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  1. S

    Oil pressure slightly higher after oil pipe o-ring replacement.

    Will fixing the bulging o-ring cause a slight increase in pressure across the whole range? Before replacing, pressure would hit 60psi on a cold startup & idle at 2-4 when hot. It's hitting 65 cold & idle is 8 now. It tops out at 65 revving the motor. The fitting for the oil galley plug from...
  2. W

    Proper o-ring placement on needle jet

    Hi all, Bill Denton here, retread newbie. Had a '97 about 10 years ago, sold it but now have a '99 that I'm working on. I have a question about proper placement of o-ring #33 on the needle jet #34. In the sticky called Carb rebuild parts 1-6, the o-ring is being placed onto the needle jet on the...
  3. S

    Cycleone o-ring pop stopper

    This kit came with the bike when I bought it. It has an orange o-ring, a flat rubber stopper (guessing at what you'd call it) and a metal ring. The ring is about the size of a quarter. I'm having difficulty figuring out how that ring will do anything to stop the o-ring from being blown out...
  4. maleko89

    Mixture screw o-ring info

    The o-rings can be had here for $.50 a piece. http://newmotorcycleparts.net/fuel_system_parts/special_fuel_o-rings.html#Various_O-Rings_Specific_to_Mikuni_Carbs They are part OR-4632. O-ring dimensions are 2.65mm x 1.15mm. I had to go back 10+ years for this information....pre vmaxforum.net...
  5. J

    oil o=ring

    Can someone guide to the right thread for the O-ring fix? the one in the oil pan. please? thank you .Tony
  6. WonkoTheSane

    Fuel sender o-ring and drain bolt washer

    I found a fuel leak, and after cleaning things up tracked it down to the fuel level sensor. Interestingly, it's something the Haynes manual includes checking for every 4000 miles. Tried tweaking the screws tighter, which slowed the leak a little (already very slow) but a little paranoid about...
  7. tothemax93

    O-ring question

    I'm going to look at mine for sure. I was researching past posts, and I read that the oil light could possibly come on more often with the o-ring blown. My light started coming on pretty easy late this season. It will be interesting to see If it's blown out. I have the kawi part No. for the...
  8. Z

    89' Oil filter O-ring size

    Hi guys It's time for my 89' to get its first oil change (by me), so I picked up an oil filter from the local Yam dealer, but he didn't have have the O-ring in stock. What size is that bloody thing? same as the filter 101mm?? and thickness? and is it round section?? Sorry if it's been posted...
  9. firefly

    The orange O-ring ?

    What about using a small section of a rubber hose, the hose gets supported by the 90* pipe from underneath and extends beyond the lips that hold the stock o-ring as far as possible, it should fit very snug, something like this photo.
  10. GREEN light BLITZ

    Oring fix, Kawasaki part number?

    Hey fellas, I took my oil pan off and big surprise my 85 has a blown dread-ring. Does anyone have the part number for the Kawasaki upgrade for that o-ring or what it's called (proper name please) so when the kid behind the parts counter gets lost I can point him in the right direction for me...
  11. zippo6

    More Questions - spring, cable routing, O-Ring...

    OK.... I took my stooooopid pill.... Please see pic below, anyone know where it attaches too (the spring)? Please dumb it down for me.... It's the rear brake lever, I have the spring attached (Assumingly correct) from the lever to the light indicator, but I'm not sure on the placement of the...
  12. mattmullins

    o-ring in the float bowl question

    The one I'm talking about is under the main jet block, do you have to put the same one back in it or can you use a compairable one , will it mess with how it runs if you put a different one in it
  13. sarchin

    85 oil filter o-ring

    Hello everyone, trying to change the oil on the Vmax, and can't seem to get the o-ring to stay on the filter canister when I try to bolt it on. Is there a trick to this? or can I use some sort of gasket holder? Thanks
  14. Rand-5107

    O-ring drain valve

    I need to replace the o-rings on my coolant drain valve, but I can' t find a part #. It seems Yamaha wants to sell me a $65.00 assembly instead of a two dollar o-ring. Anybody have an o-ring part number that will fit?
  15. H

    Best fix for o-ring problem?

    So I've read through quite a few threads on the o-ring issue, but have yet to find a solid solution. It seems to me that it is a combination of two things - a soft silicone o-ring, and the oil pipe not being seated deeply enough. So, what would be the most reliable fix? A different o-ring with...
  16. SpecOps13

    How Big Is the Dreaded Oil Pipe O-Ring?

    I must be visualizing things way out of perspective. I thought the Oil Pipe O-Ring was pretty big, like an inch in diameter. I've never actually seen one until now. I ordered The Kawasaki O-Ring from Sean and it came today. It's barely big enough to fit on the end of my pinky...
  17. S

    Replacing Drain Valve o-ring.

    So I discovered my damn drain valve is leaky. Not terrible but it is dripping. I found a thread that explained how to service it, so the first thing I tried was tapping it with a hammer. It didnt help. It leaks in the off position, doesnt in the on. My guess is, if the o-ring isnt shot then its...
  18. 3

    O-ring problem ???

    I dropped the oil pan on my recently aquired '86 max to recover a shift drum pin today. The pin was exactly where another member said it would be, in the oil pump pick-up. I also recovered the missing screw for the input shaft bearing retainer, it was in the bottom of the pan. How that stuff...
  19. rarick123

    Oval o-ring on Morely's HD Oiler

    OK, I'm at a loss as to where this oval O-ring goes when installing the HD Oiler cure. Can someone give me a picture or a part number for the "elbow assembly" that it goes on?
  20. T

    generic o-ring?

    Is the o-ring under the jet block a standard size you can purchase off the shelf? I am guessing if this is leaking it could cause a rich condition? Thanks Jim