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  1. S

    Tuesday night Bike night in NYC (tonight)

    @ Spiegel moto bar located on 1st ave and 1st street in Manhattan (NYC). This is a moto bar that holds Tuesday night bike nights. On any given Tuesday night, there are 50-100 motos gathered for moto company and beer. All makes are represented here: Ducati, Triumphs, BMW's, Honda's....etc. I...
  2. The Beekeeper

    Sacrificed another driveshaft to the V-Max Gods tonight..........

    Good thing I wasn't too far from home, had a buddy grab my truck, ramp and tie downs, got it home safe, glad I keep a spare!...........:biglaugh:..........Tom.
  3. a113ycat

    Who is watching the fight tonight

    Im a big fan of Ronda Rousey, she never disappoints in the ring. Tonight should be a very good showing from both fighters.
  4. Olds Guy

    Think I solved some issues tonight

    Well the bike was turning over hard...maybe this? Tire rubbing the swing arm....missing a spacer??? What does this wire go to?? Thanks for any help!!
  5. Kronx

    Went for a ride tonight...

    So I went to Belleville, Illinois tonight for a bike night. It was a clear night, a bit chilly but for me a perfect night for a ride going there. Coming back it got a bit colder. The bike night was pretty small and over all pretty disappointing in terms of turnout. But the highlight of the night...
  6. srk468

    Gonna try racing tonight

    Well I've got the bike loaded up and ready, gonna try out my progressive nitrous controller tonight and see what I can do. I'll post the results later tonight or tomorrow and tell you guys how I did :) Sent from my ADR6425LVW using Tapatalk 2
  7. D

    I saw you in Fort Worth tonight

    Whoever I saw riding two-up on a matte gray with stripes, hit me up and we'll go ride somewhere.
  8. Redbone

    Great 60 Minute Segment Tonight

    I hope you had the chance to catch the 60 Minutes segment tonight called "Succeeding As Civilians". It's stories like these that give me faith in what makes this a great country! The entertainment and political industries that dominate the media these days with total shit make stories like these...
  9. woodsman30

    Got rearended tonight on the bike

    Been a while since I was out and I get hit at a stop light WTF:damn angry: Very sore my side is all all swelled up may have to go to hospital. Sent a message to Sean looks like I will need parts:bang head:
  10. tothemax93

    When I win the 500 million tonight I'm gonna buy...

    Tonights power ball jackpot is around 500 million. I'd start out by buying Bud moores Vmax:punk:. Then maybe a Vmax forum party:punk:. Imagine the possibilities.
  11. jbretthorton

    Bradenton 1/4 mile Tonight (8-16)

    Four Gen II's Myself, Capt. Bob, Darryl and Jody will be heading to Bradenton tonight for some smack talking and racing!! Kyle you gunna make it?! Come on out guys!
  12. CaptainKyle

    Race tonight

    The Gen 2 boys & I are hitting the track in Bradenton tonight if any of yall other Florida boys wanna go. If not I will be the lone Gen 1 racer again.
  13. jbretthorton

    9.94 at 136 tonight!!

    Ol' red with bags on her ran a 9.94 @136 tonight at Bradenton Drag strip, Still another .1 left I think, Stock height no strap, 20 lbs in the rear. Fuck YA!!!!!
  14. The Beekeeper

    Met and rode with a new Maxer tonight

    Met leecifer tonight, has a nice 2000 carbon Max, along with my buddy Joe we went on a 60 mile round trip ride south of Grand Rapids, had a great time!.............Looking foreward to helping you with your mods and whatever else you need Lee, I think you will enjoy meeting the rest of the west...
  15. SpecOps13

    Losing connection to this site only tonight

    4/28/2011 Is anyone else having trouble staying on this site tonight?????? I've been on and dumped off so many times, I can't count... I'm on with another browser and all is well there....:ummm::confused2::ummm: I don't even know if this will post without booting me again...
  16. acammer

    OE sissybar on e-bay, ends tonight at aprx. 7pm EST

    I have my OE passenger backrest on E-bay right now, current bid is $255.00. I'd really rather see this go to a forum member, its been in the for-sale section for a while with minimal interest. If somebody is interested, I we can consider working outside of flea-bay and avoiding some of the...
  17. S

    BCS Game Tonight

    Almost forgot, myself. The BCS Championship starts in 1 1/2 hrs.
  18. 9

    Total Lunar Eclipse tonight

    There will be a total lunar eclipse tonight between 1:32 and 3:35am (EST) tonight. This might actually be worth staying up or getting up early for.
  19. N

    Taught my son a lesson tonight!

    having recieved smack talk about my bike never running again... i took him and his sooped up camaro outside of town and gave him some act right medicine!
  20. R

    had a race tonight

    I sure wished my boost was working tonight. I pulled up beside a kawasaki nija 900 zxr9. Young fellow ..early 20"s I was in 1st gear and burped the throttle. He instantly changed his seating position, and I knew we were ON :biglaugh: I hit it first and took it up to 8000rpm ,hit 2nd 8000,hit...