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  1. E

    Cold start, top of engine knocking/clanking but not on warm start?

    So I have an '88 Vmax with 61.8k miles on it and about a month ago I dropped the bike going about 10 MPH on a turn (thanks sand lol) and ever since then when the bike hasn't been turned over in more than a day then when I put the key in the ON position and the killswitch to run then when it does...
  2. Itgoes

    Warm in the NE.....

    This is the latest time in the year that I can remember, to still be riding regularly here in lower NY state. It's been in the high 50's and 60's almost everyday. They are calling for temps in the 60's next week as well but with some rain. I got out Sunday for a ride with a buddy on his Vmax...
  3. S

    Why does my engine pop during warm up?

    Hey guys need some diagnostic help. When i start the bike up in the morning I try not to let it idle to high. I adjust the choke between 1500-2000 when its cold every couple seconds it pops. if i adjust the idle up it stops, when it warms up it stops, if i turn off the enrichment and hold the...
  4. W

    Starting To Warm Up

    Here in Cinci we've got a warm week coming up. Would have ridden today but it was a bit too cool this morning. Everyone ready to ride?!
  5. Fire-medic

    stay warm in the winter

    Something to keep you warm on a cold night: http://www.nbcmiami.com/multimedia/Miss-Universe-Contestants-in-Bikinis-288543751.html The contest is in the Miami FL area and tonight Jan. 24 is the pageant, at my alma mater, the state university branch in Miami. "The Donald" owns the show but...
  6. lawman504

    Beer is getting warm!

    This is indeed a VMAX question because when im working on my bike, i like to have a cold beer or twelve. Hence the reason i have a big ass commercial refridgerator in my garage. Problem is, is the damn thing quit cooling to the proper specifications that i prefer in order to keep me refreshed...
  7. SlowBox

    Took advantage of some rare warm winter riding today

    And I ran into this guy! My dad and I met up with Traumahawk earlier today and spent the afternoon riding around one of the local state parks and wildlife refuges. We had a pretty good time and I definitely enjoyed riding with another Max. Eric has a pretty mean bike!
  8. V

    hesitation at 5k when warm

    So I know this topic has been covered various times, but want to make sure I understand what I think I should do before I proceed. I've been having the occasional stumble/hesitation when my bike is very warm (not overheating or anything, but fully in the warm zone), that if I run at about 5k...
  9. ninjaneer

    warm fluctuating idle

    so i've been trying to figure out a problem with my idle. when the bike's cold, it idles great. but after it warms up, it starts hunting, meaning it'll rev up to like 1500 or 2000 for a second or two and then drop back down to 1000 for some random number of seconds before revving back up to...
  10. K

    Hard Start when warm

    I was looking into the sticky about this and want to make sure this is the problem I have. My 89 always starts but at times (mostly when hot) it BARELY turns over. I have had bikes in the past that when you push down the start button it cranks multiple times very quickly and then starts, but...
  11. E

    1996 vmax - no spark after bike is warm

    I could use some help from the forum on this one... My 96 vmax will run great until the bike is warm and then it dies and won't fire up again until the bike cools off (about 2 hours). Here's what I've tested: Pickup coils resistance is 111 ohms even after bike dies Battery is charged (even...
  12. B

    Dies After Warm Up

    Help! My 2005 Max runs great right up until about 10-15 minutes. At that point it just dies and won't restart. If I crank the starter it may fire a couple of times at best but it refuses to restart until it's had a good hour or usually more to cool. I would say it behaved exactly like I had...
  13. F

    Bike dies, no spark after warm

    The bike starts and runs great for a few blocks then totally dies. The headlight is still strong and all the lights still work including neutral. It cranks just great but won't offer to start. I had thought gas but I pushed it home and it still wouldn't start so I hooked up a spark plug to one...
  14. tugla

    Another way to stay warm on the Bike.

    As i was out and about at maybe plus 4 C or 39 F and loving it, i found that if you drive in traffic lots, let the temp on the bike get up above half, then while you sit at a light or stop sign you flip on the fan switch (we all have a manual switch right :ummm:) well you get this short burst...
  15. G

    Carb sync - cold or warm engine?

    I am going to use my Morgan Carbtune Pro for the first time. I read that I should set up the tool first on a cold engine, then choke and warm up the bike a bit then start the process after no choke is needed. Would it be ok to go for a ride around the block to warm it up a little before I...
  16. Akatora

    Ignition pick-up coil problem when engine warm

    Sirs, First of all, as a new guy here in the forum, I have to say that the place is great! There are really valuable pieces of information available here, as I've found out so far. :biglaugh: I've got -85 Max type 1FK full power model. There are 46000 miles on the clock. The set-up is as...
  17. lankeeyankee

    How long do you warm your bike before riding

    After all these motors that have ate cranks I am going to change some of my ways. One is by letting the oil temp warm up to atleast 150 before riding, and last setting the shift light at 9K rather than 10.5 Question is. How many of you let your bike warm up before shifting it into gear? How many...
  18. johnpclynch

    Engine misfiring when warm

    I think it's an electrical problem, I've checked the basics but the problem still exists... here goes My VMax has been running sweet for months now without any major problems. About 10 days ago the engine started coughing while I was driving to work, it happened to be the morning of the...
  19. S

    Noisey when warm!

    Hello, I have a question...Not sure if I should be worried or not...but I noticed today that when the engine is warm ( after a short ride ) I notice a noise in what appears to be the valve train. It sounds like it's coming from the front left cylinder... strange thing is that when the bike is...
  20. mabchewy

    warm enough to ride

    Finally got some warm weather Sat. Took the Max out with the girlfriend on the back. Rode up Hwy. 21 to stone Mtn. Hope we have some more of this unusually warm weather soon!!!