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  1. S

    Which wires on stock headlight are hi/lo/ground?

    Can someone verify black wire is ground, green is low beam, yellow is high beam?
  2. J

    Nology wires

    Hello, has anybody installed these on there vmax? Is there anything else that needs to be done to the bike to be able to use these? Please let me know. Thanks, Jamie. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  3. K

    '88 max pick up coil wires question

    Hey all, first post here, be gentle :biglaugh: Great place you got, been finding lots of usefull info. Got me a 1988 max to restore - while buying it noticed right exhaust way too colder than the left, and the v4 was working quite irregularly. Right exhaust seemed to spew petrol and you could...
  4. dannymax

    GSXR750 COP's & wires for sale -SOLD-

    I bought these to install on the '85....going on the assumption the plug caps would be loaded with corrosion and the coils full of cracks. Neither was the case, in fact I couldn't find one single coil crack....unusual to say the least. Anyhow the coil sticks, connectors and wire (including...
  5. P

    Burnt coil wires

    Hello men! I'm new to the forum and bought my Vmax in November. I only managed to put 300 miles on it before I took it apart to do some Winter restoration. It's a 2004 with 5,900 miles on it. It ran great after I replaced some bad gas. After getting it stripped down about half way, I noticed...
  6. carrizog60

    charging wires "upgrade"

    hello new vmax owner,a 2002 model that had 8000km on clock but was sitting for a year due to a crash. after cleaning the bike i rode her the first time to see that when hot it would miss at idle up to 2000rpm. carbs shotgunned and same. went to see the voltage and it was only...
  7. lastwhiteman

    Stator wires heating up

    Group, I have a friend that has a 1985 Max that has a problem with the stator wires heating and I think melts the connectors. He has replaced the stator with a new one but still has this issue. Any guidance will be appreciated.
  8. A

    little sparks coming off of the spark plug wires

    So I have been working on my 85 for a little bit now and got it running, it runs really rough though, so I've been constantly cleaning carbs and adjusting stuff but still nothing is working. Then yesterday when I was working on it I noticed little sparks coming off the spark plug wires jumping...
  9. shane_desselle

    Spark plug wires?

    Where can I get new plug wires and boots for my 07? Anyone know part numbers or what?
  10. F

    Fried my horn wires.

    Well, I'm obviously no electrical genius as I hooked up a new, bigger horn to my 2005 Max and somehow fried the horn wires and probably did other damage. My first indication that something was wrong was when I activated the left turn signal and the light on the instrument panel didn't blink...
  11. M

    plug wires

    Where's the best place to get good plug wires?
  12. 82ndCowboy

    I want red coolant hoses and spark plug wires. STAT!

    Im looking to order them today and have them by weeks end. Any one know where I can get them? I meaan right now. Not later. Im in a highly impatient mood today.
  13. S

    Oil wicking out of stator wires

    I was in the process of replacing my voltage regulator. I cut the three wires from the stator and left them hanging for a couple of days while parts arrived. In those couple of days a puddle of oil formed under the wires. Oil was wicking through the wires from the stator. This probably...
  14. N

    How do I wire up a 2008 R1 R/R? 3 wires + second connector..

    I heard of people swapping out the R/R for the R1 version.. I got the 2008 R1 R/R, but cant find and write ups on how to install it. I see it has 2 plugs- on the left plug it;s 3 wires of all the same color, and the other plug is a red and black wire. So adapting it to my 91' max', do I just...
  15. HyperPete

    How to replace front plug wires?

    Yesterday I started to replace the old cracked plug wires in hopes of resolving a mid-range roughness. I got the back two easily (and they were bad!), but after pulling the right scoop I decided to come ask for help. What do I need to pull in order to access the front of the coils so I can...
  16. mvmccreary

    Battery Ground Wire

    So I'm putting my bike back together and I have put the ground wire on that runs from the motor to the battery and there is supposed to be a secondary wire a smaller one that is supposed to be on there and supposed to go :ummm: some where. A few years ago that wire burnt up on this bike and it...
  17. M

    86 max wires burnt .

    OK seems simple but no mechanic can tell me . In a nut shell I picked up this 86 real cheap the guy hooked up battery charger and walked away . Well he had the cables backwards. So I figured voltage regulator burned up cause everything works but it won't charge . So I bought one . When I took...
  18. P

    3 wires connecting to the vboost controller

    The 3 wires connecting to the vboost controller are all belling out with each other is this normal ?
  19. P

    5 wires? on vboost

    Hello i have 5 wires going from my vboost controller to my vboost servo the colors are Black red black yellow black white blue yellow red and white what do each of these wires do i am trying to solve why my vboost ins't cycling cheers
  20. M

    cop or new wires?

    Hello! Just wondering what the best way to take care of this? Last year I purchased a set of NGK wires and they need to be replaced. Noticed that the wires were arching out everywhere, these are new wires!!! I was thinking of putting my own together msd or taylor wires and boots etc... I was...