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  1. S

    Parts Wanted Looking for Hard bags, voodoo exhaust + mid pipe, windshield for Gen 2 VMax

    Looking to see if anyone is selling thei exhaust system, bags & windshield. Also, recommended crash bars/sliders for Gen2.
  2. Conman

    Gen 2 Tail Bag Options

    What are you guys using for a tail bag on the Gen 2 OEM luggage rack? Looking for something that sits on top of the rack with roughly the same dimensions to fit some water bottles, wallet, phone, etc in. Pics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Connor
  3. texas-ss-tornado

    Gen2 OEM saddle bags -SOLD-

    Price is negotiable.
  4. dannymax

    Nancy bags House Min Leader....and her new friends are thrilled!

    This is funny, check the tweets at the bottom.
  5. S

    WTB: Gen2 OEM Bags and Full Akro Exhaust

    1) Looking for OEM Gen 2 Vmax bags 2) Good condition full Akropovic exhaust, im wanting the collector/cat delet pipe too. If you only have one or the other send me an offer. Shoot me an email, [email protected]
  6. twistedmax


    FOR SALE TO HIGHEST BIDDER.only on a couple FB Vmax groups and here Up for bid via silent auction ( pm me your BEST offer) A set of Gen II factory hardbags with all mounting hardware , this will include expandable factory tail pack. As you know these are no longer available ANYWHERE...
  7. J

    Batwing and Bags

    Well it took a while but I finally got my batwing and bags installed. I'm really happy with the look, comfort and space.
  8. U

    Hard bags for 2009

    I'm looking to buy the factory hard bags for my 2009. Can't find them at Yamaha. Anyone know where I can find them or have any to sell? Thanks, Steve
  9. J

    Fatmax Batwing and Bags

    I just picked up an 07 V-Max on the weekend and was searching windshields. I see the Fatmax and looks kinda neat. However after searching I haven't been able to find many pictures or read much feedback on them. Also I see he has discontinued the hard bags. A good set of bags is also on my...
  10. M

    Fatmax removable hard bags for sale -SOLD-

    Not using these and could use the funds for my Vmax build. They are in good condition with some scrapes but not broken. These bags come with the liners. Almost $750 plus shipping new. Brackets will obviously be removed from the bike. Missing one little plastic sleeve that should be an easy and...
  11. 5

    saddle bags

    Planning a trip, what is a good set of saddle bags that fit a 1gen. FAX MAX sold out and is a little outside my price range I have a 4 -1 kerker on it Thanks Ken
  12. L

    Bags for travel

    Any one use a Saddlemen ts3200de for traveling. Looks nice and thought it might mount well. Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance Keith
  13. M

    Gen 2 luggage bags

    What are the best options you guys have found for saddlebags or rear rack for tail bag? I want oem saddle bags but can't find any avail... I would like a hard shell bag that clips on and off the bike easily and does not interfere with flipping the seat up to refuel.. Thanks
  14. Conman

    What's the Best Sissy Bar Bag?

    I just got my hands on an OEM backrest and luggage rack and now I'm wondering what the best option is for a bag. It NEEDS to be waterproof and I would really like it to be able to hold a full faced helmet. Obviously it also needs to be secure on the back of the bike. I don't mind removing the...
  15. donnelly317

    Givi hard bags on vmax?

    Does anyone know of a mounting system for givi hard bags for the VMAX? mainly just side cases. I found this website and emailed the guy because he makes adapter brackets. But nothing looks updated on the website so im not sure if he still does it plus shipping across the pond sucks...
  16. C

    Vmax Mike get your bags packed....

    Maybe if I put 150 lbs of weight on my bike you can keep up.....:rofl_200: Just thought this picture would entice you to get some balls.... opps I mean bags and lets go do some touring! Todd
  17. C

    87 Year Old WW II vet killed by four scum bags for his wallet! Four black teens charged in murder of 87-year-old WWII veteran by LU Staff Four teens accused of murderWhy does this story sound so familiar? Oh, that’s right. The victim this time...
  18. K

    saddle bags

    how hard/easy is it to install leather saddlebags that have to run under the rear seat i know on some bikes ita quite a project to get them to look right
  19. J

    2002 V Max Bags

    Anybody install bags with a Max-gasser seat was it comfortable for a passanger?
  20. donnelly317

    anyone have soft bags with Maxgasser?

    Anyone running saddle bags with a maxgasser?? What do you have?