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  1. J

    How to remove the front seat

    Hello, I have an '06 vmax and I'm getting ready to install my COPS. How do I remove the front seat to get to the coils? Please let me know. Thanks, Jamie. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  2. ColoNat

    California Bike - what to remove that deletes 5hp?

    So my recent Vmax acquisition is a 2001 California bike. My understanding is that they're rated at 140hp instead of 145hp, like the other US editions. What is extra on the CA bike that can be removed, easily or otherwise, to de-influence the poor Max from thinking it isn't as tough as the rest...
  3. Y

    Ideas to remove stripped rotor bolts.

    I was removing my old rotors and one rotor came off easy, and the other one had 3 screws where the allen heads were stripped, and I tried everything I could think of to get them out. Used an impact driver, tried hammering a bigger allen and also a torx bit in there with no luck. Next I tried...
  4. 9

    Engine hoist to pull motor?

    I need to pull the motor on my Vmax. Do I need a hoist to do it? For the guys who have done this, are there any other special tools I would need? I would like to be prepared before I get started. Thanks in advance.
  5. C

    Karma time to help remove some negativity here!!!

    KARMA TIME Since I haven't done a Karma in awhile and in view of the recent hazing, I am going to offer a Karma. Its small item, but hey... you can't buy them anywhere but from me anyways, so it special LOL !!!:rofl_200: The red Vmax keychain ( pictured ) and a rubber protector will...
  6. P

    help! How do you remove the blank bolt with no grooves at upper triple trees.

    Hi, I was just about to tear down my forks but then i saw this: How am I supposed to remove this kind of bolt? The service manual shows a regular allen bolt...
  7. Karmakatt

    Another Plug Thread.. Remove OEM? Replace?

    When I bought Karma last year she didn't come with the kit under the seat. What is the best and easiest way to remove my plugs? I've heard OEM Plugs are the way to go. I can't use the Search engine on the VMF with this so called top of the line cell phone.:bang head: KarmaKatt
  8. N

    Remove low speed carb adjuster screws&blasting W/carb cleaner/alternative to shotgun?

    Hey I dont have my air compressor handy.. So I was wondering if I can do the same trick I did to my V65 magna- Pull the low speed carb screws and just blast in some b-12 chemtool carb spray.. then re assemble.. Will that work as a decent alternative to the "shotgun" cleaning method? She runs...
  9. jagco1

    Paint remove easy head light bracket

    If you have some old part needed to remove the paint off of them you may try brake fluid DOT-3 - it work for me. It can't hurt to try it. No hand work no mass. I have a head light bracket that the black paint was scratch up a little that I was going to have it powder paint today but man the...
  10. P

    Do I have to remove carbs to rejet?

    Hi, I just bought Seans Jet kit. Do I have to remove the carbs to clean the inside and rejet or can i do while it's still on the motor? Thanks!
  11. L

    How do I remove valve cover?

    I want to remove the valve cover on my 1993:ummm: to paint it and I am just wondering if there is a trick to getting it out? Doesnt want to clear lifters. do I have to lower engine?
  12. donnelly317

    How to remove rear rim cushion bearings

    Well after a lot of disappointment and now having to do some fabricating to my rim because my pops messed it up in a mill this is how you can remove the rear cushion bearing.. now I pulled out the center bushing ripped the rubber on two but I think it was because I didnt have the rim hot enough...
  13. ZackDaniels

    HOW TO: Remove Rust From Chrome

    The Tools ----------------------- Vinegar for surface rust. - Contains acid that makes short work of light rust. It can eat the metal and any coatings as well if left for extended periods of time. I suggest 1-2 hours max, but it's up to you. Lots of people have left their rusty tools and...
  14. E

    Is there a write up on how to remove the springs from front forks????

    I am thinking about lowering the front of my bike. I was thinking about just removing the springs and cutting a couple inches off. If I ruin them then oh well, I will just buy a set of progressive lowering springs, so I will have nothing to lose if I screw it up. I really dont know squat about...
  15. Z

    How do you remove the Insert?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question, but I need to know how to remove the middle gear cover insert. Thanks
  16. L

    How do you remove the cowling?

    I almost embarrased to ask this, but I tried what was described in the manual and it does not work. The manual stated to turn the key clockwise and then the diagram showing the cowling moing back then up. My key only turns less than 1/4 turn and the cowling does not budge in any direction...
  17. K

    How to remove carbs from manifolds

    I'd like to know how to remove the carb out from the manifold?? it sems that it stuck,, i tried to loosen the joints and then pull the carb up from the manifold ,, but no way... any suggetion??:ummm:
  18. S

    how do you remove the stock windshield?

    my friend said i should try the bike without that little windshield but i can't figure how it comes off the turn signals. i see the screws holding the shield in but i wanted to remove everything. Thanks, Sid
  19. maleko89

    How to remove stuck packing from Kerker
  20. P

    Can I remove my cylinder head to polish?

    Just a quick one for you: Is it a simple case of a few alan key bolts and lift the head off? Do I have to replace gaskets or anything or take any special measures? Any advice would be great. Thanks