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  1. LotsaHP

    Motorycle For Sale Sold

    1998 Yamaha Vmax Custom. Hayabusa triple tree and front fork conversion. Extended swing arm and Hayabusa front and rear 17in wheels. Magnacharger supercharger, Holley 4 Bbl. carburetor. Barnett pressure plate. SRP seat ,oil pressure gauge and 421 ceramic coated exhaust. Molded in tail light...
  2. Lotsokids

    My V-Max Sold (in Hungary)

    My neighbor in Hungary was able to sell my V-Max for the equivalent of about $3,900. I'm going to miss that awesome bike until I get my FOURTH V-Max... eventually when I get to Oklahoma City. In the mean time, I'm enjoying the conveniences that you all take for granted every day. I can get...
  3. blyoth

    OEM header gaskgets -SOLD-

    I bought these new in the original Yamaha packaging but took them out of the packaging thinking I would need them when I put on my new exhaust but since my bike is low mileage I didn't need them. $30 including shipping to the lower 48 United States.
  4. Fire-medic

    Sears Craftsman brand is sold! Sears Holdings Corp. said it reached a deal to sell its iconic Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker Inc. for about $900 million, as the cash-strapped retailer continues to seek ways to whittle...
  5. Fire-medic

    Georgetown University accused of having sold slaves in 1838

    Well, this is one of those stories about how people did things which were legal at the time, but "we don't do that now." In a particularly revealing bit of historical work, one of the preeminent east coast universities, run by the Jesuits, has been exposed as a possible source of slave trading...
  6. Bill Kratzenberg

    2005 for sale -SOLD-

    up for sale is my 20th anniversary vmax #751/2000 with 9k miles newer tires/ brakes new fork seals carbs serviced by dannymax drag bars black mini signals led tail light joker machine bar end mirrors back rest engine guards oil pressure gauge clutch master and slave rebuilt all...
  7. Bill Seward

    Sold a bike today..

    Kathy hadn't been riding her Suzuki Burgman scooter much,and we figured it was time, so it went on Craigslist a few days ago. Took a week to sell it, and we got our asking price. Even though it was a scooter, I liked it, and will miss it..
  8. cgswss

    Sold my bike

    Well it looks like I won't be seeing any of you on rides this year. I sold my bike. Now I can get a house, but I know that it is most likely the last bike I will have.
  9. Lotsokids

    Goodbye, Mr. Max - SOLD

    It's a sad day today. I sold my V-Max. There's a guy coming to pick it up today. I love the bike, but I live overseas and it just rots in storage and I ride it only once per year. It's my favorite and the best bike I've owned. I suppose I'll own another Max one day. I regret not getting a video...
  10. 2stangs69-91

    Sad day Vmax gone sold 7500.00

    I always wonder why people post this type of thing I am doing it lol. Had a blast with it. But after my back surgery I had to move on to something a little more forgiving to my
  11. D

    And Sold

    Well my Max has been sold. I pointed the new owner here for any help. He had already been on the site some. This site is awesome and I will be sticking around, justnota maxxer anymore.
  12. C

    Sold my Super Magna....

    Well I sold my Super Magna today. Glad to see it go to someone that will enjoy it. Now what to do with that money ( on my Max ) ..... exhaust.... carbs..... shocks.... hmm.....? Todd
  13. F

    sold my max

    Well after two years being without my sv1000s just had to sell the vmax. I liked the straight line power but missed everything my SV did well. I posted a craigslist ad and she sold within 45 minutes! But you could not find a cleaner max around here. Hopped a flight to Georgia, paid for my new...
  14. P

    The reason I sold the Max..................

    My wife and I are foster parents and it looks like we will probably be adopting this little girl. We've had her for about 5 months and she has really touched our family. Never planned on it, but life is weird sometimes. Man am I going to be old when she graduates........:yelrotflmao::doh...
  15. texas-ss-tornado

    Sold one, bought one, incredible luck

    Ya' ever feel like you're sitting on a rabbit's foot? Well, I MUST BE! Just sold my last 97 project on Friday for 3K, so had a little money burning a hole in my pocket! Sunday, I went all the way to Tulsa to check out a couple of bikes, mind you, this is an 8 hour round trip from Dallas. A...
  16. dingy

    Model #'s - years sold question

    Is there a list on here as to the years model numbers were sold. Like what years was 12E sold, 12N etc. Gary
  17. KJShover

    Sold Items

    This weekend, I'm getting ready to go through the items for sale and send out emails and such checking on availability. If your Item has sold already it would be a big help to either state that it's no longer available or flat out remove the ad. This will clean up alot of things and...
  18. mattness

    rumor going around - badmax lost license, sold his vmax

    supposedly badmax sold his gen 2!!1 its kind of a big deal.. hes done 1/4 of all posts on that forum and now hes leavin. i wonder if hes secretly just trying to buy a new '11 with the money? he did mention losing his license though thats kind of scary
  19. mattness

    almost sold the bike today

    a guy texted me wanting to trade a colt anaconda .44 with a 6 inch barrel + cash. i was like ya sure your gun blue books for 850 so ill give you a 1k cash credit for it. everything was going good and thats when he dropped the bomb shell he was only gonna give me 2k cash. dude GTFO!!! as soon...
  20. slowpoke

    to the person who sold me my kerker....

    to the person who sold me my kerker....(now with sound) i have to take this moment in time to thank you very much! now that i finally have my comp baffle ( was on back order for ever) it sounds exactly how i wanted it to. seems about as loud as my ufo was only it doesnt have the raspiness and...