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  1. A

    Death wobble

    Hey all, I went from a 2004 r1 to an 85 max. Its got the r1 modedfront forks, gusseted swing arm... At around 80 in a corner still hard on the gas it wiggles like its doing the mocarina how can I fix it?
  2. tangoleader57

    Vmax Wobble

    Hey all, out for a fantastic 10 day adventure on the Vmax a week and a half ago, noticed a handlebar wobble, like a speed wobble, but only when decelerating at about 20-30 mph. Makes me feel pretty uncomfortable when I reach off the bars with one hand to raise my helmet visor, or wave to someone...

    Death wobble. Help

    1997 Vmax 25k ; Lately Ive noticed when on a less than level and smooth road or go over a small bump at 40mph and with one hand on the handlebars The handlebars shake left and right extra violently till i grab them with both hands. Any thoughts on what can be the worn out part or trouble...
  4. tothemax93

    high/low speed wobble question

    Has anyone experienced any type of wobble, after going to radials?
  5. D

    Swing arm installation question.

    Hey Guys! first post on the forum forgive me if I did this wrong. A week ago I took my swing arm off in order to slide in the shaft that i accidentally pulled out. So I was wondering is it possible to tighten the two swing arm bolts in a way that the swing arm is not center anymore making the...
  6. Shredder


    Alright. Ive owned my vmax since feburary. Ive had a wobble above 100mph since ive bought it. Ive adjusted the steering head bearing and also checked out my swing arm. Both are adjusted like they are supossed to be. Today while riding with the beekeeper amd scuff we were going down the highway...
  7. 2

    Why do most or all vmax bikes have a front end wobble if you let go of handle bars?

    ? Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  8. T

    Front end wobble

    I experience a serious wobble around 110mph on my 2005 VMAX. I had the front end looked at for problems but none were found. The dealer then told me that this was a common issue with these bikes and not to worry about it. I can't not worry about it so I'd rather find a solution. Is this...
  9. Irtron

    Wobble gone. Here comes the SHAKE!!!

    I got a set of All Balls head bearings and finally replaced the worn bits in my 1994 Vmax with much help of the forum wizardry. Thanks guys, really appreciate that. Before that I had to tighten the head slightly to tackle the wobble I was struggling with at >100mph with no or partial load...
  10. Mr. Max

    Low speed wobble after rear tire change

    I changed my worn out metzeler 880 to michelin commander II and now bike "wobbles" around 40-45mph, it feels like its up and down movement? I can take my hands of the bars when it occurs. I think it made this sometimes with old tire too, but now it is all the time at that speed. Lower or higher...
  11. Biker Dash

    High Speed Wobble

    I've heard of this happening, and well, on a burst up around 120mph, I felt it. Was nothing extreme, and it went away when I slowed back down to around 80 or so. It was just enough to let me know that Woona was not liking going that fast. As I mentioned, I've heard that this is common with...
  12. jedi-

    Wobble / Weave

    Cruising around Youtube the other day and I found this clip. This is quite old and features Murray Walker former F1 commentator but is pretty interesting viewing. Some of the demonstrations would have me changing my underpants lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvsDIq3WwVA
  13. A

    Low-speed wobble

    Hi all- Just joined the VMax world. Picked up a 98 with 6200 miles last night. Overall, in very good condition. No 2nd gear slip, everything works, runs great, new tires, etc. paid $3400. No signs of ever being laid over. Owned by an older retired mechanic. Only one problem- on...
  14. 7

    High speed wobble- violent @8:30 130

    High, I'm newer to owning a Vmax, onky about 1.5 years now. I am hooked!!! But have this higher speed wobble/tank slapper depending on the speed. 8 have had a new front tire installed, new front head bearings put in, and front fork juice replaced. All done by a well respected, great mechanic...
  15. T

    High speed wobble

    At around 125mph my 2005 VMAX started a pretty violent wobble. I gotta tell you it scared the shit out of me so I obvisuly slowed down. I talked to the dealer about it and he told me that it is a known issue with the bike. WTF??? really? They make a bike that can go 150mph but it will go...
  16. gamorg02

    yet more wobble info

    not vmax specific but i found the read worth it: http://technoanswers.blogspot.com/2011/05/honda-vf700s-head-shakes-on.html
  17. R

    High Speed Front End Wobble and Gas Leak

    As I've read this is very common to these bikes. With mine it can start as slow as 160km/h although usually starts around 180km/h. For my bike I find that if I push against the bars I can get around it happening. I must keep pressure on them whether accelerating or decelerating till I get below...
  18. R

    Low speed wobble

    Hey guys where can I get a 1 inch spanner wrench to adjust my head bearings ? .I have some wobble.
  19. K

    front end wobble

    just got a 86 v max it hasa wobble when slowing down anybody know of a dampner for the max :ummm:
  20. R

    Front wobble

    Hey guys, I just bought another vmax after not having one and returning to the dirt for 4 years. Anyway, I picked up a 2003 in cherry shape and have a bunch of plans for her. It does have loose steering bearings that I found out by doing the bounce test. I know the process of tightening them...