheating on you...

    Found this on my local craigslist... lmao
  2. S

    Tuesday night Bike night in NYC (tonight)

    @ Spiegel moto bar located on 1st ave and 1st street in Manhattan (NYC). This is a moto bar that holds Tuesday night bike nights. On any given Tuesday night, there are 50-100 motos gathered for moto company and beer. All makes are represented here: Ducati, Triumphs, BMW's, Honda's....etc. I...
  3. frank5079

    Had to dispatch a deer last night...

    My wife hit a young buck with her van last night, down a lonely country road, on the way home. The collision not only broke her right headlight assembly and bent up her hood, but it also broke his right antler, blinded him in his right eye and broke his right foreleg. He kept on flopping several...
  4. Bill Seward

    Good night, Godzilla.

    It's been a good 30th year for my Vmax.. Started out with a really banged up and rusty set of mufflers, a faded original paint job, and a charging system that was adequete. Finished the season with a bike that charges perfectly, has a great looking and sounding exhaust, and a killer paint...
  5. marsmax85

    twiggs cycle bike night

    Anybody interested in going Twiggs cycles in Hagerstown Md is having their first of the season May 7th 6 to 8 pm Calendar girls and free food from TILTED KILT with some of their girls will be there .
  6. SpecOps13

    My Mother Passed Away Last Night

    It's unusual to be writing about a Mother here but mine was Very Special to me in the biker world. She and my Dad both rode back when Harley's and Indian's were the bikes of choice. The 30's and in 40's after the war ended and Dad was home. I was in a Motorcycle accident in 1968. It was so bad...
  7. dannymax

    Burned one with Mom last night!

    ....One what? ....One 16 yr old! :a014: :ummm:
  8. NHVmaxpower

    Pirelli Night Dragon

    Hey all its been a long time since I have posted. Just wondering if anyone has used the Pirelli Night Dragon on there maxes?? Looks like a nice tire low profile almost like a radial or are they just using a generic pic of the tire??? Input would be nice or do I see radials for this winter :-)?
  9. vmax2extreme

    Twiggs Cycle Bike Night Aug 7 Twiggs cycle is having their August Bike Night on Thursday Aug 7 from 6pm – 8pm. Anyone game to head out there?
  10. DJ89MAX

    Log Cabin Cruise Night -Rochester Area

    Just wondering if anyone from the Rochester, NY area was making it over to the Wed night cruise nights at the Log Cabin restaurant in macedon. Vmax's are few and far out of the hundreds of bikes that show up. I haven't made it over to the Quaker Steak & Lube in Rochester yet but heard that's a...
  11. Kronx

    IT Guy By Day... Motorcycle Fanatic By Night...

    This story sounds familiar.... only he's a lot better with bikes than I'll every be...
  12. Kronx

    St. Louis Vintage Bike Night 10/7/13

    It was my first time going to this event. I didn't know what to expect. It was a really fun time because it was a cool venue -- Schlafly Bottleworks -- and because I'm finding I love vintage bikes. I don't know why but I'm really drawn to Triumphs as of late. So I get there and I immediately...
  13. VMAX1260

    the mod monkey comes to my sleep every night

    Ok guys , many of you know that i am with no my V-max since 2011 after a spun bearing. that time i had the brilliand idea to rebuild everything on my bike. Striped the frame, painted it, lots lots LOTS of chrome. everything that has bolts on it or moves is chromed and i mean everything from the...
  14. CaptainKyle

    night out with Naughty G

    Not ride pictures but a good night out with Naughty G glad we got to catch up while his is in from OZ.
  15. vmax2extreme

    Maryland - Bike Night out - Aug 1

    I am organizing a Bike Night Out on Thursday August 1 to Twiggs Cycle in Hagerstown, MD. They host a monthly Bike Night out from 6pm - 8:00pm. We will gather late afternoon for a ride up there, hangout for the event, and...
  16. tothemax93

    grudge night

    First time out this year. 5 runs with five wins. My runs were disapointing, but good enough to beat the other guys. guy on a 883 harley with a 1200 conversion, beaten soundly. old gs 650. the real prize was the ninja. Had the looks, hot girl, cool bike, and all the confidence in the world. Not...
  17. Fire-medic

    would you go to school Parents' Night to meet her?

    A south Florida high school teacher lost her job because of her moonlighting apart from her 9th grade English classes. She certainly has some different looks! I like the orange/tangerine suit/edge of the beach shot the best...
  18. tothemax93

    Not a fun night at work This is the company I work for. I didn't get on camera because I was under the bridge, but all the guys you see are who I work with every day. Nobody got hurt, just one car got there windshield smashed.
  19. tothemax93

    Banner night for me.

    It was grudge night at Lancaster speedway ( 1/8 th mi). Finally got a night off so I had to go make some runs. all the races were even starts, no bracket the end of the night i had comments such as " this is one of the fastest bikes here", What exactly is that", " dude your keeping up...
  20. CaptainKyle

    Badenton Dragstrip Thursday Night

    Just trying to see if any one was wanting to go to the strip Thursday night. The weather is far from optimal with 89% humidity predicted but I am probably fixing to part out my bike for unforseen reasons & wanted to run it a couple more times . Was hopeing some other people might be interested.