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  1. D

    2003 yamaha vmax 1200 for sale

    2003 yamaha vmax 1200 for sale in nw Iowa. Engine was built by Sean Morley and completely rebuilt with new bearings rings and seals and a heavy duty overdriven oil pump. The transmission was rebuilt with hardened and undercut gears and a 5th gear overdrive was added for low rpm highway cruising...
  2. drdyno

    OOPs!.. I spilled my beautiful Max!

    I have (had) a nearly perfect example 2005 until I lowsided it in December. Only minor damages to the tune of 2100$. Hagerty paid promptly on my zero-deductible and now I'm having difficulty locating some of the parts I need for this one. In particular, the original right side crash bar with the...
  3. R

    REVO Dual Monster 6″ Slip-On Muffler for sell!

    REVO Dual Monster 6″ Slip-On Muffler for V-Max17 Enhance your V-Max’s sound with REVO Dual Monster 6″ and get performance at the same time! With more than 10 years exhaust design experience, REVO Monster provide not only good-looking, high-quality also perfect street performance setting...
  4. Itgoes

    Misc parts....priced to sell!

    Take everything for $200 + shipping! I'm going to wait a day for someone to take it all before I sell individually to save the shipping hassle. Side covers. OK condition not perfect, but not bad. No dents or dings paint is average. $50 + shipping or BO Passenger seat. Very good condition...
  5. G

    Getting Ready to Sell

    It is time to sell the project / finished bike and redo it next year. I should have sold it earlier in the season but I was still too in love with it. Now my plan is to sell it and use the money to finish paying for school. So I'd like to share where I'm at right now. Photobucket destroyed so...
  6. K

    85' right where I want her and time to sell... LOL

    Finished up my 85' to get it to look how I wanted and I think it is time for a new project! LOL... I have all the original parts as well. What do you think it is worth? 29k miles. Runs amazing. Tires are BRAND new (50 miles?), new battery, new filter and carbs just cleaned up.
  7. M

    Gotta sell the Max -SOLD-

    Chemo has me down a bit, probably not gonna do much riding for a while, so I'm hoping to generate a little cash, maybe look for another bike next year. Link to my Craigslist ad:
  8. Falaholic

    Harley dealers will not be able to sell merchandise with Confederate Flag

    Just heard that all Harley dealers are to pull all their Confederate flags from their show rooms, and to stop selling merchandise depicting the flag.
  9. D

    To sell or not? Someone buy it!

    So I made a post about what happened to my bike, the only severe portion of which was an electrical fire around the ignition, and somehow they didn't total it. With that said, Morley says he can get me the parts I need for around 150-200 from what I remember. With that, the bike has a ton...
  10. T

    Have front tire widened on my '03 or sell it and my Speed Triple for a 2nd gen?

    I've got an '03 with an 18x5.5" rear with a Bridgestone 180/55 sport-touring radial, and an almost-matching Bridgestone 110/80 front radial. While many will say that a 110/80 works fine on the stock 18x2.15 front wheel, the fact is that a 110/80 radial is designed for at least a 3" wheel and...
  11. F

    1995 Vmax for sell in TN

    Finally made the decision to sell the Vmax. Son's SV650S is gone, and he and I are getting back into riding in the dirt. Anyway, please see link below, and thanks for looking. Rick SOLD
  12. jims94vmx

    Torn, part out or sell

    I really do not want to part out but would rather sell to someone in the vmax community. My 94 as of last year has never run so smoothly and powerfully! I had the carbs totally redone by Danny and got the micro Vboost controller from Sean. Seems it has started a kind of tick that seems like a...
  13. C

    So you sell something on Craigslist.....

    So I sell something on Craigslist..... From: [email protected] <[email protected]> To: [email protected] Date: Friday, July 06, 2012 07:03 am Subject: Will trade my Custom Motorcycle for your S10 Truck Dakota...
  14. CaptainKyle

    To Keep or sell

    Well I got this swingarm & Dyna ignition in some of my trading I cant determine if I wanna put them on my bike or sell them. I am happy with my stock ignition so about the only gain I see with the dyna is a rev limiter and I am trying to get rid more weight off the bike & the swingarm is weighs...
  15. Lotsokids

    In a Pickle (to sell or not)

    When I moved to Hungary, V-Max stayed in the U.S. with a good friend to crank up and ride every once in a while. I maintained current insurance and registration for the last couple years. Unfortunately, I just found out that my friend moved to Illinois. Now my bike is just sitting in a garage...
  16. sarchin

    May have to sell the Vmax

    So I got into a big argument with my boss over my schoolwork. Had to take two tests and couldn't come in one day last week. He didn't like it and fired me, even though I was going to college before I started the job :damn angry: I figure I have this week to find a job or the Vmax I've waited...
  17. hubeerjw

    Does anyone have a spare set of forks to sell?

    I would like to get a new set of forks for my 02, really my right fork is the only one that is bad, but if I can find a set, I'll take it. I didn't know if there is anyone out there that is doing the USD conversion that wants to sell their stockers or not. Anyway if you know of some, send me a...
  18. E

    Trying to sell my VMAX - need an opinion on best place to do it

    Love my MAX, but I've found my dream bike at a price I can afford - IF I sell my Max. Is eBay the best place to sell right now? Do you guys think cycle trader is worth it? I already have it on Craigslist. I'd sell for $4,500 with the new "Mark's" exhaust, led's, bars & D3 grips or $4K with...
  19. kaboom

    Time to sell it....

    I went out....started up the started fine......adjusted choke to 1500 standard routine..... Walk to the deck to get my helmet......the F)(^%^ thing STALLS!!!!!!!!!! And now it wont start!!!!!!! It has NEVER done this.... I have a 200 mile run in the...
  20. P

    Have to sell my 09vmax......buyer wanted