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  1. SpecOps13

    4", .22 LR, AR15 Barrel Testing

    I joined a new range a little over a month ago. It's big and there's a lot to relearn (DIFFERENT STROKES). New people to meet and get established and somewhat known. The conditions were pretty bad, very hot and 100% humidity. I had a terrible time keeping my shooting glasses unfogged. this was...
  2. dannymax

    P/U coil testing '86 model

    It appears the original Yamaha service manual is wrong about using the orange wire as the common wire for testing the two p/u coil models '85 - '89 (as mentioned by Maleko in a post many moons ago). The black wire is the common. I'm always reluctant to say the manual is wrong but they also...
  3. srk468

    Testing my launch limiter

    I see epic burnouts next year!! lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW9Yaa-3oUc&feature=youtube_gdata_player sent from my HTC Rezound using tapatalk
  4. M

    Testing Stator

    Hi, I'm troubleshooting a chargin issue . I don't get more than 12.6 V when I rev the engine. I checked the rectifire and it checked ok. That would leave the stator. The resistance check within spec. but have continutity between the leads and ground. Was wondering if that's normal. The...
  5. M

    Info on testing pickup and ignition coils on 91

    I currently dont have a good manual on this bike. Cylinders 4,3 are not firing correctly. Would like to test these parts and could use some information to proceed.
  6. D

    Testing the carbon fiber waters. Might start making it.

  7. bazwell

    Needle and seat testing

    Is blowing through the fuel line with your mouth a good test of a needle and seat, or am I just being a dumb-ass? I seemed to me that my no 4 needle and seat was acting all funky. Seeing as how it's heading towards the end of riding season, I thought that I would be better off ordering a stack...
  8. gleno

    V Boost Testing

    Anybody know how I can do a static test of the VBoost unit? i.e. How can I make sure that my V-boost unit is; a) Working at all b) Opening when it should c) Correctly adjusted Because this is dependent upon d) Getting a correct vacumm reading from the V-Boost Sensor and e) Getting an...
  9. vmaxguru

    Final Track Testing of the Re-Flashed ECU

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEuyK6t5P90 From my Website: This was the end of a very long project. It was the final testing of the ECU Re-Flash for the Second Generation Yamaha Star V-Max. I needed proof the product would function properly, so who else better to call than the Legendary Jay...
  10. m-cman

    COPs Testing

    I've searched but did not find out how to test the COPs before installation to verify they are working properly. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks....
  11. richwrench

    Alcohol Testing

    I just received my test kit today. http://www.fuel-testers.com/product_gas_alcohol.html The first thing I did was to sample the fuel that's currently in my bike - came from 7-11 & measured about 7% alcohol. I then went to a local gas station in Tarpon Springs that advertises "No Alcohol" &...
  12. 4gasem

    Video of me testing out the Blizzak Snow tires

    Proves that with the right tires the RWD G8 with it's 50/50 weight distribution is a performance machine in the snow as well. We got ice and snow yesterday, last night and this morning. We may have 5 or 6 inches total. Nothing compared to what KJ gets and see's I'm sure... I had BOTH hands on...
  13. one2dmax

    Dyno Testing

    OK guys/gals. This thread is going to be used to document some dyno testing we are doing all on the same bike. Please don't bother posting your information here as I want this all to be on the same bike for about as good a comparison as we will ever get. The next post will be the one with info...
  14. B

    1/8th mile zx14 testing

    I had my first trip back to the track this weekend. I was a little rusty and it's a lot harder to get used to a long bike than I thought that it was going to be. I ran decent with the majority of my runs being in the 6.10-6.25 range, but my best was a 1.50 60ft, 3.99 330ft, 6.08 @ 118. My best...
  15. vince95

    Pickup coil testing

    MY manual shows the connector for a 1995 pickup coil on top of the gas tank. (Clymer) It shows it as a two pin connector. Picture shows the left side of the bike. I only see two connectors there, none with two pins. One has 1 pin and the other 3 pins. What color is the connector/wires on a 95...
  16. one2dmax

    Spare Parts Testing Program

    Hello guys/gals, I thought I would officially post what I have offered for years. For quite a long time I have been building and fixing these great bikes and understand the frustration that occurs when you get one that doesn't quite work right. When you get one with no spark, or runs on 3...
  17. hubeerjw

    Head Flow Bench Testing

    I had some bench tests done today on some VMax and Venture heads. I used VMax cams on both. My hopes were to use the Venture heads as a test set to play with and see where the most improvements can be made in regards to the flow on the intake side of things. As it turns out, the VMax and...
  18. Jayhawk

    Breaking news: Morley testing new '09 Max exhaust

  19. Cycle One-off

    Any word from the August 28th testing that MCN was going to be doing?

    Any word from the August 28th testing that MCN was going to be doing? I really want to see real dyno numbers!! Thanx Tom
  20. Waylander

    Testing leather flexability

    And what to do on those rainy days when you don't feel like riding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT2cakhogJA