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  1. effingidiot

    a bit of fun
  2. D

    Bit of advice please

    Hello chaps, I'm just getting my bike out from approx 2 years storage and wondered if there's anything i should look out for or a certain procedure for the first start ?
  3. L

    May be time to quiet the bike down a bit.

    So I have a Kerker exhaust on the bike and I absolutely love it! The sound is awesome and it's loud! Problem is my dad REALLY dislikes how loud it is and some of my neighbors aren't too fond of it either. So are there any mufflers that keep that same lovely sound and just tone it down...
  4. A

    bikes dies after riding for a little bit then wont start

    I've been working on my 85 for a little bit now and got it running and everything, noticed that the spark plug wires are arcing to the motor so I ordered new ones, but I can still ride it's just very rough. I know it's not a good idea doing that probably but it's just around my block, but the...
  5. Traumahawk

    Drill Bit size

    Edited for content
  6. Miles Long

    I just knew those Michigan people were a bit odd
  7. 9.nub

    Stage 7 bit size question

    K ... so ... I have ordered a replacement carb slide/diaphram because the diaphram repair on my number 1 carb ain't gonna last. When the Stage 7 kit was installed, instruction 1 [1. Remove the vacuum slides from the carbs. Remove the stock needles and spacers, noting the order of assembly...
  8. davidon

    Options, Allen bit broke in swingarm pivot bolt

    Broke off before I reached torque spec. Has this happened to anyone? Options to get it out?
  9. P

    Stage 7 with OEM Exhaust - Runs a Bit Off...

    I finally got Mr Max for the very first time since getting him 4 months ago. The bike came with a Stage 7 kit installed and full UFO exhaust. I sold the UFO exhaust because we have strict noise laws here. So the current setup is Stage 7 and OEM exhaust. The bike starts and idles fine, but...
  10. M

    bit the bullitt

    dropped off the v max for carb syn'd . well i was looking at the 2012 vmax which is awsome bike. then looked at thr r1 they 3 there .i ended buying a white r1 .it will be ready thursday waiting on power commander and k&n filter .they had the exhaust in stock. cannot wait.oh i still have the vmax .
  11. acammer

    It's possible I've lost my mind a bit, but the Vmax is on Craigslist... I'm still not quite sure how I've ended up at this conclusion in my mind, but the VMax might be moving on. It's really a combination of a few things. Work at home starting for me next month will eliminate my 60 mile round trip commute. This...
  12. dannymax

    COPRUNNER's computer bit the dust!

    Got a call from Timmy this evening, there was a total power outage in his town today....everything went down! Somehow the thing cooked his computer so he'll be out of commission for a few days. I'm fairly certain it's an NSA conspiracy but he says no.....there's No Such Agency! :confused2:
  13. dannymax

    A little bit of history up in smoke

    I preferred the bike driven by Dennis Hopper but 'Capt. America' was still pretty cool!
  14. 06VMAXIMUS

    Friggin Mod Monkey......HE BIT ME!!!

    Got sharp ass teeth too! Been talking smack about it so I broke down and went for the Marks pipes special for $699. Also got the progressive front springs and K&N filter on order as well. I have full intentions of beating this monkey down, and making him my Bitch!!:punk:
  15. gamorg02

    Bleed valves leaking a tiny bit?

    Hey guys, i've rebuilt my caliper and am 99% sure the mating sufaces between the caliper and the bleed valve are clean. there is still a tiny bit of liquid coming out. brakes work fine and level in reservoir is good. I don't think its necessary to replace the caliper but would telfon tape be...
  16. GREEN light BLITZ

    Pissed off,feelin a bit defeated

    So a mobile DYNO made its appearence at my local bike night...I put her up for her first ever run that brought numbers to the table...honestly Im feelin a little defeated.I had a pretty basic number for stock and I didnt make what I wanted. Looks like I need to work out some kinks...Maybe next...
  17. Vee4DFW

    A bit of a head scratcher

    The bike has been running rough after a rejet and a bowl level adjustment so we tried to do a sync. Upon putting that morgan carbtune on it we notices no vacuum reading out of carb # 2. You had to goose it to 3K to get it to read anything. We cracked the airbox and noticed that the diaphram was...

    Done for a bit with my '06

    Ok, I just put together a new album titled intermission. It shows all the stuff I did since I bought the bike at the end of last summer. Heres the list: Sissy bar p/c'ed black COO Frame Sliders COO Bar Ends Morley Muscle Seat Blacked out radiator accents and reflectors COO O-ring engine saver...
  19. montizano

    hi folks it may be a bit far for some of you

    hi folks just a wee note to let you know of a bike meet that i am going to its the national association for bikers with a bisability (nabd for short) the meet is in callander in scotland on the 29th to 31st august its the second one for nabd in scotland , any bike any club any trike are...
  20. D

    little bit of gas/exhaust smell

    My air/fuel mixture screws were out 3 1/2 turns each....little bit of gassy smell when in the garage (people were saying they can tell by the smell of my clothes when I have the bike out) I turned them out another 1/2 turn each..... will see if that helps. Anyone else have this problem? I...