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  1. Zeus36

    Video - How to test a motorcycle stator

  2. vmf1200

    Stator no good

    I started a thread about purchasing an AGM battery because my battery was not holding a charge which I received and put in the bike and it starts nice and easy now. But,,,,, I measured the voltage output to the battery and I was only getting 12.0-13.0 volts when before I was getting 14.5 so now...
  3. Bill Seward

    RM Stator Discount Code... It works!

    I bought a stator from RMStator last summer, and found a discount code to get 20% off. I tried just now to enter the code to see if it works still, and it did. I paid $79.00 for a high output unit for Venture. It fit fine. It works great! One thing I did like is that the 3 output wires were...
  4. Bill Seward

    Toasted Stator!

    This one lasted 70,000 miles. Beat out the first one by 10,000 miles. Good thing I didn't take it to Thunder, I'd still be pushing it home. The new stator had wires at least a meter long. That allowed me to use the Posi Lock connectors under the seat. Should keep them dry. 14.3 volts.
  5. Bill Seward

    70,000 mile stator.

    Took the Max out for a spin yesterday, and turned right around when I noticed the voltmeter was only reading 11.4 volts. (12.3 at battery). I have a Series voltage regulator installed, and it seems to work well. I substituted a known good regulator, and there was no difference. Testing...
  6. D

    Stator Cover Oil Leak

    Aloha everyone. Well, I just rebuilt my engine. I replaced all gaskets and o rings. Everything. For some reason, the stator cover is leaking from the removable insert cover you take off to look at the timing mark on the fly wheel. Not the screw in one, the cover mounted with two allen heads. All...
  7. Bill Seward


    Looks like the gremlins are still biting Godzilla.. The bike starts and runs fine. I noticed a drop in the volts at the voltmeter after a few miles. It would drop to 12.2, then back up to 14.0.. Got the machine home, and put a meter right to battery. By now the bike was warmed up fully...
  8. blaxmax

    Vmax stator test with r/r
  9. D

    Yamaha Stator Coil Oil Cooling Kit

    Has anyone used one of these- also is it a misprint or is there a reason he did not include '85 model?
  10. D

    WEIRD stator voltage

    hey guys quick question. I tested the three stator wires tonight doing the 3 wire combos using ac volts and at idle it read 11 across all 3 and would not go higher in fact when I revved the throttle to around 4k the reading actually went down to around 8.5 any thoughts I have been having a...
  11. D

    MR Electrical stator

    hey guys I just got my Mr electrical stator in the mail today. it will be a couple weeks or so before I'm able to put it on. I was wondering if anyone else has bought one from this vendor? I got the venture stator for just under 50$ shipped and it comes with a one year warranty which in Iowa...
  12. J

    85' Stator Replace

    I'm replacing the stator on my 85' and had a question and thought I would also share the pictures to add to all the awesome reference already on this site. Is this normal? Seems like some sort of coating. Original stator. Gasket hadn't been cleaned off the case yet. Close-up of...
  13. lastwhiteman

    Stator wires heating up

    Group, I have a friend that has a 1985 Max that has a problem with the stator wires heating and I think melts the connectors. He has replaced the stator with a new one but still has this issue. Any guidance will be appreciated.
  14. K

    Replacing the Stator on my 95max

    Getting ready to replace the Stator on my 1995 VMax. Wanting to get an estimated time frame it should take to replace it. Will change oil then as well. any replies very much appreciated. New to posting on VMax Forum. New member
  15. W

    Is this normal low time stator color?

    Hi all, the PO said that he replaced the stator with a new one about a year before he stopped driving it on my 85 barnfind. Here's what it looks like. Is this discoloration normal for one that is relativity new? What would cause the load that would cause enough heat to discolor the coils like...
  16. Vmaxnewfie

    Oil leak on stator cover, and not charging good.

    I went for an overnight ride about 300 miles each way over the weekend. On the way out I noticed oil all over the side stand when I arrived. Turns out the gasket is leaking on the top of stator cover and running down the side of the bike. When I got home, the leak worse by now, I plugged in the...
  17. HyperPete

    R&R Stator how-to?

    I'm looking for a how-to for replacing the stator and R/R. I have the parts and will be tearing into it this afternoon, just hoping to find a how-to with pics before I start. I tried searching, but did not find one. Thanks in advance!
  18. jagco1

    Stator and flywheel ?

    I had intermittent problem with charge at idle man. I just found the problem my stator wiring at the rubber boot that fits in the motor cover wiring was expose. I had this problem for over a year. Man I went through 4 r/r 3 battery's man changing wiring out to pulling the wiring harness on the...
  19. S

    Oil wicking out of stator wires

    I was in the process of replacing my voltage regulator. I cut the three wires from the stator and left them hanging for a couple of days while parts arrived. In those couple of days a puddle of oil formed under the wires. Oil was wicking through the wires from the stator. This probably...
  20. rdbul

    Special Washer Under Stator Cover

    I am finishing installation of a new ES stator. I went to put the outer fancy cover on and can't decide what the orientation of the "special washer" that goes over the end of the crank should be. It doesn't appear to matter but I also know what happens when I assume. The manual and parts catalog...